Your quest to get more followers on Instagram can seem like a tough task, especially if you’re not sure where to start. Luckily for you, we’ve outlined a few fool-proof methods to help you grow your Instagram followers. Before we start, it’s important we remind you that growing your account takes time and energy!

Real Instagram Followers Come With Great Content

Your content matters. As you grow your Instagram you can’t get away with pushing old or stale content. That’s simply not how it works. if you take a look at some of the best Instagram accounts, their posts are carefully curated.

Let’s take a look at an account that built up to 1000 followers within a month:

Get 1000 Instagram followers

The first thing you should notice is that this account has over 1500 followers. According to Jonas (the owner of the account), he had started his account a month ago. And his biographical description is fully filled out, which is really important if you’re looking to get people to follow your profile.

Now, let’s take a look at the content:

Grow your Instagram followers with quality posts

Wow! Check out the posts that Jonas put out on his Instagram. It’s clear that the content you put out on your profile is important to growing your Instagram quickly. It’s equally important you optimize your posts as much as you can.

Here’s how you can optimize your posts for Instagram to help you get more followers:

  1. Make sure your posts are visually consistent
  2. Use only a few filters that look similar to one another
  3. Try to keep the hue and saturation of your posts the same
  4. Add hashtags that are relevant to your audience as a post caption
  5. Tag all your posts with a location to help you become discovered!

Engage with people to get more followers on Instagram

Engagement rocks. Especially when it helps you grow your account. There are three main ways of engaging with others across IG to build up your follower base.

  1. Like other people’s posts when they’re relevant
  2. Comment on posts that have the same hashtags as you
  3. Follow other Instagram users

The methods outlined above all take time. Some users get their Instagram growth managed by services like Upleap, meaning people like yourself can focus solely on creating content.

Liking posts helps you build your audience reach

While we cover these tips in our article about Instagram Pods, liking other user’s photos really does help snowball your account’s growth. It’s imperative you look at which photos to like before you start engaging. To spot what types of posts to like, pay attention to the hashtags they’re using.

If you’re using the same hashtags as they are, it’s probably a good idea to like their photo.

The Triple Like Strategy

There’s more to growing your Instagram than just liking the occasional photo. Why like one post when you can like three?

This is called the “Triple Like” strategy, where you like three photos in quick succession of an Instagram user that you want following your account. We spoke to Ahmad, Chief Marketing Officer at Upleap on how it works:

Liking photos to pick up more followers is strategic. If you’re not engaging with other people on a social platform, how do you expect anyone to notice you or your posts? It’s like speaking in person: If you’re not saying anything, you’re not being heard. The same applies to sharing likes and getting more followers on Instagram.

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How to pick the right hashtags for your Instagram:

Firstly, you should identify the hashtags that are most relevant to your account. These hashtags could be ones that you don’t necessarily use in your post captions.

As soon as you’ve identified hashtags that your audience really use, take a look at some of them on your Explore tab, pick some of the posts, and like them! It’s easy, but it can be a little time-consuming.

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Targeting users to grow your followers

An alternative stronger approach would be something we like to call user targeting.

User targeting is a growth tactic we often use to help pick up more followers. What you do is find an account that’s similar to yours, but significantly larger in size (in terms of content posted and amount of followers).

Look at the followers of that account, and start engaging with them.

Why does this work?

Well – there are a few reasons. The main reason is that these followers already like posts similar to yours (either visually or simply the content of the post). But they also have a propensity to follow accounts that appeal to your target audience.

And that’s incredibly important. User targeting as a method really helps you identify your next follower, qualifying them as somebody who’s likely to follow you in return for a simple like of the photo.

Using Stories to show your personality

Instagram is a social platform and you should treat it as one. Putting “slices of life” directly on Instagram pays dividends when you’re trying to retain your follower base. Not everything is picture perfect, and that’s one of the reasons why Instagram Stories is a great vehicle for showing your truer self.

Showing your personality goes a long way when you’re trying to keep your followers entertained.

Four takeaway points that help you get more followers on Instagram:

  1. Post visually appealing content regularly
  2. Optimize your posts so they’re discoverable!
  3. Engage with your target audience regularly to make them notice your profile.
  4. Instagram Stories really help you build a loyal following

At the end of the day, growing your Instagram is easy as pie once you know what you’re doing. If you’d like to save more time and put all of your focus in your content, I suggest you check out services like Upleap.

By the way, check out our top Instagram tools of 2018 that will definitely save you time and help you get more followers on Instagram!

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