Your Instagram requires painstaking attention. You pour hours of effort into creating flatlays, editing the perfect picture, and otherwise manicuring your perfect Instagram feed. But by the time everything is done, you have no energy left to post on your stories, check your insights, or do anything else. Enter: Instagram post templates.

We’ve written a few articles praising Instagram stories templates before. Well, time to extend that same enthusiasm to Instagram post templates. Using templates for your Instagram posts has the same benefit they do for your stories – you save time, they look good, and they can create uniformity in your feed.

There’s no reason to spend money on them either. Without further ado, here are some great free apps for creating Instagram post templates.

How Using Templates Can Help You

Some may say that Instagram themes aren’t the move anymore. We can’t help but disagree. A uniform look is kind of the whole point of an Instagram theme! You want your content to be easily recognizable by a distinguishable style. That’s where Instagram post templates can really help you.

If you can’t afford a graphic design course, you’re in luck. The past few years have seen Instagram post templates grow more and more popular, and we can’t help but see why. An Instagram post template has already been professionally designed, so all you have to do is change some colors and images and voila! You have a beautiful Instagram feed.

But You Should Still Put In Effort…

Instagram post templates are great time-savers, but think of them as a sounding board – not a blanket cover all. Even if you use post templates, you can customize them to make sure that they match your specific aesthetic. And you should! While post templates can give you an overall more professional look, what your followers are still looking for to shine through is your unique touch.

Don’t be afraid to be experimental with your Instagram posts – templates may be the name of the game, but you still want to stand out. Thankfully, there are a lot of apps that can help you do just that.

Let’s take a look at five ways to spice up your feed with Instagram Post Templates.

Easil: Professional & Fun Instagram Post Templates

Easil is a great place for beginners to look for Instagram post templates. Curated by graphic designers, their highly customizable range of Instagram post templates has a super intuitive UI. On Easil, there are templates for every occasion. They offer a few different templates for various social media sites, too. Whether you want to use it for marketing or just spice up your regular feed, you can’t go wrong with Easil.

PRICING: Easil offers a basic free plan. The upgrade to the paid plan at $7.50 USD grants you comprehensive access to the site. They offer an industrial plan at $59 USD/month. That’s pretty fair pricing for a tool as comprehensive as this one!

Canva: The Overachiever’s Dream

We’ve written about Canva a lot in the past as a place to go to get great stories templates. But did you know that they also do posts? And banners, and Facebook posts, and flyers, and literally everything you could ever want under the sun.

Canva loses some brownie points in its “premium images” charge. If you want to use a Canva licensed image, you’ll have to pay $1 per image every time you download it – whether you’re a premium member or not. But if you’re good enough at finding stock photos and clip art, that’s not a huge setback, and the in-app editing tools are fantastic.

Canva for Work has some really great design features. You can set a color palette for your brand, upload custom fonts, and save edited templates.

PRICING: The basics of Canva are free – and you can make some pretty great stuff! Upgrading to Canva for Work costs $12.95 per user per month.

Kapwing: Instagram Post Templates for Memers

If, to you, Instagram memes are the name of the game, take a look at Kapwing. Kapwing offers a great way to create fun and engaging GIFS, images, and videos. They have a particular focus on memes, and with the rise of Instagram memes, their Instagram post templates can help you go a long way. Kapwing offers a lot of tools to make Instagram posts – from stop motion to montage makers, they’ve got all your video needs covered.

PRICING: Kapwing is free to use! If you want to remove their watermark, you’ll pay a one-time fee of $6 USD. Or you can upgrade to the unlimited plan for $20/month and live a watermark free life – forever.

Unfold: For the Artsy Instagrammer

We’ve previously spoken about how great Unfold’s Instagram stories templates are. They’re classy, artistic, and clean, and offer great variety. Unfold is a perfect way for the artistically-minded Instagrammer to organize multiple shots and play with formatting. The templates are never boring, and often let you mingle text with photos. In short, we can’t get enough of them.

So, what if you could use Unfold for Instagram posts, too? All it takes is running your beautiful stories through a little re-size. Canva For Work offers this feature, but there are also a lot of free online image resizers you can use. While the resizing is a bit of extra effort, we think it’s totally worth it for Unfold’s unique style. Then you’re on your way to beautiful Instagram posts!

PRICING: Unfold is free on iOs devices. You can buy story packs on the app for $1.99.

Pinterest & Bannersnack: The Online Excavator’s Choice

Sometimes it’s as simple as a google search. You’d be surprised how much free stuff is available on the internet if you look hard enough. Particularly on Pinterest, there is a LOT of advice regarding Instagram. If you simply narrow your search down to “Instagram post templates”, you’ll quickly see that people have already done your work for you!

You can also use Bannersnack to design your own banners, then save and download your design as an Instagram post template. After all, if you want a unique look, why not do it yourself? Although Bannersnack is certainly the most involved of the listed options, it’s got a big advantage if you’re someone who wants a little more creative freedom.

PRICING: Pinterest is free. Bannersnack is free for the first 10 banners, after which a plan of $7/month gets you 30 static banners per month. If you’d line animated or moving banners, you can upgrade to $18 or $36 USD.

Save Time, Use A Template

If you’ve never considered using Instagram post templates before, now is definitely the time to do so. This is a growing trend, so hop on it before everybody else discovers it, too! Not all of us are blessed enough to be talented at graphic design – so thank god we have the good people at Easil and Canva to do it for us.

No matter which method you try, Instagram post templates are a great answer to creating a beautiful, professional Instagram feed. If you ever get bored of templates, you can always branch out into making your own! If you only want to change up colors, that’s just fine, too. Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong with a template.

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