Instagram memes are everywhere. Memes may have started in the Internet’s own equivalent of a seedy back alley, 4chan, but they certainly haven’t stayed there. Memes are for the masses now – which means they’ve found their way onto Instagram.

But why are they so popular, exactly? Instagram memes have contributed to massive follower growth for some accounts. There are even accounts dedicated exclusively to Instagram memes.

Here’s the truth: Memes on Instagram are no different than memes on any other platform. The difference is in the audience.

To understand how using Instagram memes can grow your account, keep reading!

What’s an Instagram Meme?

Well, an Instagram meme isn’t too different from any other meme. But it’s on Instagram.

Some Instagram memes are exclusive to the platform, and other ones have been lifted from other popular meme sites like Twitter and Tumblr. But each meme site has its established demographics. Instagram tends to stretch a little farther in terms of age range and broadened interests when compared to sites like reddit or Pinterest.

Instagram is a particularly good platform for memes thanks to how incredibly easy it is to customize and share content through Instagram stories. That means that meme accounts on Instagram get GREAT exposure by simply being relatable. The more reposts, the more followers are channeled to the original account.

In fact, you’ve probably interacted with a meme or two (or five, or fifty). Maybe it’s time to learn how to use them.

What kind of memes fare best on Instagram? Read on to find out.

The Best Instagram Memes Are Simple and Relatable

The rise of increasingly unintelligible memes, aka “shitposting” may or may not directly mirror the popularity of Neo-Dadaism directly following World War I. Which is, you know, not concerning at all. But mass cultural shifts and quests for meaning aside, they’re also just pretty darn funny.

The dictionary definition of meme actually means “an element of culture that is passed from one person to another.” The internet subcultures that have developed are a reflection of a greater cultural desire to connect and share.

And what app does that better than Instagram?

Instagram memes tap directly into the universal human experience. On an app where it can often feel like we’re watching everyone else’s life be so much more amazing than ours, seeing a meme can call us back to the fact that we all experience the same emotions – and they’re not always pretty.

Specifically for millennials and Gen Z-ers, the predominant Instagram user base, there’s something almost gleeful in admitting that there’s more going on behind the surface. Memes are often nihilistic, negative, and find humor in shocking places, which can be a real departure from the glossy feeds of many Instagram stars.

Memes highlight the mundane experience of life. On an app that often highlights the differences between us, memes remind us that we’re all human.

The Subcategories of Instagram Memes

All it takes is one stroll through Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr to know that memes on any platform have several subcategories. Sometimes you don’t understand a memeFrom fashion to financial gain to studies, there are Instagram accounts for every interest. Which means there are memes for every interest, too.

Perhaps one of the most prevalent categories of Instagram meme is astrology memes, thanks in large part to the astrology account @notallgeminis. The use of Instagram templates along with memes has made them extremely visible. They were definitely at the forefront of the Instagram meme movement.

Even super popular Youtubers like James Charles engage in making memes.

Accounts like the recently defamed @fuckjerryy also contributed to a shift from Twitter and Tumblr memes to Instagram memes. As a massively followed account and arguably one of the largest aggregators of memes, when they came under fire for lifting content without credit, it changed the meme scene. But it also made Instagram memes a lot more visible.

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Respect ✊

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Although @fuckjerryy met its demise, there are plenty of other, honest and original Instagram meme accounts to put a little humor in your feed and teach you a lesson or two.

The Best Instagram Meme Accounts

Honestly, making and using memes is pretty simple. But you may not know where to begin with what kind of memes to make.

Here’s what we suggest.

Look to the professionals to guide you. To learn how to use only the dankest of memes, here are some of the best accounts you can follow.

  1. Daquan

Daquan is a curator of some of the funniest content on the web – and he’s really good at it. To the point of 12 million followers.

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2. @sarcasm_only

Sarcasm Only’s account is chock full of content especially popular among young women. The emphasis on disparities between perceived life and actual life is something that hits home with a lot of students!

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3. @thefatjewisth

This is another account you’ve probably seen circulating, whether you realize it or not. A nice mix of curated and original content, the wacky, nihilist humor is all you could ask for in a meme account.

The captions are pretty great too.

How You Can Use Memes to Support Your Brand

The time to get ahead of this Instagram trend is now. The meme movement is still relatively young, which means you can absolutely jump on it with some fresh ideas to bring new growth to your account.

By using Instagram memes, you can get more clicks and shares on your profile. You can also increase your bond with your pre-existing followers. Here are a few ways you can use Instagram memes to support your brand:

  • Share memes from popular accounts

The most obvious and easy way to use memes is to share memes from popular accounts. If your followers see you engage with the content they also engage with, it increases your bond and gives you something to relate over.

  • 2. Ask your followers to send you memes that they like

Get your engagement up – and get to know your followers – by requesting that they send you memes that they think relate to you. It’s a fun way to participate in a trend and make everybody feel included!

  • 3. Create a meme challenge

If you like to create your own memes, ask followers to create a meme based on your template that they think relates to you. Show the best ones off in a post as a win-for-win situation for you and your followers.

Using a Meme Generator

If you really don’t know where to begin, why not use an online meme generator? These generators have existed for other social media for almost ten years, but have only recently begun to breach the final frontier of Instagram.

We suggest a generator called Kapwing allows you to resize for Instagram and even add music, voiceovers, and borders. It’s a step-up from the usual text and photo.

Kapwing is a great way to get started using memes on your Instagram account.

The Time For Memes Is Now

Instagram memes are a great trend. They’re funny, relatable, and remind us that underneath it all, all of us are just people.

Because memes on Instagram are such a young trend, don’t wait. Start using them to build your brand now. Whether that’s just sharing them, creating your own templates, or hosting your own meme challenge, Instagram memes are a fantastic way to strengthen your brand.

Follow some meme accounts and use Instagram meme generators to get started. Before you know it, you’re on your way to maximum memeability.