Chances are you landed on this review because you’re looking for more information about an Instagram marketing tool called Combin. Today is your lucky day because I took the tool for a test run.

In this Combin review, I’ll reveal my experiences with Combin, what I liked about their service, and whether or not it’s something I recommend. Everything you need to know about Combin can be found in this unbiased review.

Before we continue, take a look at our favorite Instagram automation tools. These are the tools we have personally tried and tested, and we feel they are the superior choices in terms of features and prices.

Without further delay, let’s dive in to this Combin review.

What is Combin?

Combin is a little different than the Instagram tools we reviewed on this website. It’s more for the data geeks and outreach wizards. Think of it more like a management tool.

Their core features, Advanced Instagram Search and User Search Analysis allow you to find the perfect audience for your business. We’ll talk more about these features later on in this review.

Another difference is this tool does not offer the usual automation tasks, such as auto comments, auto follows, and auto like. Auto-tasks are expected to arrive in the future, but at the moment they’re currently marked as Coming Soon.

One more thing to keep in mind is this is a downloadable program that needs to run on your computer. The good news is it’s not a bot, and there are not many auto-tasks, so there’s no pressure to have it open at all times. It won’t slow down your computer either.

(I was a little disappointed with the download speed. Eventually, the file finished downloading and I was on my way to try it out)

Getting Started: Very Easy

Unlike other tools, to get started with Combin you do not need to create an account. They only need an email address to send you the download link.

Once you download and install the software, run it, and sign-in with your Instagram account. It will take it from there. Combin is one of the easiest tools to get started with.

Combin Features: What Can It Do?

As mentioned earlier, Combin is not an Instagram bot; it doesn’t automate any of the tasks, at least not at the moment. Currently, the tool is mainly designed for people who want to create a list of their ideal target audience to interact with manually. With the search features, you can filter out inactive accounts and create a list of active and targeted users. Let’s see how it works.

1. Advanced Instagram Search

Expanding on the point we made earlier, Advanced Instagram Search is for narrowing down your audience. There are hashtag filters you can use to view only users who mention specific hashtags in their profiles and posts. You can also add location tags, for example, only people in the United States.

When the filters are enabled, only the users that meet all the requirements are viewable in the dashboard, and you can choose to follow them or interact with their posts. It’s a very interesting useful service to make sure you are engaging with real people who are invested in your business.

Although the tool does not provide auto-tasks, you can select all the users and perform mass actions, such as follow all of them, like all their posts, comment, and more.

2. User Search Analysis

This feature is similar to the one above, but with a few changes. For one, it’s designed to only reveal users that are worth interacting with.

It skips celebrities, shops, and spam, and only reveals accounts that belong to real humans. They claim this feature has a 90% accuracy rate, although we can’t verify that claim. On a Starter account, you can only see 25 user results which aren’t a lot.

3. Audience Management

Very useful for cleaning Instagram accounts. From here you can manage your audience in a number of ways.

For example, follow and un-follow accounts, black-list users, schedule tasks, and what not.

Here is where you’ll see all the accounts that fall within the parameters you set earlier. It’s mainly used to un-follow undesirable accounts.

4. Auto-Comments

On Combin, they call this “Easy Communication” and you have a few tasks to automate here. One of them is leaving comments under your target audience’s posts.

The feature works much like other auto-commenting bots; you can write a handful of comments, and the system will pick one at random to leave under an account. Very cool.

Much better than the auto-comment bots that post pre-determined comments like, “Nice!” and “Good Post”, makes things look more human.

5. Proxy Support

When dealing with Instagram tools, it’s always smart to use a proxy especially if you are managing more than one account. Thankfully, Combin does provide proxy support.

When you open the program, there is a button labeled proxy settings under the sign-in button. Of course, a good proxy usually requires a monthly subscription.

How Much Does it Cost?

Is Combin expensive? Is it suspiciously cheap? Find out here.

As far as price is concerned, Combin is one of the cheaper tools out there. I believe the reason it’s cheap is it lacks most of the automated tasks other Instagram tools offer.

Starter – Free

Strict search limits and slow, but decent for testing out the tool.

Personal – $10/Month

Limits are increased, adds statistics, unlimited actions, and more.

Business – $30/Month

You can manage multiple accounts (up to 5) and all search and action limits are lifted.

Overall, a very affordable tool. Keep in mind, more auto-tasks will be added to the Personal and Business memberships in the near future. Interestingly, the Starter version is free forever.

Instead of offering a limited trial period like other tools, this one just straight up offers a permanently free version for you to play around with. Granted, it’s quite limited, but it’s a decent introduction to the tool.

Now that we got the main features and pricing out of the way, let’s move on to what we loved about this tool, and what we thought could be improved.

Combin Pros:

Here’s what we thought was awesome:

1. Easily Browse Posts and Profiles


Combin is like a more detailed version of the Instagram app, but one that can be used on your computer. You don’t even have to use the auto-task features if you don’t want to, instead, you can just use the tool as a browser and manually interact with accounts.

I liked how you can see detailed previews of content, as well as simple buttons to quickly like or follow the accounts without having to click on each individual account. Makes it very easy to browse Instagram and interact with people.

2. Quickly Manage Multiple Accounts


Although this feature is only available for Business members, it’s worth talking about. With this feature, you can switch between Instagram accounts without having to log out and log back in.

The tool will save your login information for each one, similar to how Google saves your passwords, and log you in with a click of a button. Great for social media marketers.

3. Very Cheap


The Personal plan includes practically all the features you will need, and it only costs $10 a month. It’s one of the cheapest Instagram management tools out there.

Although it doesn’t have so many features and doesn’t automate many tasks, it’s still a reasonable tool that can help grow your Instagram business. Not to mention the Starter version is free, forever.

4. Easily Like, Follow, and Comment


As I mentioned earlier, whenever you perform a search with the tool, the results will reveal a post preview along with icons to Like, Follow, and comment on the post.

The best part is you can select all of the results and perform the actions in mass, instead of one at a time. On that note, the tool doesn’t instantly follow the accounts you selected, it adds them to a queue, and adds a time-buffer between each account, to make things safer.

It’s a good way to draw attention to your account, without spamming too much. Very easy to use.

5. No Need to Create an Account


I like how the company does not require you to make an account with their platform before you use the service. You only need to enter your email address to download the program and that’s it.

Once you have the program installed you sign in with your Instagram login information. Many other Instagram tools require you to make an account with them and then connect your Instagram account.

What We Didn’t Like:

Here’s what we though could be improved:

1. Very Slow.


Even the download speed to download the program is remarkably slow, even though the file is only 70 megabytes. I have a 100 MB/S download wired connection, and the file was downloading at 20 KB/s.

Putting that aside, the actual performance of the program is sluggish too. The searches can take minutes to reveal 20 or so accounts (it’s recommended to only search for a few accounts a time) and navigating menus and accounts is quite slow too.

2. Limited Starter Account


I understand setting limits on free accounts, but the limits are quite restrictive. For example, in the Starter version, you can only see 50 search results at a time for posts. User results are more strict, with only 25 viewable at a time.

Although I like the idea of having a free Starter account, I wish there was a way to at least test out the other memberships for free on a trial basis. I would prefer to test out an unlimited subscription for a day or so, instead of an extremely limited Starter version.

On the other hand, upgrading is very easy, and they do offer a 48-hour refund policy if you change your mind about the upgrade.

3. No Automated Tasks (Coming Soon)


Personally, I don’t mind that Combin doesn’t have so many auto-tasks. I feel too many Instagram bots offer that service, and it tends to create a spam-filled landscape.

Nevertheless, I know social media marketers have their hands full, and any tool that can save them time should be praised. Automated tasks are planned for future versions of Combin. When they’re added, I’m sure the price will increase as well.

Until then, you’re stuck with manually interacting with accounts, although it’s made much easier with the help of the audience management tool. You basically have to click Select All and then the desired action. Quite simple.

4. No Post Schedule or Upload Features


At the moment, these features are in planning stages, but there’s no word on when they’ll arrive. Right now you can’t upload and schedule posts, a feature most social media marketers need. So the tool is missing a lot of vital features.

5. No Reports


Unfortunately, Combin doesn’t offer detailed reports, so you can’t see how much your account has grown within a certain time period. As a data geek, I was a little disappointed.

Update: I discovered they have a road-map for features and ideas, take a look at it here.

Wrapping It Up:

To wrap up this Combin review, I’ll save it’s an okay tool, but it needs a lot of work before it can hold its own. It doesn’t offer many useful features, although I like the search analysis. Even though it’s cheap, I wouldn’t recommend it because there are much better tools out there.

The current build is more like an Instagram browser tool, that improves on some things the app doesn’t offer, but it also doesn’t add anything too special. Not to mention the free accounts are quite limited, and it takes a long time to load.

In short, there are better tools out there. Wondering which tools we recommend? Our two favorites are KENJI and Upleap.

KENJI is a cheap Instagram bot that uses AI to manage practically every aspect of your Instagram account. It supports all the auto-task features and has been known to save social media marketers plenty of time. Free trial here.

Upleap is a little different. With Upleap a real social media marketer is assigned to your account, except for a fraction of the price. You can try out their free trial here.

What do you think? Do you have experience with Instagram management tools? Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below.