As someone who is always on the lookout for the next best Instagram automation tool, readers have been recommending I check out Instazood. After playing around with the tool for a few days, I’m confident I know enough about the tool to write this Instazood review.

But does it really work?

In this Instazood review, we’ll examine the product’s core features, how it works, how it compares to our recommended tools, and if it’s something we recommend for Instagram users. Instazood promises the usual benefits; save time by automating tasks and rapidly grow your Instagram account.

What is Instazood?


Instazood is an online-based social media software designed to automate a wide variety of tasks such as: following new users, upload images, sending direct messages, tracking comments, and more. The purpose of the tool is to save people time by automating simple tasks.

One thing that immediately stood out to me is you can use the tool both in your browser and download their app on your computer. Some of the automation tools, such as Jarvee, require you to download and run the software on your computer, which is not convenient. Instazood makes things a lot easier.

Hang on a second:

Before we dive into the meat of this review, I would like to take a moment to talk about our recommended Instagram tools. Our two favorite tools are Upleap and KENJI and we’ll briefly discuss why we recommend them below.

1. Upleap

Upleap is not exactly an Instagram bot because your account is managed by a real person behind the scenes. They’ll perform the actions you want, on their time, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Upleap is one of the safest Instagram automation tools out there because humans are limited when it comes to the number of actions they can complete. Instagram won’t ban your account for spam-like behavior, that’s for sure.


KENJI on the other hand is a little different. This is a full-scale Instagram bot that automates a wide range of tasks, albeit on a small scale. One great thing about this product is it uses AI to randomize actions on your account, so there’s no way Instagram can tell it’s a bot.

It is slightly cheaper than Upleap but you do lose out on the human touch. Nevertheless, as far as Instagram bots are concerned, we think KENJI is the best option out there.

You can also take a look at our full list of recommended tools.

Instazood Features:


Getting back on topic, in this section, we’ll run through the most significant Isntazood features.

The tool offers the most basic automation tasks: Like, Comment, Follow, and Unfollow. You can also choose between three-speed settings:

  • Slow
  • Normal
  • Fast

Whenever I see a speed setting like this, I always want to take a moment to warn users that you should always start on the lowest setting and work your way up from there, at least for the first few days.

These actions are rather standard when it comes to Instagram tools, so we won’t be discussing them in detail.

Getting Started with Instazood:

Can You Do Better Than Instazood? The Complete Review
Video introduction Instazood.

Targeting Filters:

Once again, most of the filters on this tool are the same as other tools, but there are a few things worth talking about. For example, one filter you can select is called Media Age.

Media Age.

With this feature, you can choose to only interact with users that have media that falls within a certain time frame. In other words, if the user’s last uploaded content is older than the time-frame you select, the bot will skip the account.

This feature is quite practical because it makes it easier for you to interact with active accounts, instead of building a fan base that consists entirely of blank profiles.

The most recent age is 1 Hour, and it increases all the way to 1 Month, or you can choose “Any” if this isn’t important to you. Generally, selecting 3 days is good enough for most marketers.

Skip 10% of Accounts.

Yet another filter I found quite useful is the Skip 10% of Accounts. When toggled, this filter does exactly what it says, and skips over 10% of all accounts, regardless if they match your desired requirements.

The purpose of this filter is to create a more human-like footprint to avoid Instagram’s anti-spam rules. Perfect for beginners.

Skip Used Accounts.

What this does is it skips accounts that the program already interacted with before, so you don’t continue to interact with the same account over and over. Very useful, and it’s recommended to be on at all times.

Other than that, the software includes the usual targeting options, such as account target, hashtags, and location.


In the Limits section, you can place a limit on practically every action. Generally, it’s recommended to use their default settings (I would put them even lower to be safe) and make sure to avoid putting the limit too high, as that could lead to a blocked account.

Schedule and Upload Posts:

Instazood has an upload and schedule feature which allows you to post directly from your computer. The way the feature works is quite simple you just choose the file you want to upload, select the date and time, and create a schedule.

(Note: Adding Instagram stories on a schedule is in the planning stages, and due to arrive in the next update)

Scheduling posts are always useful because you’ll always have content being posted on your account and engaging your fans. Their UI for this is a little outdated, although it works as promised.

Copy Posts:

This adds on to the feature mentioned above. Next to the preview of your published posts, there will be an icon that allows you to copy or duplicate the same post. It will also copy the hashtags as well, so it’s useful if you want to continue using the same series of hashtags.

Manage Comments

The tool fetches and makes a list of all the comments on your profile. You can also reply or delete comments from the same window, making it very easy to manage and filter comments. There are also the standard black-list and white-list comment filters.

Auto comment:

Another grey-area feature. What this feature does is automatically post a comment from a list of predetermined comments to certain profiles. You can change the list of auto-comments, as the default ones are a bit too obvious.

This feature is useful for getting fans but it’s also a little risky because Instagram can easily block accounts that spam too much. Be careful with this one.

Download Options:

If you wish to add more than one Instagram account, they recommend you download their app and run it on your computer. The software works on all major operating systems such as Windows, MAC, and Linux. The app allows you to use their list of built-in proxies, a service that is not available on the web-based version.

Instazood Reviews:

Now that we talked about some of the features and you have a general idea of what Instazood offers, let’s see what the public thinks about this tool.

Unfortunately, most people are not so enthusiastic about this tool. There are a few main complaints, which we’ll talk about later on.

On Trust Pilot, the tool only received a 3 out 5-star rating with only 46% of reviewers rating it as five stars.


Overall, the public opinion rates this tool as average, some people love it, some people hate it. I’ll share my personal opinions at the end of this review.

Instazood Plans & Prices:

Let’s talk about pricing for a second.


As far as pricing is concerned, this is one of the cheaper Instagram tools out there. I was quite surprised, to be honest. There are also many purchase options. It’s always nice to have flexible payment plans.

For you the automation services you can expect to pay $9.99 a month. This includes all the automation features and nothing else. In other words, you can access the Auto-follow, Auto-like, Auto-Comments, and other tasks, but you can’t manage comments or schedule posts.

From the looks of it, if you want the automated features and management features you have to purchase two or more subscriptions. The great news is they offer a free three day trial on all subscriptions!

You can upgrade your account from the dashboard and choose the services you want. If you choose all of them, the price will come to $44.97 every 30 days. The Instagram bot is only $9.99 for 30 days.


While on the subject of payments, Instazood allows you to buy Instagram likes and views as a single package. You can buy 100 Instagram likes for $1 and 100 video views for $0.5.

These views are probably from fake accounts but if you want to bump up your stats, they might be able to help out.

There’s also the option to add balance to your account to use these services at any time.

The Downsides:

So is Instazood the absolute best tool out there? There are some downsides that you should know about. These are the same downsides that are responsible for the negative public reviews about the tool.

1. Risky Features

There are many reviews online that claim their Instagram accounts were banned minutes after using Instazood’s features. There is an inherent risk with all Instagram bots, but it looks like a lot of people are running into issues with this particular tool.

It may be because they don’t read the support and usage tips before they activate the bot, or they set the bot speed to highest right off the bat. Either way, it can be risky, so proceed with caution. There are also reports of people receiving temporary blocks on their accounts.

2. Many Fake Accounts

I used the tool for a few days, and I noticed a lot of fake accounts started following me on Instagram. These are accounts with a bunch of numbers in their name and no pictures, or with names in foreign languages, such as Arabic, and no followers of their own. I deactivated the tool. Fake fans aren’t useful.

3. Learning Curve, Confusing UI

It took a while for me to figure out how things work, there are multiple tabs and features. Originally I thought I disabled the features, but they were running in the background. There is a learning curve, although it’s not nearly as complicated as the downloadable bots.

4. Non-Native English Speakers

While examining the website, it’s clear whoever wrote the content was not a native English speaker because the website has a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes.

The responses from customer support are no different. The only other language on the site is Italian, and I believe that is where most of the team is from, so it would explain the errors.

What We Loved:

But here’s what we liked:

1. Add Unlimited Instagram Accounts

You can add as many accounts as you want, although it is recommended to use a proxy to avoid a ban.

2. Plenty of Features for $9.99/month

I was surprised most of the automation services are included. If you want all the other services you need to pay much more, but I feel like the bot service is sufficient for most people.

3. Three Day Trial, No Commitments

It’s always nice when companies give you the option to try out their service with no commitments required. Instazood offers a free three day trial for all of their services, and no credit card required. You just need to enter your email address and password, that’s it.

If you choose to continue with them you can add more time to your account inside the dashboard.

4. Easily Toggle Each Auto-Feature

I really like how you can choose which features to run at a time. Most people will select all of them to make the most out of the bot. However, I don’t think that’s the best approach.

I chose only Follow and Un-Follow, at first, while paying close attention to the hourly limits. You have to be careful with all Instagram automation bots.


All in all, Instazood is a decent tool. It offers plenty of automation features that can certainly save you a lot of time. There are downsides, of course, but it’s a good tool worth checking out. However, I still think our recommended tools have the upper hand here.

Personally, I felt Instazood looks a bit unprofessional, I noticed a lot of mistakes on their website and interface. But as far as activity is concerned, the bot performs well.

What do you think? Leave a comment below! Thanks for taking the time to read this Instazood review.