Want to grow your Instagram account? And learn about the best app to gain followers on Instagram? You’ve come to the right place.

Instagram has grown from a simple visual platform. Today, it has become the top social media platform choice by brands, influencers, and consumers. As a result, there’s fierce competition in growing accounts.

To stand out, you must grow your following of real people. How?

  • Produce valuable content
  • Have a consistent posting schedule
  • Come up with digital marketing strategies that deliver results

Aside from these, there are also free Instagram followers apps that help improve your Instagram presence. Below we’ll discuss the best apps to gain followers on Instagram, plus a few strategies to grow your account.

But First, Create And Set A Complete Instagram Profile

To gain followers on Instagram, your Instagram profile must impress other users. Remember, Instagram is a visual platform. Therefore, your profile should be cohesive and aesthetically appealing.

So where do you start?

First of all, you must have a branded Instagram profile photo. It’s best to keep your profile photo on brand.

However, if you’re growing a personal brand, consider using a headshot as your profile picture. This allows you to immediately introduce yourself to your visitors.

Secondly, you need a compelling Instagram bio. Let your visitors know what your brand is about. Speak directly to them. In doing so, you’ll not only attract followers but potential customers!

Strategically use the 150-character limit. Here are a few tips:

  • Use a branded hashtag
  • Add the link to your website
  • Make sure to add a call-to-action for the link
  • Switch to Business Profile so visitors can easily contact you

Lastly, don’t limit yourself to creating a cohesive feed. Your Instagram highlights must also have a common theme.

In 2019, an aesthetically appealing feed isn’t all that matters. A professional-looking profile combined with a cohesive feed entices people to tap the “follow” button.

The Best App To Gain Followers On Instagram and How It Works

Thousands of tools and applications promise to improve Instagram presence. But are these apps for real?

In 2019, there are shortcuts to growing your account. For instance, you can buy followers or use bots. However, these might hurt your reputation in the long run. Especially with Instagram’s evolving strategies to spot inauthentic activity.

There’s no need to fret! We’ve listed the best app to gain followers on Instagram. These apps will organically boost your follower count. This means that your account is followed by real people.

Best App To Gain Followers On Instagram #1: Nitreo.com

The best professional app to gain followers on Instagram is Nitreo.com.


Nitreo.com is a full-featured Instagram automation suite that will boost the number of your Instagram followers.

Nitreo - Instagram Followers

This is a serious choice for those who are serious about growing Instagram followers and engagement. There is no free tier and they don’t even offer a free trial, but it’s well worth exploring if you are looking for the best option on the market.

How It Works

Step 1: Sign Up

Create an account. Signup process is fairly simple and quick. You just need to enter a few basic information, including your Instagram username.

Step 2: Enter hashtags and similar accounts

In order for Nitreo to do its magic, you have to input some basic info about your goals. Enter 5-10 relevant hashtags, similar Instagram accounts and choose your category.

Step 3: Fine-tune the settings

It takes a few days for the automation to start. In the meantime, you can play with some advanced settings like targeting by location, account activity, gender, and even exclude business accounts.

Note: Nitreo.com is best suited for those who use Instagram for their business. The plans start at $29 per month.

Best App To Gain Followers On Instagram #2: Socialfollow®

The best free app to gain followers on Instagram is Socialfollow®.


First of all, this app promises to provide you with 50 Instagram followers every day – for free! Additionally, your account details remain secure. Socialfollow understands the importance of data security. Therefore, they’ll never ask for your Instagram password.

Socialfollow Homepage

In order to receive free followers, you need to follow 10 other users on Instagram. This free Instagram followers app allows users to grow together. Easy right?

How It Works

Step 1: Sign Up for free

The first thing you need to do is sign up. Simply fill out basic information like first name and email, then set a password. The app will also ask for your Instagram username.

Step 2: Choose Interests

The next step is to choose the categories that you like. This will help the system gather accounts for you to follow. Remember, you have to choose at least 3 categories.

Step 3: Follow at least 10 other users

When the system generates Instagram accounts, you’ll have to follow up to 10 users. Once you follow them, you’ll receive at least 50 Instagram followers for free!

Socialfollow Account Page

Note: Do not unfollow these accounts. Doing so will alert your new followers to unfollow you.

Need more reasons to sign up?

When Socialfollow® says it’s free. It’s free! No need to fill in surveys or pay for pro versions.

Best App To Gain Followers On Instagram #3: Upleap

Want to grow your account but don’t have time? Why don’t you sign up in Upleap?

Upload Homepage

This app connects users with a dedicated account manager. They’ll engage with other accounts on Instagram. As a result, you’ll get:

  • More likes
  • Boost follower count
  • Improve brand presence.

It’s the best app to gain followers on Instagram because it delivers steady, organic growth.

What else can this app do for you?

Get More Followers: When you join Upleap, your account picks up real, organic followers. These followers will like and genuinely engage with your content. No bots or fake accounts!

Boost Engagement: Upleap promises to provide your account with natural engagement over time. One way of doing so is by engaging with posts. The social media manager will look for and engage with posts that will deliver the best results.

Track Your Progress: This app will also take your target audience into account. They will then engage with real accounts that are within your market.

Dedicated Support: Most importantly, this Instagram followers app has a support team in case you need help.

How It Works

Step 1: Sign Up For Free

Upleap offers a 3-day free trial. No credit card required! You can get the feel of the app and see if it works for you.

Upleap Sign Up - Best app to gain followers on Instagram

Once you signed up, you’ll have to answer a few questions.

Step 2: Get An Assigned Account Manager

Once you’ve officially joined Upleap, they’ll pair you up with an account manager. They’ll work with you in building your Instagram presence.

No need to spend hours leaving comments on different accounts. Let Upleap’s social media manager do that on your behalf. In doing so, you can focus on other important things.

Step 3: Provide Necessary Information

You should provide your account manager the following:

  • Your target market
  • Hashtags
  • Locations

In doing so, they’ll know who to engage as well as pick up the right followers.

Upleap offers its customers organic Instagram growth. It’s the best app to gain followers on Instagram while saving loads of time.

But what if I want to grow my account quickly and easily?

Best App To Gain Followers On Instagram #4: KENJI.ai

Kenji is powered by A.I. that helps users grow their Instagram account. It’s one of the best app to gain followers on Instagram.


It uses Smart Targeting. They mix and match your hashtag and use their HyperTarget™ feature. This free Instagram followers app is programmed to optimize who to target. As a result, you’ll receive organic followers.

KENJI.ai Homepage - best app to gain followers on Instagram

It’s an excellent app for start-up brands and upcoming influencers. And it’s so easy to set up!

How It Works

Step 1: Sign Up For Free

Simply fill in the login details. Remember, signing up is free! Next, you’ll need to add your Instagram account to your dashboard.

best app to gain followers on Instagram

Step 2: Choose Relevant Hashtags

Add #hashtags that are within your niche. Use Kenji’s unique HyperTarget™ feature to find followers.

Step 3: Watch Your Following Grow!

Let Kenji do the rest and watch your Instagram account grow.

Although it is operated by A.I., you can be assured that you’ll be receiving organic followers.

Captivate for IG

Another tool for growing your account is Captivate for IG. This Instagram followers app is available on IOS and Android.

Users have two upgrade options:

  • PRO: $4.99
  • Cloud: $9.99

With this app, you can mass follow and unfollow accounts. Additionally, you can also mass like posts under the user feed or hashtag search.

What else can you do with this app?

  • Mass download posts
  • Discover similar accounts
  • Activity log and statistics
  • Cloud Service wherein the app will perform actions for you. This means you can mass like or follow accounts even while you sleep.

What Else Can You Do Without Using The Best App To Gain Followers On Instagram?

Of course, you have other options aside from using a free Instagram followers app. These strategies will help grow your account. However, we can’t promise immediate results.

If you’re ready to take on that challenge, here are a few tips:

Use Instagram’s Explore Feature

This is where you can find content that you might like. These photos and videos are usually from accounts you don’t yet follow.

Instagram's Explore Page

With Explore, you can search for:

  • Hashtags
  • Accounts
  • Places

Additionally, you can also filter its content according to your preferred niche. For instance, you can click Shop to find shoppable posts.

How do you use the Explore feature to gain more followers?

For one, you can search for a hashtag related to your brand. From there, you can look for and follow accounts.

When you follow an account, chances are, they’ll also check out your feed. With that said, you must have valuable and interesting content.

Another option is to search for and use tags like:

  • #followforfollow
  • #likeforlike

Using these tags lets users know that you’ll follow accounts who choose to follow you. The latter works similarly, but it leans more towards engagement.

Remember, these are all done manually. This means you’ll have to invest time and effort.

Say, for example, you’re growing your Instagram account on top of a day job. You’ll have to set aside a schedule for publishing content. Plus time for liking posts and engaging followers.

In Conclusion

Growing your account can be challenging. The apps we’ve listed above will set you on the right path.

Remember, the best app to gain followers on Instagram will help you organically grow your account. This means your account is followed by real people.

Most importantly, don’t just rely on any free Instagram followers app. You must also focus on creating valuable content for your followers.

Combining high quality, valuable content and targeting the right audiences will definitely get you more Instagram followers.

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