Bigbangram claims to be the cheapest Instagram bot out there. Is that true? How do the services work? Is it easy to setup? Is it safe to use? Continue reading this review to find out.

We decided to try out Bigbangram to see if it lives up to the hype. In this Bigbangram review, you’ll learn exactly what the tool delivers and if it’s something we recommend for professional social media marketers.

Right off the bat, Bigbangram is an online-based Instagram bot, although they do provide software with more proxy configurations. It provides the usual auto features, such as follow, un-followed, likes, direct message, schedule posts, and more.

What We Recommend:

Before we continue, I would like to take a moment and recommend our favorite Instagram tools. Unfortunately, due to reasons that we’ll discuss later in this review, Bigbangram didn’t make the cut. Check out our recommended Instagram bots here.

To save you a click, I’ll list our top two products below.

1. Upleap

Upleap is great because instead of running a script to create activity, the company hires real social media marketers.

In other words, when you sign up with them, a personal social media marketer is assigned to your account, and they’ll perform the actions you request. It’s one of the safest ways to automate your social media business.


Now, KENJI is the reverse; it’s an actual Instagram bot and an incredibly smart one at that.

KENJI uses advanced AI learning to mimic the way you interact with your social media accounts. It basically copies the same things that you do and then does them for you automatically. In other words, you teach it how to work.

Getting back to Bigbangram…

Bigbangram Features:

As we mentioned before, Bigbangram has the usual automation services, but there are a couple of other features worth talking about.

1. Posting Module

Unlike other bots that only provide you with an upload panel, Bigbangram allows you to crop and resize the image. Not only can you resize images, but you can also upload videos and stories.

Naturally, a post-schedule feature is included too, so after you resize the image you can schedule it for publication. Honestly, I thought the posting module was a nice addition to the Instagram bot.

2. Social Media Management Service

Interestingly, Bigbangram offers custom-made social media management service. I wasn’t able to try this out, as it requires a long-term commitment, but it’s worth mentioning here.

They promise to take over your social media profiles (Facebook or Instagram) and implement a strategic marketing campaign to increase awareness for your brand. They’ll also make visual content for marketing purposes.

At the moment, there are five social media management packages:

  1. Beginner – $120/month
  2. Full – $350/month
  3. Advanced – $530/month
  4. Super Advanced $680/month
  5. Extra $900/month

Remember, this is separate from the Instagram bot service, and it’s more like a custom service. You’ll have to send them a request with your business details before they can start working on it.

Overall, an interesting service we haven’t seen much on Instagram bot companies. It’s nice to see something new.

3. Comment Tracking

What this service does is make it easier for you to manage comments on your Instagram account.

It pulls all the comments from your account and you can easily delete spam, reply to questions, label comments, and much more. Definitely a useful service, especially for profiles with a high engagement rate.

4. Direct Messenger

We have seen this one before, and it works much the same as other Instagram management tools. What it does is send automated messages to new fans, or people who interact with your profile.

One thing to note is Bigbangram includes 100 free direct message templates, as well as some sales scripts you can use as examples. You can also choose to send messages to all followers, new followers only, or a custom list of profiles. Overall, a decent service for messaging people on Instagram.

5. Buy Likes and Views

If you want to straight up buy views or likes, Bigbangram offers a service to do just that. The interesting thing about this service is you can use it on a wide variety of platforms, such as: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, Soundcloud, Quora, and many more.

You can even choose between the type of traffic; bots or real people, although the real people filter only works on a handful of platforms. You can also choose the action you want them to do, such as; leave a Like, Subscribe, or leave a comment.

6. Target Filters

Bigbangram has the usual target filters, except with a couple of extras. With the filters, you can choose which types of accounts you want the bot to interact with or skip. This will prevent you from building a following of fake accounts.

There’s the Gender filter, that’s usually a premium feature, but on this tool you can use it for free. You can also choose to skip 10% of accounts to create a human-like footprint. Then, skip business profiles or profiles with a website. You can even target profiles by the amount of followers they have.

Hint: Smaller to medium profiles are more likely to follow you back, company profiles are too big to notice you.

Although we have seen these filters before, it’s nice to see some additional ones thrown into the package.

7. Night Pause

This is a small feature, but I thought it was cool. It works hand in hand with the skip 10% of users filter.

What night pause does is disable the automated activities for 3-4 hours during the night, when you should be asleep. This creates a more realistic activity pattern and reduces the chance of your account being banned for using a bot.

Setting Limits:

I always appreciate it when you can set your own limits. Personally, I like to be extra safe, and even if the bot recommends a certain value, I’ll always turn it a little lower if I have the choice.

With the limits, I sliced all of them in half, and when used with the two other filters that copy human-behavior, I feel like the chance you’ll get banned is extremely slim.

Pricing Details: (Free 3 Day Trial)

You’re probably wondering how much all this will set you back, so we’ll cover the pricing details in this section.

What you should know is there is a free three day trial. When it expires, you can choose to renew for three days, for one dollar.

For most of the services, Bigbangram uses a balance system. In other words, you add cash to your account balance and then use that cash to purchase the service you need.

On the other hand, the Instagram promotion bot can be bought on a monthly subscription. Currently, there are three membership levels; Standard, VIP, and x2 Speed Mode.

One thing I noticed about the High Speed Mode is the link takes you to an entirely different company, called Ingramer.

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To me, it looks like Bigbangram is an affiliate for Ingramer and decided to advertise the affiliate link under the guise of subscription membership. I thought that was a bit strange.

This subscription includes all the auto-task bots, such as auto-follow, like comment, and more.

Keep in mind the 2x mode is another company.

Overall, the price isn’t too bad. As far as Instagram bots go, the price is decent.

What Could Be Improved:

Although the Bigbangram is a decent Instagram bot, there are a few things I think could be improved.

One of the main issues is with the branding of this tool. Instagram has made it clear they don’t allow businesses to abbreviate the word “Instagram” in other business or product names.

1. Bad Branding

Bigbangram, and many other Instagram tools, clearly violate that rule, and Instagram can shut them down.

I know, sometimes it takes a while for Instagram to take legal action, especially since there are so many of these tools popping up. But it’s a risky practice.

I would much prefer to base my marketing on a tool that follows Instagram’s branding policies, like our recommended tools.

2. Confusing Payment System

Figuring out how to register for the services is a little complicated. There’s a balance system, then there’s a subscription system, and some services can only be used with one method.

The automation bot has a subscription membership, but the other services are based on a balance system. So you need to subscribe to the bot, and then add money to your balance, to buy the other services, a little inconvenient. Not to mention expensive.

Another little fine print I noticed is when you add balance to your account using BePaid (Credit Card) they’ll automatically subscribe you to a monthly membership. I feel like the payment options could be simplified, or at least grouped together into packages.

3. Not Much Reporting

Although Bigbangram does show conversion rates on promotions, it doesn’t include much in the way of reports.

For instance, there are no growth graphs or charts, or monthly reports. The only data points they seem to track is Coverage and Conversion Rates. I feel there should be more reporting tools, at least to see the growth of your account over time.

4. Most Views/Likes Come from Fake Profiles

As you know, the tool sells views and Like packages to provide a little boost to your Instagram content. The problem here is the majority of these interactions come from fake accounts.

People can see this when they click on who liked your pictures, and nobody wants to follow someone that has mainly bots in their following list. I wouldn’t recommend buying followers from this, or any tool, for that matter. Bots don’t buy anything after all.

What I Liked:

Here’s what we liked about Bigbangram.

1. Easy to Contact Support

They have a live-chat bar right on the website. At first, it’s a bot in the chat, but you can choose to talk to a real person if you enter your email address.

There’s also a knowledge base with plenty of instructions and tutorials to help you set up the promotions you need. No need to sign up to view this page either, it’s all public and free.

2. Free Trial, Then $1 Trial

The free trial lasts 3 days, and then it costs $1 for another three days. 6 days for $1 is not bad at all.

As far as I can see, the bot doesn’t slow down for free members, it works the same as paid members. Very cool.

3. Free Proxy Included

It’s a bummer when a tool like this promises all these features and then forces you to buy a proxy for them to work.

Thankfully Bigbangram does include a free proxy. The best part is you don’t need to configure anything as it’s already set up, the only thing you need to do is choose a country (it should be in your country).

4. Online Based

At the moment, there are two versions of the tool; one that runs online, on their website, and another you can download on your computer.

It’s recommended to download the program if you plan to use proxies. If not, the online version is more than enough.

5. Simple Interface, Toggle Features

Another thing I liked is how easy it is to toggle the features you need.

I prefer to only have one servicing running at a time because I like to keep my Instagram profile clean, so it was nice to have this option.

Wrapping It Up:

We covered a lot of topics in this review, and I’ll say this to wrap it up:

Bigbangram is an okay Instagram bot. It doesn’t spam too much, and there are some built-in filters to mimic human behavior. What I liked is the free trial; free for 3 days, then one dollar for another three days.

Even though I don’t hate this Instagram bot, I don’t think it’s the best choice for serious social media marketers. Take a look at our list of frequently updated Instagram tools. You can’t go wrong with one of those tools.

Thanks for taking the time to read this Bigbangram review. If you have any experience with this tool feel free to share your story in the comment section below. Good luck with your marketing business!