There’s a lot of talk about your follower count on Instagram – but what about your following count? With more and more options every day, finding the best Instagram accounts to follow is harder than ever. And what’s more – drawing the line between using your Instagram as an influencer and using it for fun makes picking the best Instagram accounts to follow even more difficult.

If you’re at a total loss for the best Instagram accounts follow, we’ve aggregated some of our top recommended accounts below. Click away

1 Selena Gomez (@selenagomez)

It’s no surprise that Selena Gomez tops this list. Although she’s been overtaken by Cristiano Ronaldo as the most followed Instagram account, we still think Selena deserves the #1 spot. Her down-to-earth personality is on display on her Instagram account. Whether she’s all dolled up or just relaxing at the beach, her natural beauty and relaxed attitude make following her a pleasure.

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2) Humans of New York (@humansofny)

You’ve probably seen Humans of New York all over Facebook, but that traffic comes from their Instagram. Humans of NY is one of the best Instagram accounts to follow because it constantly reminds us that people are more than they seem. If you really want a lesson in not judging a book by its cover, take a read through some of the stories on Humans of New York.

3) The Rock (@therock)

If you want a master class in creating your #brand, look no further than the Rock’s Instagram. He consistently uploads interesting and engaging content that’s just the right mix of personal and business. His is definitely one of the best Instagram accounts to follow for any budding influencer!

4) National Geographic (@natgeo, @natgeotravel)

National Geographic’s has a decades long history as a top magazine for nature and travel photography. So it makes sense that their Instagram accounts are stunning. If you’re AT ALL interested in learning more about the Earth, their accounts are a must-follow.

5) Beyonce (@beyonce)

I mean, can you really NOT follow Beyonce on Instagram? The queen to end all queens, and her Instagram is full of artistic promo shots for her upcoming albums. She’s serving looks at ALL times, and we respect that.

6) Doug the Pug (@itsdougthepug)

If your Instagram is lacking some adorability, Doug the Pug can easily help you solve that problem. One could argue that the famous pug was the impetus behind the #dogsofInstagram movement, with his parody posts so popular that he’s posed with some of the most famous celebrities out there. But even when he’s not living his #influencer life, he’s still just a pretty cute dog.

7) Baddiewinkle (@baddiewinkle)

Baddiewinkle really proves that age is just a number. Her youthful style and confidence drip from every photo she posts (and she’s down with the memes, too.) Follow her Instagram for fashion inspo, or to realize that it’s never too late to live as your true self!

8) Cardi B (@iamcardib)

Cardi B got her start on social media, so you can’t blame us for considering her one of the best Instagram accounts to follow. Whether she’s sharing stories, posting pictures of her high class lifestyle, relatable memes, or sweet photos of her family, Cardi B’s Instagram is full of fun content.

9) Will Smith (@willsmith)

Will Smith’s high production value Instagram beats most TV that’s on today. The fun-loving actor and rapper’s personality is on full display, as well as some touching shoutouts to his family.

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I just saw my post from last year… smh… My Bad.

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10) The Financial Diet (@thefinancialdiet)

Under all the glitz and glamor of Instagram, there lies a very solid community of financial advice. The Financial Diet is a great place to start for people who want to get their spending under control, and absorb that information with a pleasing aesthetic and awesome community.

11) Jameela Jamil (@jameelajamilofficial)

The Good Place star Jameela Jamil has quickly risen as one of the best Instagram accounts to follow for her honest criticism of beauty standards and products within the celebrity sphere. To get your daily dose of body positivity, check out her personal account and her secondary account dedicated to body positivity, @i_weigh.

12) Bon Appetit (@bonappetitmag)

Food porn, anyone? If you often find yourself lacking inspiration in the kitchen, take a look at Bon Appetit Magazine’s Instagram account. Just make sure you do it AFTER lunch.

13) Not All Geminis (@notallgeminis)

Instagram astrology has been having a comeback lately, in large part thanks to @notallgeminis. Even if you don’t care for astrology, their relatable memes will have you laughing and filling out a template or two before you can stop yourself.

14) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@ocasio2018)

This 29-year old Congresswoman made waves during the 2018 midterms. Regardless of how you feel about her politics, tune into one of her Instagram lives to get a better understanding of how the US government works from somebody who’s literally a part of it.

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This week we had our 1st-ever Committee meetings and our 1st-ever Hearings of the 116th Congress (the Oversight hearing was on the skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs). . It’s always intimidating to speak up in a new setting. In Congress, we abide by strict rules of communication, particularly in committee. For example, you’re supposed to address the chair, and speak in the third person when referring to your colleagues. Breaking these rules can have consequences small and large: not knowing how means you could lose precious speaking time, or miss an opportunity to make a point. Opposing party members are always looking for the slightest slip-up to gum up process or make an example of you. . So yes, speaking up for the first time in this environment can be scary. Here’s my trick: for a long time, I’ve used fear as a guiding light 💡 instead of a reason to turn off. Emotions are information and data too, and fear is telling us something. For me, fear isn’t saying “go away,” fear tells me “this is new, and it *could* be dangerous. There are are stakes here.” But I’ve very frequently interpreted fear as a growth cusp. Aside from some concrete fears, we often don’t know what we’re afraid of until we get there, and feel it. Fear tells us how to grow. Fear, like a lot of discomfort, forces us to choose: “Do I do this, or not?” Without fear, there is no courage. Without fear, we don’t have the opportunity to prove ourselves in ways we never thought possible. . So while we often think of fear as a signal to retreat, it can also be the opportunity to leap. And I am so grateful to have had the good fortune of winding up as seat buddies with not one but TWO courageous sisters and friends so we can encourage each another along the way. (Committee seat assignments are not random or self-selected, so I’m thankful for the blessing of having @ayannapressley and @rashidatlaib right there with me on Oversight!) . 📸: House Oversight Dems

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15) Ariana Grande (@arianagrande)

For pop music lovers, one of the best Instagram accounts to follow is definitely Ariana Grande. Her Instagram is full of 90s aesthetics and behind the scenes from her life as a popstar. You’ll definitely never miss a release.

16) The Latest Kate (@thelatestkate)

Everybody needs a pick-me-up somedays. With so many people reporting higher levels of stress and anxiety nowadays, take the time to be good to yourself with some of thelatestkate’s adorable quotes.

17) 70sbabes (@70sbabes)

For anybody who gets tired of looking at Instagram models, check out 70s babes. The aesthetics on display are total fashion inspo, and they focus on a more natural, less composed version of beauty.

18) Finn Wolfhard (@finnwolfhardofficial)

The Stranger Things kids are all pretty media savvy, but Finn Wolfhard’s account in particular stands out. Among all the posts letting you know what he’s up to, his goofy sense of humor is sure to bring a smile to your face.

19) Kate Lavie (@kate.lavie)

Kate Lavie is known for her ability to put together stunning tableaus – whether that’s in her adorable house or in an outfit. Whether you’re looking for home decor or a new pair of shoes, a look at Kate’s feed will help you out.

20) Banksy (@banksy)

You might be surprised that Banksy even has an Instagram account, but he does, and spoiler alert – it’s pretty great. All the politically charged and poignant content we know Banksy for is there. I just have one question – how did he get verified?

21) Janelle Monae (@janellemonae)

Janelle Monae’s career has taken off in a big way over the last few years, but if you’ve been following her for a while, you know that she’s a brilliant creative mind. Her Instagram totally reflects that. Although she’s newer to the platform, she certainly knows how to use it.

22) Martha Cooper (@marthacoopergram)

Everybody and their dog considers themselves a photographer these days, but what about the people who were actually photographers before Instagram came around? Martha Cooper is well known for her photojournalism work documenting graffiti in the urban 1980s, and she’s still going! Instagram was practically made to show off her work.

23) Jackie Aina (@jackieaina)

There are a dime a dozen beauty bloggers, but Jackie Aina stands out as one of the most popular and longest reigning queens. Her spunky personality is just an added bonus to her amazing looks.

24) Hot Dudes with Dogs (@hotdudeswithdogs)

This account is exactly what it claims to be, and I’m really not complaining.

25) Natasha Lyonne (@nylonne)

Natasha Lyonne’s greatness as an actress has gone unsung for far too long. So has the greatness of her Instagram. She seems to have the world’s coolest friend group, fun travels, and great taste in memes to boot.

Thus concludes our list of the Top 25 Instagram Accounts to Follow. Hopefully, they bring a little charm to your Instagram feed.