In the world of Instagram influencer marketing, no trend is hotter right now than micro influencers.

The days of big accounts getting all the sponsorships and brand deals are coming to an end. And, to be honest, we aren’t all that sad to see them go.

The rise of Instagram micro influencers is mutually beneficial for both brands and, of course, micro influencers themselves.

Welcome to a new era of Instagram influencer marketing.

While their sphere of influence might seem small at first glance, micro influencers come with a dedicated following who trust them like a best friend.

As a brand, you’ll miss out big time if you don’t tap into these highly engaged audiences.

In this post, we’re telling you everything you need to know about the micro influencer trend including the best apps to find Instagram influencers that will take your marketing strategy to the next level.

By the end of this guide, you’ll know how to connect with influencers that are right for your brand.

Hit pause on Netflix and really focus in now. Here we go.

What Is A Micro Influencer?

While influencers exist on every social media platform, Instagram is the most important and impactful channel.

If you’re interested in the most bang for your buck (and, really, who isn’t?), you need to focus your influencer marketing budget on Instagram.

For the year 2019, 69 percent of marketers said they planned to spend the majority of their influencer marketing budget on Instagram.

Many of those dollars went to the platform’s micro influencers.

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Depending on who you talk to, the definition of a micro influencer (specifically, the minimum/maximum follower-count) may vary.

We agree with this definition, which characterizes a micro influencer as someone with between 2,000 and 50,000 Instagram followers.

Marketing, in its traditional sense, makes it easy for us to see the value in a partnership with someone who has 50,000 Instagram followers.

Even a total marketing newbie can recognize the potential reach there.

But, what about someone with “just” 2,000 Instagram followers?

Micro Influencers Are The Future

The world of Instagram marketing is catching up to the fact micro influencers (even ones without access to the swipe up feature) have carved out niche spaces for themselves on the platform.

Through these very focused niches, they’ve been able to cultivate dedicated (and, in some cases, diehard) followings.

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Sure, a micro influencer might not have a Kylie Jenner number of followers (only King Kylie does), but the ones they do have are devoted.

Right now, micro influencers are the hottest trend in influencer marketing.

In the past, brands have gravitated toward big accounts. But, we’ve since learned big follower-counts don’t necessarily mean high engagement.

These days, you and your business would do better to seek out partnerships with micro influencers who offer an engaged following that you can reach out to directly via a carefully crafted campaign.

Don't miss out on the hottest trend in influencer marketing: find the right micro influencer to represent your brand.
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Why Your Brand Should Work With Mirco Influencers

Now that you better understand what a micro influencer is, let’s dive a little deeper into what they have to offer and why your brand should work with them.

Because “brand awareness” and “conversions among a specific target audience” can sound like a whole lot of marketing mumbo jumbo, we’re going to simplify the benefits of collaborating with micro influencers.

Try this little analogy on for size: You know how people go crazy for farm to table restaurants?

There’s just something about knowing where your food came from that makes it taste better.

The same goes for Instagram followers.

Using bots and buying Instagram followers is SO 2018. Today, organic growth is everything.

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Instagram Influencers With Organic Followings

If your brand wants to work with someone who has grown organically on Instagram, then you’re better off partnering with a micro influencer.

Organic Instagram growth doesn’t happen without putting serious effort into engaging on Instagram.

Whether they have 2,000 or 50,000 followers, micro influencers have spent hours and hours and HOURS engaging on the platform, establishing connections and building a community in order to grow on Instagram.

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All that blood, sweat and commenting is what makes Instagram great. Of all the social media platforms, Instagram touts the most engaged users.

As a result of their time and effort spent engaging on Instagram, micro influencers’ followers like, know and trust them.

In marketing (Instagram or otherwise), that’s the Holy Trifecta.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, then this stat is sure to do the trick:

With a number like that, it’s no wonder nearly two-thirds of marketers increased their spending on influencer marketing in 2019.

Influencer Marketing Pays

More than 89 percent of marketers believe the return on investment is better than (or at least comparable to) other marketing channels.

When we think of our favorite micro influencers on Instagram, we think of them as friends.

If your BFF told you that you had to have a certain blender (or bamboo toothbrush or rolling suitcase or pair of earrings), you’d listen to them.

You might even go out and buy whatever they’re telling you is totally rocking their world right then.

That’s how the followers of these Instagram micro influencers feel, and that’s why your brand should absolutely include them in your marketing strategy and collaborate with them to create authentic content with a casual feel.

Instagram micro influencers have the ability to create authentic content with a casual feel.
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Best Apps To Find Instagram Influencers

You now understand just how potentially beneficial partnerships with Instagram micro influencers are for your brand.

These types of quality collaborations are exactly what your marketing plan is missing.

But now, you need to find said micro influencers in order to partner with them.

However, with more than 1 billion users on Instagram, finding the right micro influencers for your brand’s needs and goals can be challenging.

In fact, 68 percent of marketers say they have a hard time finding influencers to partner with.

Without the right search tools, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack where every stalk is wearing aviator sunglasses and pouting their lips for a selfie.

Rather than just blindly searching on Instagram and hoping for the best (OOF, that sounds like a lot of work), we’ve put together a list of the best apps to find Instagram influencers.

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App To Find Instagram Influencers #1: Heepsy

With more than 7 million influencers in their database, Heepsy promises brands they will be able to connect with “real influencers in seconds.”

More than 10,000 companies have trusted Heepsy to put them in touch with Instagram influencers who will help them reach their marketing objectives.

Recognized as one of the top influencer search tools on the market, Heepsy (like nearly all the apps to find Instagram influencers mentioned in this post) offers both a free and paid plan.

Brands can search influencers and utilize filters to help narrow the field. These filters include location, engagement, post cost and post frequency.

Heepsy also helps brands evaluate the audience quality of potential Instagram influencers.

Before your brand signs a contract with a micro influencer, it’s important to know whether their followers are real or not.

All of Heepsy’s plans come with detailed reports highlighting authenticity scores, engagement analysis, cost estimates and contact details.

App To Find Instagram Influencers #2: Ghostlamp

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for launching influencer marketing campaigns, be sure to check out Ghostlamp.

Despite their name, there’s nothing spooky about this company that takes nearly all the guesswork out of influencer marketing.

Ghostlamp automates the process of finding, contracting and paying influencers.

With so much of the paperwork already taken care of, you have the freedom to launch your campaign in a matter of minutes.

On Ghostlamp, you can search via location and have access to 50 million influencers around the world.

Brands will be able to verify important data such as engagement rates and follower demographics.

App To Find Instagram Influencers #3: NinjaOutreach

With the promise of instant access to more than 60 million Instagram influencers, it’s not hard to see why so many brands and companies are eager to work with NinjaOutreach.

This all-in-one social influencer search and outreach tool will guide you through the process of not just finding the right micro influencers for your brand but also helping you contact those you want to work with.

NinjaOutreach will grant you access to their library of email outreach templates with topics ranging from sponsored posts to product reviews to brand partnerships and more.

These easy to personalize messages are sure to help you cultivate mutually-beneficial relationships with micro influencers.

App To Find Instagram Influencers #4: InfluencerDB

Whatever marketing budget you’re working with, InfluencerDB assures brands they have “the right solution that perfectly adjusts to your needs.”

While influencer budgets vary greatly, the most common influencer budget is $1,000-$10,000 per year, proving you don’t need a lot of money to begin partnering with micro influencers.

From influencer discovery and analytics to campaign management, InfluencerDB uses their Influencer Marketing Cloud to meet your influencer marketing goals.

Looking for influencers who genuinely love your brand?

InfluencerDB has the ability to connect you with Instagram micro influencers who are already talking about your brand on social media.

Don't miss out on the hottest Instagram marketing trend of the year: micro influencers!
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App To Find Instagram Influencers #5: Klear

Klear knows the days of people trusting ads are behind us.

Today, consumers put their trust in influencers.

Join brands like Adidas, Microsoft and United Way when you sign up with Klear to create influencer marketing campaigns that actually work.

To monitor your progress on the road to success, Klear constructs detailed reports to measure your influencer programs.

The analysis includes mentions, stories, engagement, reach and ROI.

At the moment, Instagram posts are the most used format of influencer marketing. However, we’re beginning to see that change.

In 2019, we’ve witnessed more and more brands requesting video, such as Instagram Stories, as part of their campaigns.

These brands are eager to tap into the more than 500 million Instagram users utilizing Stories every day.

With the popularity of Stories for influencer marketing on the rise, it’s vital to be able to track engagement stats associated with this particular feature.

Tracking Instagram Stories is just one of the many services Klear provides brands.

Beyond Instagram Micro Influencers

Wow, that was A LOT about micro influencers.

Did this crash course clarify a few things for you? Are you ready to start incorporating micro influencers into your brand’s overall marketing strategy?

Gone are the days of casting a wide net and hoping for the best.

Thanks to social media, brands can partner with niche content creators, like Instagram micro influencers, in order to reach their target audience.

When you collaborate with the right micro influencers for your brand, you can expect both an increase in brand awareness and to reach new audiences.

Because of the familiar relationship between micro influencers and their followers (remember: like, know and trust), brands are more likely to see these partnerships result in sales of their goods and services.

Beyond generating leads and sales, the right micro influencers will improve your brand advocacy and get their followers talking about what your business is all about.

To be honest, it’s tough to put a price on that kind of influence.

Just kidding! We promise it’s affordable, and with the apps to find Instagram influencers, you’ll be able to connect with individuals working at a variety of price points.

Don’t wait: use the tips in this guide to start connecting with Instagram micro influencers who can help take your brand to the next level.

Partnering with micro influencers isn’t the only way you can use Instagram to grow your business.

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