If you’ve recently searched for an up-to-date YoViral review with no luck, it’s completely understandable you didn’t manage to find one. As it happens, this service has changed its name to ViralRace

Why did it have to rebrand? What happened that made this service change the name and website? 

We’ll go deep into the heart of the matter in our YoViral – or should we say – ViralRace review. 

Stay with us until the end for the juicy details! 

And if you’re short on time, we’ve included a synopsis just below, but make sure to come back another time to read the whole piece for the complete story.

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YoViral Review Summary

Take a quick glance at the ViralRace key takeaways.

A wide array of options to choose from.Changed the name for unknown reasons.
It’s cheap.Plenty of negative Trustpilot reviews.
Brings some engagement.Sells bot followers.
Instagram removes bought followers.

What Is ViralRace (former YoViral)?

A screenshot of the old YoViral’s homepage

This is what YoViral’s old website looked like. Since the rebranding, it looks like this: 

A screenshot of ViralRace’s current homepage.

From this moment on, we’ll refer to the service solely as ViralRace. It doesn’t really make a difference since the basics of the service remained the same, and it seems that the only thing that changed is the name. 

Why do companies do this? What prompted the sudden change?

Well, it’s not because they did something right; we’ll tell you that much. 

But, before we get to their wrongdoings, let’s first see what the company offers. 

Instagram growth

Unlike some other companies that have services for a range of social media platforms, ViralRace is dedicated entirely to Instagram. 

They call themselves – and we quote – the most trusted source of engagement on Instagram. Allegedly, they sell only real followers, likes, and views. 

Is this true, though? 

From our experience, it’s likely not true, but let’s not claim anything just yet until we’ve laid out all the evidence. 

So what does the service entail?

  • Instagram followers
An image of the ViralRace’s followers packages.

ViralRace has packages that include between 100 and 10K followers. Based on the price points, we’d say this is one of the cheapest services out there. 

You can buy 100 followers for only 2.99 USD, while the largest package goes for 79.99 USD. 

It almost sounds too cheap to be real. The truth is that high-quality followers don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, BUT they’re not that cheap either. 

Speaking from experience – the lower the price, the lower the quality. 

Not to mention the things they promise for such a low price: 100% real followers, instant delivery, high retention rate, and engaging users. 

There’s no way this costs three bucks. 

Also, they offer custom deals if you need more than 50K followers, but you have to get in touch with customer support and ask about the prices. 

  • Instagram likes
An image depicting ViralRace’s like packages.

The likes come in packages from 50 to 10K. 

Just like the followers, they’re also pretty cheap. 

However, this isn’t as big of a problem as it is with followers cause you’re less likely to get in trouble with Instagram for purchasing likes from fake followers. 

And ever since Instagram updated the app so you can’t actually see who likes whose posts, your followers won’t know what you’re up to either. 

So, if you want cheap likes, ViralRace would be an okay place to get them.

The only thing we didn’t like is that they don’t offer to split the likes between pictures. So if you get 10K likes, they all go on one post. 

You can also get more than 50K likes upon special request. 

  • Instagram views
An image of ViralRace’s views deals

The story is the same for views – the deals go from 100 views ($0.49) to 25K views ($49.99). 

You get the promise of a high retention rate, which doesn’t make any sense since you can’t lose video views; you can’t unsee a video.

Should you buy these views? If you desperately need them, then why not. Otherwise, they don’t do much engagement-wise. 

Customers’ Opinions of ViralRace

The opinions on ViralRace seem to be mixed. 

The company’s Trustpilot page features a similar amount of positive and negative reviews, with the latter in the lead by 6%. 

Most people complain about the quality of the followers:

A picture of a negative customer comment on ViralRace.

Apparently, this is an ongoing issue at ViralRace. Although they claim to provide only authentic and engaging followers, the majority of them turn out to be bots

You shouldn’t take this lightly, as bots seriously jeopardize your presence on Instagram. 

Not only will the platform remove bots from your list of followers, but they can also punish you in the form of a ban or block. 

One positive side of ViralRace that many customers share is that they offer a myriad of options to choose from, and we couldn’t agree more. 

An image showing a positive ViralRace review.

Is ViralRace Legit & Safe?

ViralRace is, by all means, a legitimate company. 

Why did they change the name? We don’t really know yet. 

There’s a good chance they got into trouble with Instagram, and by extension, Facebook, for selling bots, like many companies of this persuasion do. 

If this is true, then how long until Facebook catches them again? They can’t keep changing the name of the company forever. 

However, these are all assumptions, as we don’t know for sure what happened. 

Right now, it all seems to be legit – the website, the payment options, customer support, etc. 

But is ViralRace safe?

That’s for you to decide. 

While this company won’t steal your money, they might put your account at risk by delivering fake followers. 

If this is a risk you’re willing to take, you could say it’s safe to use. 

The Bottom Line

When it comes to the quality of the overall service, ViralRace is neither here nor there. It’s certainly not the worst out there, but we’ve also seen plenty of better services. 

One thing’s for sure – they’re cheap. 

So, if you want to try it out, it wouldn’t hurt to spend three bucks and experience the service yourself. 

On the other hand, if you’re interested in spending a bit more money on a service that’s guaranteed to bring results, we suggest you check out Upleap or any other we mentioned before and forget about ViralRace.