Instagram tools are becoming a big hit. So much so that there are over 800(!) available tools for you to choose from. Each tool outlined below serves a specific purpose, but more importantly they all help you grow your Instagram.

The platform itself needs no introduction (otherwise you’d probably not be reading this), but to put it into perspective… Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users. The platform has become so popular that we’re approaching 1000 Instagram tools available for you to choose from.

For the 2020 update, we have a great resource for you. Nitreo’s suite of free (and some paid) Instagram tools is here. Check out the list with links here.

Newest Instagram Tool of 2019: Socialfollow

We just found a hot one! Socialfollow® is our new favorite Instagram tool. While we list the rest of our top picks of 2019 below, Socialfollow seems the real deal so we simply had to move it to the top of the list!

a screenshot of Socialfollow's homepage

What does Socialfollow do?

That’s simple. We’re always looking at new ways to grow our accounts. To do that, we’ve explored the realms of bots, automation, manual growth services and even powerlikes.

Socialfollow is none of that.

Instead, you can get free Instagram followers with Sociallfollow by simply adding your account and following a few simple steps. The best thing? It works – and you can come back daily to top up your account. While it’s not necessarily the only way to grow your account, we’d say it’s the fastest and therefore one of the best instagram tools we could have recommended.

You can use it free for as long as you want.

Sign up on their homepage!

Now then – what are our original top picks for 2019?

Instagram Tools: The Top Picks for 2019

Obviously, we’re not going to go through all 800 tools that we came across. Instead, we put this list together for you to see our favorite Instagram tools that you and everyone else have to use in 2019! Without further adieu, let’s get started:


Upleap instagram bot alternative

Upleap takes the cake and is by far our favorite tool that makes your life easier. If you take your Instagram growth seriously, but don’t want to use an Instagram bot to grow your account – look no further, because Upleap has you covered.

What is Upleap?

Upleap helps you get more followers on Instagram with a dedicated account manager. That’s their pitch, anyway. We see  Upleap as a service that provides you with an assistant that grows your Instagram account.

We’ve put it right up there as number one because of all the Instagram bots that popped up in the past few months. We don’t think Instagram bots are a good way to grow, and Upleap solves that problem. Upleap gets you organic followers who actually care about what you post and what your interests are.

It sounded too good to be true, but then we went ahead and tried it on two accounts. Both accounts picked up 1000 followers in a little under two months. Followers coming from Upleap weren’t fake either – they engaged with our posts, liking and commenting on our photos.

Upleap Best Instagram Tools 2018

Why Upleap Is our top Instagram tool for 2019

Let’s list out some of our reasons:

  1. It’s a great solution to growing without Instagram bots, which definitely had millions of users faking engagement
  2. All the followers we’re picking up are organic and engage with our posts regularly
  3. It’s incredibly simple to use
  4. The account manager you get is actually a real person(!)

an instagram bot alternative called Upleap

Number four is important. We worried that Upleap could’ve just been another one of those crappy Instagram social media agencies. Oh, how wrong we were. I actually reached out to one of our account managers and I had a video call with Sarah, one of the gurus assigned to my account. We talked about my goals on Instagram and what type of content they should be interacting with for me.

Growing my account couldn’t have been easier.

Update 9/3/2019 – BTW it’s been a year since we first added Upleap to our list… and apparently our FOLLOW30 discount code still works! This code gets you 30% off any Upleap subscription for life.

P.P.S this is what happened after I used Upleap for about a year, without really putting much effort into my posts:

dashboard depicting why Upleap is the best instagram tool we used

So yeah, we still think Upleap is the best Instagram tool we’ve tried. It helps that they prettified their dashboard too!

Where you can sign up

Simple, head over here to grab yourself a free trial – I’m pretty confident you’ll love what they do for you. You can always try their service for free to see if you like Upleap.

2. – The perfect link in bio

This is a new feature for 2019 and knocked the powerhouse Linktree off of our 2019 list! helps you put all your social media and content into one place and slots in nicely as our 2nd favorite Instagram tool.

biofm as another instagram tool their homepage

What You Can Do With This Link In Bio Solution

You’re able to import all your social content on-the-fly and let it auto update. What this really means is you’ll be able to add your latest youtube videos, tweets, and other social links on your own profile – where all of these things auto update.

The result? You’ll never have to update your Instagram bio URL again, because your profile already features it. Simple push your Instagram visitors with a “link in bio” message and they’ll always find what you want them to find.

Also, you’re able to make all your Instagram links clickable with not one, but multiple URLs. This makes our top bio link solution and we’re beginning to see influencers make use of it in the masses.

an example of a biofm profile

We spoke to the founders and they are constantly improving their product, looking to introduce about 50+ new services for photography buffs, videographers, graphics designers, curators (yay pinterest fam!) and gamers.

Where you can sign up

Needless to say, is our favorite new entrant to this updated list of the best Instagram tools of 2019. And the cool thing is…

You can set up your own bio profile completely for free. Yep, they don’t charge you a dime and we couldn’t be happier. There are way too many overpriced solutions out there, and these guys have gotten it right!

Sign up for free to through this link. Enjoy!

3. KENJI.AI – Our favorite Instagram bot

KENJI is another new entrant to this year’s list and while we aren’t the biggest advocates to using an Instagram bot, KENJI reigns supreme.

We tested the tool with one of our accounts and managed to get over 300 new followers in about 2 weeks… And the cool thing is that they were all real!

A screenshot of KENJI's home page

How KENJI works

It’s pretty simple actually. We simply logged into their app with one of our Instagram accounts and added a few Instagram usernames that we thought our account should look like.

The trick here was selecting accounts that had a lot of followers, but didn’t follow many people themselves. Obviously, the accounts you’re selecting here should be real and be relevant to your niche. KENJI called this their ‘HyperTarget’ feature.

You can also add hashtags (which we did a little, we added about 3). All KENJI does is like posts on your behalf, meaning no (dirty) following/unfollowing, and no comments. This was great because we didnt want our account to get banned.

By our calculations, KENJI would grow us at around 150+ followers a week, so we’d end up with close to 10,000 new (relevant) niche followers by the end of the year.

That’s pretty good.

And apparently, KENJI has some machine learning feature, so that over time, it’ll know what users to target better, and what hashtags are better to use for us.

Their support team told us that this takes about a month or two until you see better results. But we were already with 150 followers a week, so let’s see what happens to our account later on…

A screenshot of KENJI the instagram tool

Where you can sign up

Signing up to KENJI is easy – they offer a 3-day trial where you don’t need to add your credit card details. Similar services try to charge you before you even see any growth, which is something we don’t like.

Thankfully, we saw KENJI get us some good results and it didn’t even cost us a penny (although we’re subscribed now).

If and when you do see good results with this IG bot, you’re able to subscribe for a low cost of $19 for their ‘Samurai’ plan. It costs $29 for their ‘Shogun’ plan, which is their premium solution.

4. Later

Later is awesome! I use it all the time to schedule my Instagram posts. There’s no way of jumping into the future, but if there was, it’d be called Later. I can schedule all my posts for free and without any issue.

Later Best Instagram Tool

Why Later is one of the best Instagram tools

If you haven’t already, Later offers a free tier where you can schedule up to 30 posts a month without any commitment. That’s right, you can schedule at least one per day. So unless you’re a power user on Instagram you can easily schedule enough posts and then take a nice siesta for a month while Later does the hard work.

Of course, you’ll need to pick the right content to post, and engagement won’t do itself (unless you have something like Upleap). But Later is a surefire way to do one less task when trying to grow your Instagram.

How much Later costs

Another reason why we think Later is so good is because it’s free! They have tiers for power users, businesses and agencies as well. Prices can get as high as $49 per month, but it’s certainly worth it if you’re a power user.

Where you can sign up

You can sign up for free here. It’s super simple and incredibly easy to use. You won’t be disappointed!

5. SproutSocial

Okay, this one is more for the power users and brands of Instagram. But if you’re a business taking Instagram seriously, SproutSocial definitely packs a punch. We’d still say Upleap is the best for growing your audience. Later is the best for sharing with your audience. Sproutsocial is the best for analyzing your Instagram audience.

SproutSocial one of the best Instagram tools of 2018

Why SproutSocial is worth it

First off, it has to be mentioned that they’ve got over 20,000 customers worldwide. That should tell you enough. But SproutSocial has so much to offer. You can optimize your social strategy with their built in analytics tool for Instagram. And you’re able to spot where you need to improve engagement. Best part of SproutSocial? See how your Instagram tagged posts, comments, and campaigns are doing. And get pretty charts to top it all off!

Where to sign up

You’re only able to sign up to a 30 day free trial, and you can cancel any time. Cool thing is that you don’t need a credit card, so you never need to worry about committing to SproutSocial unless you like it. You can sign up here.

6. Facebook Ads Manager

This one is more for businesses and is part of Facebook’s Business Manager. If you’re a business or brand that does sponsored posts, Facebook’s new and improved Ads Manager is for you.

power editor is one of the best instagram tools of 2018

Sorry for the blurring, but we’ve got to protect our campaign names!

Why Ads can help you win on Instagram

You’re able to manage your Instagram promotions faster and easier. We think Ads manager is one of the best Instagram tools of the year because it really helps you define your target audience and discover new ones. While you should be prepared to pay for the ads, anyone looking to grow their Instagram should really consider campaign promotions as it gets way more eyeballs on your brand.

UPDATE: Power Editor has now been integrated into Facebook Ads Manager! All the features are available to anyone who wants to grow their IG via Facebook ads. It’s no longer called Power Editor, but all the features are still there. Enjoy!

Our Recommendations

Whether you’re looking to try Upleap (our number one pick!), and KENJI (our runners up), Later (our fourth favorite!), SproutSocial or even Facebook’s Ad Manager. Try them all. They’re all free for you to try and you won’t need to commit your credit card to any of them!

Good luck growing your Instagram and feel free to reach out to me if you ever have a question. By the way, if you’re looking to take your Instagram growth seriously, have you read our latest post about picking up more Instagram followers?

**UPDATE 3/19/2018**: I got in touch with Upleap’s marketing team and secured all our readers a 30% lifetime discount on any Upleap plan!! If you end up trying them out and want to subscribe, use the code FOLLOW30 at checkout. It works for any plan. Hope it helps!

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