Perhaps the first question that pops in your mind when you hear about an Instagram growth service is – Is this service a scam?

This is not surprising at all, considering how many of them turn out to be frauds designed to take your money. 

And we’re not talking about a couple of bucks (which wouldn’t be okay either). Some of these companies require you to loosen up your wallet and spend hundreds of dollars on their service. 

So, it’s only natural to take it all with a grain of salt.

Today, we’ll talk about a company called Venium

What’s up with this service? Is it yet another scam, or can you trust it with your account and money?

We’ll reveal it all in our super-thorough Venium review, so read on! 

We’ve already found a service that’s worth a shot; it’s called Upleap. Don’t worry; we already have a detailed review ready for you – check it out here

We wholeheartedly recommend you to give it a chance! 

If for some reason, you want to continue your search for the best Instagram growth service, the table below will help you make a decision.

Instagram Growth ServiceUser RatingPricing
Upleap.com4.8Check Price
Socialfollow4.6Check Price
Nitreo.com4.3Check Price
KENJI.AI4.3Check Price

Venium Review Summary

The table below will tell you all the key takeaways. However, we strongly recommend you stick through the entire article to get the best idea of what this service is. 

Low pricesCan’t get a refund
Sells fake followers
Horrible customer support
No online reviews

What Is Venium?

A screenshot showing the homepage of Venium.

Venium is a company with a number of services, each dedicated to a specific social media platform. These include:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter
  • Spotify
  • TikTok

At first glance, this seems perfect as it allows you to get everything you need for your profiles on all the major platforms. 

However, while great in theory, these services rarely do a good job in practice. 

Is it because their focus is split between the platforms or something else entirely? Who knows. This is just from our experience with similar companies, and Venium is no exception. 

Before we get into the intricate details of their Instagram service, let’s talk more about the company. 

Namely, it was founded way back in 2001, so it’s one of the pioneers in the industry. 

Curiously enough, they claim to have serviced over 265K+ happy customers. Don’t you think this is a surprisingly small number, considering they’ve been around for 20 years?

Sure, the plus behind the number suggests it’s actually a larger integer, and they’ve perhaps stopped counting. Whatever the case, this just doesn’t seem enough for a company that’s been in business for two decades, but hey, that’s just our opinion. 

Let’s turn our focus to Venium’s Instagram service. 

Venium for Instagram

Venium’s service for Instagram includes: 

  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Video views

They have a minimum and maximum order number for each of the above, so if you want, let’s say, followers, the minimum you can buy is one hundred, while the maximum is 10 thousand.

With each feature, Venium promises: 

  • Worldwide followers
  • 100% real accounts
  • Engaging followers
  • Highest quality
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Instant start

We know what you’re thinking – that’s a lot of promises. 

Do they keep them all? Sadly, it appears the answer is no. But we’ll get to that in a sec; let’s first see how much this service costs. 

Is Venium Budget-Friendly?

Venium’s price points are extremely affordable. Take a look at the picture below to see what we mean: 

An image showing the prices of Venium service

For shy of 10 dollars, you can get one thousand followers from Venium. The same amount of likes goes for $4.99, and 1,000 views cost only $1.99. 

We have to admit these are among the lowest prices we’ve seen in a long time. But is that a good thing?

While reasonable prices are more than welcome, there’s a difference between affordable and extremely cheap. 

The truth is, no high-quality followers cost that little, no matter how much you want it to be true. 

If you really want only the best, you have to pay the price. It doesn’t have to be an exorbitant one, but it’s not close to nothing either. 

From our experience, services that sell cheap IG followers usually don’t provide the highest quality followers. 

This turned out to be the case with Venium too. We’ll address this in the following section.

Refund policy

Let’s take a quick look at Venium’s refund policy. They have one in place, and they actually offer a Retention Guarantee in case your followers, likes, comments, or views disappear. 

This sounds great, if only it were true. 

Reportedly, Venium refuses to issue refunds or replenishments more often than not. They simply ignore your request or send you a generic excuse as to why they can’t give you your money back. 

This sort of behavior towards clients baffles us, and it’s a giant minus we can’t overlook. 

What Customers Think Of Venium 

This is definitely the weirdest thing about this company. 

Namely, there are next to nothing customer reviews of Venium, a company that’s been in business for 20 years.
As always, the first place we checked was Trustpilot. Venium’s page on Trustpilot features only one review:

A screenshot of a Venium review on Trustpilot.

To be perfectly candid, this one is not very convincing. If we disregard it as fake, which it could be, there are zero Venium reviews on Trustpilot.

Other sites are no different – if you go to Venium’s page on Sitejabber, you’ll see there isn’t a single Venium customer review.

But, why is this?

Who knows. Perhaps the company is going out of its way to remove all negative reviews, but then again – there are no positive ones either. 

Plus, they technically can’t delete reviews willy-nilly from reputable sites we mentioned above, so this is highly unlikely. 

We guess it will remain a mystery. 

Is Venium Legit?

We can debate whether Venium is legit or not all night long, but, the truth is, it doesn’t matter. 

Although we lean towards NO, it won’t make much of a difference when you consider all the things we’ve mentioned so far that will irrevocably steer you away from the service.

Is Venium a scam? Not per se. But is it 100% safe to use? Definitely not.

Venium Review – Final Word

There isn’t much left to say about this service. 

In a world where trustworthy companies like Upleap and others exist to help you on your journey to Instagram stardom, why would you even pay attention to these drossy services? It’s just not worth it. 

This is particularly true for Venium, a company that trades in fake followers, performs shady operations, and has no reviews from real customers. 

We could go on and on, but it would be in vain to continue discussing a thing of the past cause that’s what we believe this company to be at this point.