We recently published an article about the best Instagram tools of 2018 and top of that list was Upleap. Since Upleap made it as the number one Instagram tool to use in 2018, we decided our Upleap Instagram review would be interesting for readers!

Nowadays, having an active and engaging Instagram profile is crucial for your brand or business, so you’d be a fool not to use the massive potential of this platform and its 1 billion users. 

That being said, it’s not enough to just make an account and hope for the best. You need two things to call yourself a successful Instagrammer: content and followers. 

The former is entirely up to you. The latter is the part you can’t control. Or can you?

Actually, yes, you can – to some level. 

Enter Upleap.

In case you’re not familiar with it, Upleap is one of the popular Instagram growth services.  We’ve done extensive research on this service, and this Upleap review summarizes the results. 

Is the service satisfactory or not? Can it really boost your Instagram account, or is it a complete waste of money?

It’s all addressed below, so keep on reading to find out!

Upleap Key Takeaways

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a table that perfectly sums up Upleap. 

However, we encourage you to come back when you have more free time and read the whole thing. It’ll provide helpful insight and help you understand what Upleap is all about. 

The price is a bargainNo option for live customer support
The followers are real
Customer support is always responsive.
Provides real growth
Safe for your account and personal info
It’s a legit company.

What Is Upleap?

An image of Upleap’s homepage.

Upleap is a company that helps boost your account by selling Instagram followers. What makes it stand out is the fact it’s one of the few services that offer REAL followers, not bots. 

This is one of the most significant issues people face when dealing with Instagram growth services. 

Too many of them provide low-quality followers for low prices to lure in potential customers. Their goal is to have as many one-time buyers as possible, and they don’t focus on attaining long-term clientele. 

“Long-term” is the key phrase when it comes to Instagram growth. 

You can’t expect to grow overnight. Sure, you can try to do it by purchasing tens of thousands of followers, and they all arrive in an instant. 

But that’s not a good strategy. 

Not only will Instagram detect what you’re up to, but you’ll also seem insincere in the eyes of the followers you gained organically. 

So when you see that a company sells giant packages of followers, it’s not always a good sign. 

Think of it this way – it’s better to gain them little by little and build up a large follower base over time than to receive them in bulk and risk half of them disappearing by the next day. 

While most companies offer discounts when you buy in bulk and you can save some money this way, it usually also means you’ll have to sacrifice the quality of the followers. 

Even though getting 500 or 1,000 followers doesn’t seem like much and turns out to cost more, it’s significantly better for long-term growth.

This is exactly what you get from Upleap. 

Upleap Tariff Plans

Time to explore the available packages from Upleap.

A screenshot showing the prices for Upleap followers.

If you go with the smallest package of 100 followers, you’ll have to cough up only $9. 

Mind you, these are high-quality followers, and the chance of receiving bots is minimal. 

Five hundred followers go for $19, and 1,000 of them are billed at $39. 

This is more than reasonable when you consider what you get – followers that are there for the long haul. 

One thousand followers are just enough for noticeable growth, but not too much so that someone figures out you’re actually buying them. 

What else do you get with each package?

Upleap promises the following: 

  • Instant delivery
  • High-quality followers
  • No password
  • 24/7 customer support

Instant delivery, high-quality, and no password are promises they indeed keep. You will get the followers within three minutes of your purchase, and they are all genuine. Furthermore, Upleap doesn’t ask for your password, which is always a good sign. 

However, we have to note that they don’t actually have 24/7 support in the form of a live chat. Instead, you can contact the support team, and they will answer promptly (most of the time), but don’t count on it to be instantly any time of the day. 

This is a minor flaw that we’re willing to overlook as the benefits largely outweigh the downsides of this company. 

Refund policy

In case you’re not entirely happy with the service (which we doubt will happen), you can contact them and ask for a refund. 

They will review your case and see if you’re eligible to receive your money back. 

If the issue in question is a drop in followers, Upleap will happily replenish them automatically within 24 hours when their system detects the drop. 

What Do Customers Think Of Upleap?

Overall, people seem to be satisfied with this service. There have been a few complaints every now and then, which is to be expected, but we appreciated that Upleap takes the time to respond to criticism. It really shows they care and want to do better.

An image of Upleap’s response on a customer review.

The consensus is that Upleap really does yield results. Take a look at what this customer says: 

A screenshot of a positive Upleap review on Trustpilot.

Notice how the company replies to both the great comments and the critiques? It’s a small gesture, but it shows they respect each of their customers, which cannot be said for most similar companies. 

Is Upleap Legit?

Rarely we can say with full confidence that a company is 100% legit. 

However, this is one of the times we can do it. Upleap is legit and safe to use. 

It was a pleasant surprise, to be honest. Most of the time, when we encounter an Instagram service, we take it with a grain of salt as they usually turn out to be mediocre or complete scams. 

That’s not the case here. 

Upleap is a real company, and you can rest assured your account and your personal information is in safe hands. 

They have an HTTPS website and verified payment gateways which is crucial with this type of service. Plus, they don’t require your Instagram password, so you know they’re not looking to hack your account. 

You’re as safe as can be. 

The Closing Statement on Upleap

Upleap is one of those Instagram growth services that you won’t regret using. 

Affordable prices, genuine followers, and responsive customer support are just a few of the things we liked about this company. 

If you want to witness real growth and have an overall pleasant experience with a growth service, we wholeheartedly recommend you give Upleap a shot.