Stim Social claims to be an Instagram marketing tool that will automatically grow your account with real followers. But does it really work as promised? Is it a scam? Are there any better Stim Social alternatives?

In this Stim Social review, we’ll cover all of the company’s features, and see if it’s worth your time and cash. When you’re done reading this review you’ll know exactly what to expect from Stim Social.

Before we start…

Our Top Instagram Tools:

I would like to take a moment to recommend our top Instagram management services.

1. Upleap

When it comes down to quality of service, Upleap is our number one choice for social media management.

The company hires expert social media marketers to take control of your account to automate activity for you. One thing you need to know is Upleap is not a bot. It’s more like a management service.

So there are no scripts, and no risk of being banned from Instagram. Although it costs a little more than the Instagram bots, most people agree the security and benefits are worth it.

2. Kenji

Kenji is an underrated marketing tool. Not many people have heard about it, but it’s one of the best Instagram bots out there (and the safest too!).

The reason it’s safer than most social media bots is because it uses machine-learning to duplicate your activity profile. Basically, it acts like a human, so it will be very difficult for Instagram to tell it’s a bot.

Kenji is not only safe, but also fast and budget-friendly too, making it a favorite tool for social media marketers. It’s our number one recommended Instagram bot.

Can’t decide between these two tools?

Take a look at our frequently updated list of recommended Instagram tools.

Getting Started with Stim Social:

Getting started with Stim Social is fairly easy, and they offer a free 5 day trial.

To create an account, enter the necessary information, and connect your Instagram account. You might have to enter a verification code.

Be careful:

Once your account is connected to Stim Social, don’t use the Instagram app on your phone.

In fact, it seems like Stim Social flat out doesn’t let you use the app when it’s connected to their platform. This is one downside to using the platform we’ll discuss later on in this review.

To activate the features, you’ll need to add at least five target accounts. This batch of accounts will give the bot a starting point.

It helps if these accounts are somewhat related to your business too. As soon as you add five accounts, the bot will start.

Payment Plans (Affordable! 👍 ) :

You’ll be able to use the trial for five days, but some features will be limited. If you want to upgrade, there are five payment plans to choose from.

Stim Social payment plans and prices
Stim Social’s payment plans.

The Fast plan is what most people choose because it offers the core features at a low price point. It costs $9.95/month and it includes the auto-like, auto-follow, filters, white/black lists, and access to basic reports.

As you can tell, the other features increase the speed, and include a couple of new features.

Turbo plan offers 50% faster speeds and adds a new feature, Clean Feed, which we’ll talk about later on.

The other plans, Extreme and Managed, are more for agencies with multiple accounts under their care. They’re pricey, but include every possible feature.

Managed is the ultimate and most expensive plan. On this plan, the staff at Stim Social setup your account for you and manage it, similar to how Upleap works, but a much more expensive version.

To compare all the plan’s features, take a look at this image:

A comparison chart of Stim Social's payment plans

As far as prices go, Stim Social is one of the more budget-friendly Instagram tools out there. Overall, the price is not bad.

But is it really worth signing up? Why do people say Stim Social is a scam?

Continue reading to find out.

Stim Social Features:

Most of Stim Social’s features are rather standard. We have seen them all in other Instagram management tools, and nothing really stands out as unique. But we’ll run through them anyways.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

Stim Social’s dashboard contains quick-toggle buttons for every feature, but you have to change the settings manually in the settings tab.

On a trial, you won’t be able to change any of the speed settings – it will be set to the lowest by default.

You’ll also see some other useful information on the dashboard, such as total new followers, followers as of today, follow-back ratio, and your best account targets.

1. Settings

Once inside, you’ll notice a few menus with various features, most of which we’ll cover later on. The main tab is labeled, Settings, and this is where you can change the individual settings for every feature on the platform.

A list of Stim Social settings

For starters:

On this tab, the first features you’ll notice are the Speed and follow limits. With the trial membership you’ll be limited to the default speed, and you can’t increase the speed unless you upgrade.

But you can place limits. I recommend lowering the default Follow limit, it’s set to 7000 by default. Scrolling down, you’ll be able to change similar settings for the other features, for example, Like speed, Like limits, and what not.

One filter I liked is Sleep which pauses all activity during specified hours. This helps to create a more natural activity profile, because you probably wouldn’t stay up 24 hours a day clicking away on your account.

We’ll talk about the features in more detail below.

2. Auto Likes

There are two versions of this feature: Growth, and Engagement.

With Growth, the program will only like one of the most recent posts from any account it comes across. Now, they claim this is one way to build an organic following on Instagram, but it’s not the best practice.

The other version, Engagement, has more customization options. You can select the profile source, such as hashtags, whitelist, people the bot followed, and what not. Engagement is better for building a smaller but more targeted fan base.

As we mentioned in the previous section, the limits and speed settings for this feature can be changed in the Settings menu.

3. Auto-Follow

You can toggle this service from the dashboard, but I recommend heading over the settings tab to lower the limits. You can also make sure a few other filters are added to keep your account safe and off Instagram’s spam list.

One thing worth talking about is Account Queue. In this tab you’ll see all the accounts that bot has selected to follow in the next wave of actions.

Personally, I like this feature because you can remove any undesirable accounts before you’re forced to interact with them. And you can also manually follow or un-follow accounts from the list too.

In comparison, most Instagram bots won’t even show you the accounts they follow with your account, so this is a useful feature.

4. Reports 👍

Stim Social offers three kind of reports:

  1. Growth
  2. Targeting
  3. Engagement

Growth shows the basic data for new followers, demonstrating your account’s growth over a period of time. You can choose between 7 to 180 days of data to show on the chart.

Targeting shows your top hashtags and other targeting suggestions.

Engagement shows the average engagement rates over-time, as well as the performance of individual posts.

This is useful for tracking the posts that are under-performing which could be a sign that you’re not targeting the right users.

Overall, I like the detailed reports. Not many Instagram tools reveal this much in-depth information, at least on the free membership, so it was a nice touch. It’s one of the features I like most about Stim Social.

Other Features:

There are a few other smaller features worth talking about.

For example, you’ll have the usual targeting options; Location, Hashtag and Username. There’s also an auto-direct message feature. On top of that you can also enable Story views.

When it comes down to it, Stim Social has a decent amount of features, and it’s relatively cheap too.

But not everything is what it seems:

Stim Social Cons:

Althoug Stim Social is an okay tool, there are a few downsides you should know about.

1. Can’t Use Your Account When Active

When the platform is connected to your Instagram account, you can’t use the account on your phone.

Although this might not seem like a big deal, it is when you consider Stim Social doesn’t have any upload features.

So if you want to post new content, it has to be through your phone, but you can’t post through your phone if it’s connected to Stim Social.

I also like manually interacting with users on my phone from time to time, so this was a major downside for me.

2. Can’t Change Speed on Free Account

My complaint is not that you can’t make the activity speed faster, but more the opposite; you can’t make it slower.

A notice from Stim Social asking to upgrade your account

With most bots, the default speed is too fast, and Instagram will see this sudden change in activity, and almost instantly lock or disable your account.

I’m sure you cherish your Instagram account, and the last thing you want is for it to be banned for spam. I always recommend changing the speed on bots to the lowest possible, at least when you first start using them.

For example, the default follow limit on Stim Social is 7,000 new accounts a day – that’s way too much. I recommend setting that to 100 or even less, the lower the better.

Unfortunately, Stim Social doesn’t have the option to slow down the speed, at least on a free account.

3. Fast Initial Growth, Then Few New Followers

This is a common complaint I found in many Stim Social reviews. Most users complain the initial growth is great, but when they upgrade, the growth slows to a crawl.

For example, people expect to get even more results from the paid subscriptions because that’s what they promise, but in reality they get fewer results.

There have also been complaints of the bot following too many inactive accounts. At the moment, it doesn’t seem to be able to tell the difference between active and inactive accounts.

The last thing that you want are a bunch of Instagram ghost accounts!

4. No Option to Skip a % of Profiles

As you might remember from our Instazood review, that platform (and many others like it) have a feature where the bot skips a percentage of profiles to create a more human-like footprint.

Stim Social has no such feature, which means it’s not as safe as other bots. It has a sleep feature, which good, but I feel like there should be a few more safety features in there.

What We Liked

There are two main things about this platform that stood out to me.

1. The Reports

I have to say, the reporting features are very in-depth and informative. The reports give you invaluable insights.

A picture of Stim Social's account reports

It’s great that there are three types of reports: Growth, Targeting, and Engagement.

When it comes down to it, the reports are probably Stim Social’s best feature. Not many budget Instagram tools offer such detailed reports.

Of course you do need to have your account connected for quite some time to see enough data. It will usually take a few days for the Targeting report to collect enough data to work.

If you try to click on the Targeting option, you’ll likely receive a warning the says, “We need more information before we can show you your targeting performance”.

2. Budget-Friendly

Remember the prices from the beginning of this article?

The Fast membership only costs $9.95/month.

I think that’s a very affordable price, and definitely worth the features.

On the other hand…

Do We Recommend Stim Social?

Wrapping up this Stim Social review, you’re probably wondering if we recommend this tool or not.

Unfortunately, even though I don’t think Stim Social is a scam, it’s not something we recommend at the moment.

Why? Because our recommended tools are far superior.

Granted, Stim Social is cheap, but it lacks some key features that are found in most other tools.

Overall, Stim Social is an okay tool.

Not too great, not too bad.

A Stim Social Alternative?:

If you’re looking for a Stim Social alternative, there’s one awesome bot that comes to mind.

And the best part is it costs around the same as Stim Social.

The bot I’m talking about is Kenji, a really unique and feature-rich Intsagram bot.

If you’re determined to use Instagram bots, Kenji is our recommended choice.