Are you getting the most out of your Instagram Stories?

With more than 400 million users logging into the feature each day, Stories is an excellent place to capture customer and follower attention.

The question is, does your content have what it takes to be a best-seller?

If you’ve ever clicked onto a top influencer’s story and noticed that they seem to have better fonts, filters, and editing than you – there’s a reason. Today, the savvies Instagram users don’t rely exclusively on Instagram when they create Instagram Stories. They also seek out additional help from some of the leading third-party apps on the market too.

Just as you can use tools like Upleap and SproutSocial to help grow your following with automated posts and engagement, you can use Stories apps to boost the quality of your content.

So, which are the best tools for taking your content to the next level?

Here are our top picks.

1.     Jumprope – The Instagram Stories App for “How-To” Content

There are about 1 billion users on Instagram each month, all looking for different kinds of content. Your job, as a brand, marketer, or influencer, is to deliver the kind of material that convinces your community to stop and take notice.

Lately, “How To” Stories have generated some of the best metrics from Instagram, driving bigger sales, more shares, and additional likes. People love learning something new when they’re on their phone. They particularly appreciate it when those lessons are delivered in a simple and easy-to-follow format.

Jumprope is an iOS-only application that allows you to create Instagram Stories tutorials step-by-step. You can add text, and music, and adjust the speed with which your Story runs. Combine excellent content with the professional look of Jumprope, and you could even establish yourself as a thought leader.

2.     Unfold – The Instagram Stories App for Minimalist Templates

Want to make sure that you’ve got the same consistent aesthetic in all of your Instagram Stories? Start with templates. When you download Instagram Stories templates, you give yourself a roadmap to follow whenever you create new material for your channel.

Unfold is an easy-to-use smartphone application that takes editing Stories out of the realm of Photoshop and puts it into the palm of your hand. The tool comes with access to everything from Polaroid and filmstrip effects, to minimalist borders and more. You can also preview how your story is going to look by clicking on the “Preview” option before you hit publish.

Unfold is a great way to make your Instagram Stories look more polished. Plus, you don’t have to be a professional editor to use it.

3.     Canva – The Instagram Stories App for Custom Photos

If you’ve ever used editing tools to improve your Instagram images before, then you’re probably familiar with Canva. The Canva app comes with everything you need to create templates for your Instagram profile picture, posts, and even your Instagram Stories.

There’s a host of pre-made templates available to choose from, and you can customize the designs you choose to suit your brand aesthetic too. What’s more, with about 130 fonts to browse through and millions of backgrounds, you can ensure that your feed doesn’t get boring.

Make your own Canva template, and you’ll be able to deliver the same amazing visual experience every time you publish something on Instagram. There’s no need for any prior graphic design experience either.

4.     Clipomatic – The Instagram Stories App for Amazing Captions

Another fantastic way to earn the attention of your target audience with immersive Instagram Stories is to add some stunning captions and text. The captions you include can feature anything from inspirational quotes, to information about your latest product, or details on your brand.

The Clipmatic smart video editor can even turn the words that you say into captions for you during a video automatically. This means that it’ll be easier for people with their sound turned down to get the full value out of your Stories. All you need to do is hit the record button and speak as clearly as you can.

While you’re editing, feel free to add some special artistic videos to your content to make it stand out.

5.     InShot – The Instagram Stories App for Cropping

Are you tired of continually having to crop videos and images to fit into the trending vertical ratios on Instagram? With InShot, you can create Instagram Stories that are perfectly modified to suit the IG community. That means no more missing content, and no more poor picture quality caused by third-party cropping.

The app automatically creates a new video at the 9:16 ratio specifically for Stories. All you need to do is import your video of choice, then decide how you want to change the ratio. If there’s excess space in the video, you can add colors and gradients to make it look perfect. There’s also the option to add extra emojis, text, and GIFs to your videos too – for that extra exciting touch.

The InShot app is available for both Android and iOS users – although it comes with a watermark on the free version.

6.     Mendr – The Instagram Stories App for Fixing Photos

Instagram is a social media channel that’s all about beautiful things (and people). You’ll be far more likely to convince people that they should be engaging with you or your brand if your Stories look stunning. However, if you’re not a skilled photographer or editor, you might have a hard time keeping up with the competition aesthetically.

Fortunately, Mendr is a photo-editing app for your smartphone that will quickly link you to professionals who can edit and adjust your Instagram content for you, usually within an hour. You do need to pay for the service. However, if you’re trying to create an essential professional post for your brand, it might be worth the investment.

7.     Shakr – The Instagram Stories App for Swipe-able Content

Shakr is a downloadable video editing app that helps people to create Instagram Stories with real engagement potential. For instance, if you’re one of the lucky Instagram users out there today with more than 10,000 followers, you’ll have the “Swipe up” feature on your Stories that sends people to a link of your choice.

However, just having that feature doesn’t guarantee your community will use it. With Shakr, you can add glowing text, arrows, and other functions that draw attention down to the swipe action and encourage conversions.

Shakr also makes it easier to create incredible content that makes your customers want to visit your website too. There are more than 500 templates for your Stories ads, as well as exciting graphics, eye-catching fonts, and so much more. This is an app that helps to drive action among IG users.

8.     Splice – The Instagram Stories App for Editing Videos

Thanks to the recent introduction of IGTV in 2018, videos on Instagram are becoming increasingly popular. However, it’s much harder to edit a video to perfection than it is to adjust a photo. With the Splice app, you can download an Instagram Stories solution that allows you to edit your entire video project.

Splice is great for getting rid of bit of video that won’t deliver any value to your audience or making sure that your Stories look consistent. You can also add copyright-free music to your projects too, from a library organized by genre. You can also use Splice to add music to your video by importing content from iTunes. Just be careful that you don’t step on any copyright toes.

9.     Bannersnack – The Instagram Stories App for Banners

Bannersnack is more than just an app for Instagram Stories. The tool is an easy-to-use design solution that allows users to create fantastic animated or static HTML5 banners in a variety of sizes. You can use your banners for Google Display ads, and Shareable visuals on YouTube, Video, Pinterest and more.

When it comes to enhancing your Instagram Stories, Bannersnack is great for drawing attention to crucial information within your content. For instance, if you want to reveal an upcoming sale, share a discount code, or just provide some useful information.

All you need to do to get started is download Instagram Stories templates from the add and pick the one you like most as a starting point. There are many excellent designs to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that matches your aesthetic.

10. Easil – The Instagram Stories App for PC Editing

If you download Instagram Stories to your computer before you put them on your channel, then you need something you can use to enhance your images on your desktop. Easil is a web-based graphic design tool that’s excellent for people who don’t have a great deal of design experience.

You can start off with the basic plan which is free to use, then upgrade to some more advanced options if you feel as though you need additional features. The great thing about this tool is that there are templates to help you create Instagram stories of any kind. What’s more, the service is very easy to use, with a simple drag-and-drop functionality.

You can change the pictures, colors and text in your content to match with your Instagram aesthetic. It’s a great way to bring a branded flavor to your content and engage with your audience. You will have to download the templates that you want to continue using. However, you can save the options you like in Dropbox.

11. Over – The Instagram Stories App for Text Graphics

Instagram might be a highly visual social media platform, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for some excellent text in there too. You might want to add an Inspirational quote to your latest story. Or maybe you like to create Instagram Stories that give your followers information through How-To tutorials. Whatever you’re hoping to do with your social media strategy, Over can help you out. The tool comes with a wide variety of graphics, fonts, and Instagram templates to choose form, so you can make sure that you’re always creating the best Instagram content.

If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can also design unique templates for your Instagram Stories from scratch, then save them to the app for use later on. There’s also a broad community of followers on Over that will help you out by tracking down additional templates and ideas for you to use.

12. VSCO – The Instagram Stories App for Filters

Finally, we all love adding filters to our Stories and content on Instagram. However, it seems like everyone sticks to the same top filters time and time again. That makes it hard to stand out if you want to do something different with your material.

The good news is that if you feel like standing out, you can always try taking your photography to the next stage with VSCO. It’s a simple but effective photo and video editing app that’s wonderful for creating a cohesive aesthetic on your Instagram feed. You’ll be able to adjust various parts of your images, including brightness and contrast, and add unique filters to your Stories too.

You do need a paid membership to make the most out of VSCO, but it’s well worth the investment for brands and influencers who want to thrive on Instagram.

Transform Your Instagram Stories with the Right Apps

Deciding to download Instagram stories apps that will help you to enhance and improve your content is a great way to optimize your Instagram strategy.

There are plenty of amazing tools out there to help you, from video editors to solutions for placing fun fonts and captions on your Stories posts.

Once you’ve found the Instagram Stories apps that are right for you, you can even take your strategy a step further by investing in a solution that helps you to schedule your posts so that they appear in front of your audience at the right time.

Sometimes, the best way to get the most out of Instagram is to experiment with the tools outside of the app. With a little bit of creativity and the right software, you can achieve your brand of #InstaFame in no time.

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