Have you ever started researching an Instagram growth service with high hopes only to find out it shut down?

That’s exactly what happened to us when we wanted to learn more about SocialPackage.

In case you didn’t know, SocialPackage was an Instagram growth service that went under a while ago. We were curious to learn the details of its demise, so we explored the Internet for any information we could find. 

This SocialPackage review is a result of our thorough research! 

If you’re intrigued to know what happened to this service and learn about some excellent alternatives, stay with us until the end. Let’s get straight to it!

One of the best SocialPackage alternatives you’ll stumble upon has to be UpleapOur Upleap review will tell you everything about this service, from the quality of the followers to the price points and customer support, so make sure to check it out. 

For even more alternatives, consult with the table below – we’ve included only the best in the game.

Instagram Growth ServiceUser RatingPricing
Upleap.com4.8Check Price
Socialfollow4.6Check Price
Nitreo.com4.3Check Price
KENJI.AI4.3Check Price

SocialPackage Review Summary

Here’s what this review boils down to: 

/Unresponsive customer support
Delivered fake followers
Got their customers banned on IG
Total scam

What Is SocialPackage?

Let us rephrase this question to “What WAS SocialPackage?”

As you could’ve gathered by now, SocialPackage is a company that no longer exists. 

It used to be a service entirely dedicated to Instagram growth and overall performance on this giant platform. 

Although any sign of SocialPackage has been completely wiped out, the truth is that this company actually rebranded to Xplode Marketing, a company with a wide range of services, including but not limited to web design, SEO, Internet marketing, etc. 

Admittedly, Xplode Marketing appears to be a much more serious business than SocialPackage ever was. But since their branch of business is not our thing, let’s stay focused on SocialPackage and see what kind of service they offered once upon a time. 

What Did SocialPackage Offer?

Considering SocialPackage has literally disappeared from the face of the earth, it took tremendous effort and time to find out the intricate details of the service. But what are we, if not dedicated? 

So, our hard work paid off and we managed to dig up some info. 

Reportedly, SocialPackage deemed followers and likes to be enough for Instagram growth. They didn’t sell any other features that many similar companies do, such as comments, views, and so on. 

This is not an issue, as we believe you can benefit largely from Instagram followers only, provided they are real. Likes, views, and comments are just sidekicks, and followers are the main heroes. 

If you are looking to grow your Insta account and you find a company that sells followers only, don’t hesitate to try it out; especially if they’re high-quality, engaging followers, the likes and views will follow naturally. 

Why Did SocialPackage Shut Down? Spilling The Tea

At one point people started asking the question: Is SocialPackage shut down? 

They noticed the site was down, and the service simply disappeared, so the questions weren’t all that surprising. 

And the truth is yes; Social Package is shut down. 

As you could’ve probably guessed, the company never issued an official statement about what happened, so we can only assume. 

We guess that SocialPackage will never come back, and it’s likely the truth. 

Rarely do the companies that flatline come back to life, and there’s no reason for SocialPackage to be any different. 

What Went Wrong?

SocialPackage managed to fail in every possible aspect of their service, so it’s not shocking that they went to the wall. 

The list of their wrongdoings is a long one, so let’s go through it point by point. 

If you’re thinking why should you spend time reading about a failed service, the answer is simple: 

You want to know what they did wrong and what to avoid in the future. The things described below are major red flags when it comes to Instagram growth services. 

The first thing where SocialPackage failed was delivering REAL followers. 

That’s right – this was one of those companies that sold, almost exclusively, fake followers. They, of course, denied it and stuck to their story, which included only authentic followers who engage with your account. 

Well, we now know that was a lie. 

Another shortfall was the way SocialPackage delivered the followers. They would send a whole bunch of bots to your profile all at once. 

Don’t see the problem with this?

Well, as you know (or not), the key to successful, long-term growth on Instagram is an organic approach. 

This means two things: NO bots & NO spurts of followers. 

To elaborate, you should never buy fake followers (whether it’s on purpose or not), and you should never get a huge number of them at once. 

This will trigger Instagram’s algorithms, and their anti-bot policy will be put into effect. Before you know it, you’re suspended and/or banned. 

To recapitulate, so far, we have: 

  • Selling fake followers
  • Sending followers all at once which usually resulted in a ban

Are you keeping up? Cause we’re not done yet!

As a cherry on top of an already disastrous cake, SocialPackage had terrible customer service. 

Like the rest wasn’t bad enough, they decided to completely ignore all of their customers with any concern and no response whatsoever. 

When you think about it, this behavior is not untypical for a service of this kind. 

It’s what happens when they intentionally trick their customers by selling fake followers and getting their accounts banned. 

The picture is getting clearer, isn’t it? You now understand why this company closed down, and we believe it’s safe to say it won’t be missed. If you ask us, the SocialPackage scam went on too long as it is. 

Customer Testimonials

Who better to tell us about SocialPackage than their previous clients?

Lucky for us, SocialPackage can’t erase honest customer reviews from the Internet, so we can see how it all really was. 

Unlucky for us, online reviews are scarce. 

Trustpilot features only four SocialPackage reviews, three of which are 1-star reviews. There’s one glowing 5-star review, but we’ve chosen to ignore it as it’s pretty generic and seems fake. 

Here’s what the remaining three say:

A screenshot of a negative SocialPackage review on Trustpilot.

This person claims SocialPackage ignored their messages and just canceled the order without speaking to them.

A screenshot of a negative SocialPackage review on Trustpilot.

What a surprise, huh?
Apparently, this one client says their experience with SocialPackage’s customer support was the worst ever.

A screenshot of a negative SocialPackage review on Trustpilot.

We’ve saved the “best” for last. 

This one perfectly sums up the story of SocialPackage. 

These three reviews are enough to answer the question: Is SocialPackage a scam? 

We believe you know the answer.

Final Word On SocialPackage

Services like SocialPackage make it harder for honest companies to thrive. Thankfully, they’re shutting down one by one, and here’s hoping they’ll continue to close down until there are none left.

If we can leave you with one piece of advice, it’s to always be extremely careful who you trust with your IG account and money. 

As for SocialPackage, well, what is there more to say than good riddance!