Once you read our Path Social review, you’ll know the real truth about it. Is it safe to use? Does it provide organic growth as promised, or is it all pure hokum?

All this and more will be revealed, so stay tuned until the end if you’re trying to figure out whether to give Path Social a try.

Why are these reviews so important anyway?

Well, it’s simple – you have to know all about a certain growth service before you decide to try it. More often than not, they don’t come cheap, and there are a lot of scammers whose service can actually put your account in jeopardy.

So, to avoid wasting money and putting your safety at risk, it’s crucial to do your research. 

Without further ado, let’s dig into this Path Social review and see what it’s all about!

What Is Path Social?

Path Social first appeared in 2012, only two years after Instagram, so it’s fair to say they are among pioneers. 

If you go to their website, the first thing you’ll see in big black letters is a promise of organic growth. This is not surprising, as most of the similar services like to claim they offer only organic growth. 

However, in most cases, that’s far from the truth.

Is it also the case with Path Social? The chances are it is. 

So, what is Path Social?

Officially, Path Social is a social media agency. The term ‘agency’ is there solely for a fancy public impression, but it doesn’t really mean anything since Path Social is a classic Instagram growth tool.

How Does Path Social Work?

Path Social is suspiciously vague about their practices, which raises a number of questions, one of which is – can you trust them at all?

Before we get into that, let’s see how to use this service.

Getting Started With Path Social

To use Path Social, you first need to do a few things:

  1. Go to the official web page pathsocial.com and click on the ‘Get Started’ button
  2. Select one of their two tariffs – more on this a bit later
  3. Input Instagram username and email 
  4. Proceed to checkout and make a payment
  5. Adjust a number of filters that describe your targeted audience

The process is very simple, and the good news is you don’t have to give them your IG password. The bad news is you have to pay right away since there’s no free trial. This means leaving your credit card info before even trying out the service. 

This, naturally, begs the question – Should you do it? 

The reasons against are many, so let’s start with the first one. 

On their website, you can find four sections – Pricing, Case Studies, Reviews, and Contact. 

This is the first red flag. Why?

Because nowhere on the website does it say what Path Social’s services actually entail and what steps they take to provide you with organic growth. 

While there’s no info on the actual growth strategies, there sure are a lot of positive reviews and growth results in the Case Studies section. 

There you’ll find a multitude of IG usernames with information on how many followers they gained through Path Social. That’s all nice, but the problem is next: if you try to search those handles on Instagram, you’ll see they don’t exist. 

This brings us to the second red flag – even the existing info on their website is likely fake.

This should already be enough to plant a seed of suspicion in your mind, but let’s dig deeper to see if there are any more red lights. 

Path Social Features

Although Path Social is very secretive about the actual features, we managed to get a good sense of what they are through some reviews (although there’s shockingly few of them) on Trustpilot and similar sites. 

Audience Targeting

We mentioned you need to set up some stuff when you sign up. This includes basic filters like hashtags, location tags, gender, and age. 

This is a very common tactic among growth services, or dare we say – bots. It can bring good results in case it works well, but based on most reviews, Path Social targeting abilities are not up to par. 

The tool often ignores the filters and interacts with completely random accounts that turn out to be bots.


Interacting is a huge part of organic growth, but it has to be meticulously well done. How does Path Social do it?

If you’re to believe their ex-clients, Path Social interacts in a way that intensely resembles a bot. 

There’s your next red flag. Instagram doesn’t like bots, and your account could end up blocked or banned for excessive bot activity. 

It goes without saying that Instagram’s strict anti-bot policies should not be taken lightly. 

How Much Does Path Social Cost?

a screenshot taken from Pathsocial's website showing their pricing plan

Just like with features, Path Social is also mysterious about their packages. The prices are visibly stated, but it’s kind of unclear what you actually get in each of them.

There are two plans to choose from – Instagram Elite and Instagram Core. They go for $69 and $49, respectively. 

Since there’s no free trial, you have to pay 50/70 bucks right away. Is it worth it?

Well, not really. For the same amount, you can find numerous safe services that provide organic growth. 

Is Path Social Legit?

This is a tough one. 

Path Social does have an https site and secure payment gateways. But does it go further than that? 

Not exactly. Their growth strategies lack definition and the promise of organic growth is nothing more than complete nonsense. 

What’s more, a few of the Trustpilot reviews mention that Path Social took money from them without providing any kind of service. Since this happened more than once, this service cannot be regarded as completely legitimate. 

Path Social Alternatives

It’s pretty clear by now that Path Social is not going to help you reach Instagram stardom. 

What you need is organic growth and reliable service that can help you get there. Why does it need to be organic?

Organic growth involves a real human being that makes sure you only gain real followers from your niche. It also eliminates the chance of getting banned since there are no bots involved whatsoever. 

Some of the most reputable services, such as Nitreo or Upleap, would definitely be a better choice for organic growth than a bot in disguise. 

Final Word

Finding a legit and dependable Instagram growth service is not a piece of cake – there are just too many factors you have to consider.

Safety should be your number one priority when dealing with growth services, be it on Instagram, or regarding your sensitive info.

Organic growth is a close second. 

Don’t give up until you find a growth service that combines the two. Believe us, there are plenty of reliable Instagram growth services, it’s just a matter of discovering them.

Sometimes, knowing who not to trust is above all else, so make sure to do your research before trying any growth service.