We’re definitely guilty of skipping the gym a time or two in favor of scrolling the ‘Gram. Instead of social media sabotaging you, follow these fitness models on Instagram and get inspired by your feed.

Rather than just continuing to stuff our faces with potato chips (how’s that for a mental picture?), we decided to put these greasy fingers to work typing up a list of our fave Instagram models.

But, they’re not just Instagram models in the “I’m hot, and I know it” sense.

No, the men and women on our list are some of the top trainers and fitness models on Instagram.

They inspire the heck out of us with not just their bangin’ bods but also their positive attitudes and inclusive approaches.

Because let’s be honest: social media doesn’t always leave us feeling super good about ourselves.

How To Choose Instagram Fitness Models To Follow

Raise your hand if “fitspo” on the Instagram Explore page has ever gotten you down.

Yeah, us too.

If you’re tired of playing the comparison game, it’s time to reevaluate the Instagram models you’re following.

As much as we love keeping up with them, are the Kardashians really #BODYGOALS?

We’ll keep following Kylie for all those adorable Stormi pics, but for Instagram models we can actually relate to, we’re going to have to look elsewhere.

It’s so important to choose trainers and fitness models on Instagram that will empower you to crush your goals and be the best version of yourself.

Not everyone can afford a personal trainer, but thanks to social media we have access to hundreds (possibly, thousands) of fitness accounts on Instagram.

Our faves, which we spill all the tea on in this lovingly curated roundup, educate their followers on how to achieve their dream bodies. From workout routines to healthy recipes, these trainers and fitness models on Instagram have you covered.

When choosing Instagram fitness models to follow, don’t simply base your decision off how their bodies look. You should also take into account their overall approach to health.

Is it something that works with your lifestyle? Are they open about how they’ve personally achieved their results?

On our list, we’ve made sure to include a variety of trainers and fitness models.

While they may have slightly different philosophies, everyone you will read about here will boost your physical health without destroying your mental.

Let the introductions begin.

Instagram Fitness Models #1: Beverly Cheng

When she’s not twerking with her cat (yep, you read that right), Beverly Cheng (@beverlycheng) is all about “building confident women through fitness.”

Bev played rugby in college, and if you’re a former (or current) athlete you’re going to love her workouts. But, you better be ready to sweat.

Above all, this Instagram fitness model and trainer advocates balance.

You’ll catch Beverly on Instagram Stories eating pizza, drinking beer and — you know — actually doing that the things that make life worth living.

Instagram Fitness Models #2: Sarah Dussault

Who said mommies can’t be strong? Absolutely no one.

For real though, Sarah Dussault (@sarahfit) is total #MOMGOALS. The Boston-based YouTuber uses her Instagram to share snapshots of her daily life as she gets back into fitness model shape post-baby.

We love her openness about motherhood and tough Tabata workouts you can squeeze in during naptime.

Many of Sarah’s workouts are post-partum approved for those new moms who are eager to hit the gym.

Instagram Fitness Models #3: Charlee Atkins

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a gym membership to get into the best shape of your life.

We’re huge fans of Charlee Atkins’ (@charleeatkins) little to no equipment workouts. Her do-anywhere workouts leave us no excuses to skip our workout.

Charlee’s simple moves are great for beginners. But don’t get it twisted: just because we said “simple” doesn’t mean her workouts aren’t tough.

For some serious burn, check out Charlee’s Try Her Move series. Consider yourself warned though: your muscles are going to be on fire!

Instagram Fitness Models #4: Elsie Young

Whether you’re a complete novice or way advanced, Elsie Young (@elsiesbodyshop) has a workout for you.

We’re sore for days after her killer combo moves and HIIT circuits. But, we know all the pain will be worth it when we’re feeling confident in our swimsuits.

Elsie stands out among the fitness models on Instagram with her inspiring story of how she earned a spot on her university’s Division I basketball team.

This trainer and fitness model has a long history of overcoming the odds, and she’ll push you to do the same.

Instagram Fitness Models #5: Margaret Cresta

She may be new on the fitness models scene, but Margaret Cresta (@sovigor) is taking Instagram by storm.

Seriously, every time we check back with her account, her follower count has grown…like, A LOT.

Instagram users love Margaret’s easy to follow routines. Her beach workout is perfect for a quick pump before some fun in the sun.

Usually, we’re so against working out on vacation, but Margaret has convinced us to give it ago. Our waistlines are definitely grateful.

Instagram Fitness Models #6: Michael and Vivienne Addo

We know we told you this list has 10 fitness models you need to follow on Instagram, but you get two for the price of one with Michael and Vivienne Addo (@mrandmrsmuscle).

Grab your fave workout buddy and get to sweating with one of Mike and Viv’s challenging routines.

You can find the full-length workouts on their YouTube channel, but their Instagram posts have pretty much everything you need to know.

From how to warm up to modifications, you can find all the workout details in the caption of each post.

Instagram Fitness Models #7: Kayla Itsines

With her nearly 12 million followers, we can’t talk about fitness models on Instagram without mentioning Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines).

The brains and beauty behind the Bikini Body Guide, Kayla is all about time-efficient workouts that give you serious results.

If you’re like us, you don’t want to spend hours at the gym. So, three 28-minute workouts per week sound perfect.

Still not sure? Just check out #BBG and #SWEATNATION for all the inspiration you’ll ever need.

Instagram Fitness Models #8: Shaun T

Yes, the creator of Insanity is still around. At 41 years old, Shaun T (@shaunt) can still totally kick your butt.

This OG trainer and fitness model is an absolute must-follow on Instagram. We never personally made it through Insanity (oops), but Shaun T’s six-pack is making us want to dust off our old DVDs.

If Shaun T’s motivating captions don’t fire you up to hit the gym, then his clients’ incredible before and after transformations will definitely do the trick.

Instagram Fitness Models #9: Alexia Clark

Still not sure which of these Instagram fitness models will actually be able to get you up off the couch?

Well, you can’t go wrong with the “Queen of Workouts” Alexia Clark (@alexia_clark).

While most Instagram models post one workout per day, Alexia takes it to the next level by posting multiple. You’re sure to find something that gets you hype.

In addition to her challenging routines, we love Alexia for not making us feel bad about our cheat days and offering healthy meal ideas to get us back on track.

Instagram Fitness Models #10: Hannah Eden

Your feed is in desperate need of some fire engine red hair, and we know just the fitness model that can help you out with that: Hannah Eden (@hannaheden_fitness).

To be honest, we can’t think of the last time we didn’t stop our scroll to marvel at Hannah’s six-pack. Oh, and don’t even get us started on her biceps!

The Florida-based gym owner knows a thing or two about crafting an insanely sweaty workout.

Get ready to push your limits (but, in a good way) with Hannah’s full-body workouts.

Her #MonsterMondayChallenge is a fun way to start off the week. Please let us know if you manage to master her crazy levitating breakdancer move.

Do You Have What It Takes To Join These Fitness Models On Instagram?

Do these fitness models on Instagram have you fired up to finally make your dream body a reality?

From Beverly Cheng’s balanced approach to Charlee Atkins’ do-anywhere routines, we hope this post had all the fitspiration you’ve been looking for.

On a platform where filters, Photoshop and Facetune have become the unfortunate norm, it’s so refreshing to find accounts that make us feel good about ourselves.

To pay forward those warm, fuzzy feelings, we suggest popping into the comments of whichever of these trainers and fitness models you choose to follow and starting a conversation with other followers.

You might find an accountability partner following the same workouts, and the two of you can motivate one another on the way to reaching your goals. Bonus points if you remember to hashtag your progress posts.

To learn more about how you can foster a community on Instagram and continue growing your account, check out these helpful posts: