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We can imagine how hard it was for you to swim in the sea of Instagram growth companies without encountering those that are fake, greedy and hungry for your money and credit card information.

One example of what we listed above is Social10x.

Exposing such companies that deal with shady operations will never go out of fashion, and we have a lot to say about this particular example.

So, if you had the opportunity to use the services of this company before it’s career came to an end, had some bad experience, or you are just interested in what it was like – stay with us until the end of this Social10x review.

You will certainly be able to connect with what we have to say and maybe even increase your knowledge on today’s Instagram growth services.

After all, in this business, something new is on every corner. Are we right?

Thankfully, it’s not all scams. There are also companies that are honest and worth your money. One such is Upleap. Maybe you’ve heard of it before? Whether you did or did not, it won’t hurt to check our review on it.

In addition to this verified company, we offer a couple of other choices that may interest you.

We’ll leave you to it.

Instagram Growth ServiceUser RatingPricing
Upleap.com4.8Check Price
Socialfollow4.6Check Price
Nitreo.com4.3Check Price
KENJI.AI4.3Check Price

Social10x: The Opening

There are 101 things that are wrong with this company. We didn’t know where to start first, so we decided to gather all the facts in one place.

We were shocked, to say the least. Take a look for yourself.

Nice-looking layout.Shut down and sued by Facebook.
Charged customers after it was removed.
Terrible reviews on multiple sites.
Followers and likes disappearing.
Danger of hackers stealing your information.

Even if you had nothing to do with this company, such criticism is not seen every day. 

Social10x: Before The End

In many cases, when a company stops working (or someone shuts it down), at least some record of existence remains.

With Social10x, the situation is a bit more extreme. A large-scale feud seems to have taken place here, so it was almost impossible to locate nearly anything related to this company.

Makes you wonder – what were they doing here?

We didn’t find much, but it was enough to at least grasp a part of what interests us the most, and that is Instagram.

Before we expose what we have, we managed to dig up a low-quality view of what this site once looked like.

A screenshot showing social10x homepage.

We are interested in offers related to Instagram, and this company allegedly offered:

  • Instagram followers
  • Instagram likes

To the ignorant customer, even such basic offers can empty your wallet and further damage your reputation.

Social10x’s offers were somewhere in the middle – neither too expensive nor too cheap. According to some information we managed to gather, the most expensive prices of the company (follower services)  were:

  • $ 29 for 5,000 followers

Customers could also subscribe to monthly follower inflows.

  • $ 69 for 1,500 followers

Careful! This is where the problem arises. Monthly charging by an unverified company – practically taking money from a baby!

Social10x: Scam

If you are one of the former users of this company, you could have been involved in a scam for months that you didn’t even know about.

This company used the alleged monthly subscriptions to charge its customers even if they withdrew from that offer.

To make matters worse, they continued to charge even after the company was shut down.

As they were charging, the followers and likes kept disappearing. No wonder.

Fake accounts, fake people, and bots that arrive in 1-2 days, remain there for a couple more and, after that, simply disappear without a trace.

If this is not a definition of a scam, then we really don’t know what is.

We tried several times to somehow get to any page, but what we saw after all those attempts was a clear warning to stay away from Social10x.

A screenshot showing connection problems.

There are countless sites that are not secure, but such notifications pop up only when the matter is serious.

Online platforms are breeding grounds for hackers who want to misuse your private information and steal your money.

And this is the easiest thing to do on sites like Social10x because at some point, you will have to enter information to pay your (fake) followers.

Usually, after customers realize that they have been involved in a scam, they immediately throw themselves into the search for free versions.

Are there apps similar to Social10x for free?

They certainly exist, but even the free versions are not totally safe. For example, there are apps that offer their services totally free, but they violate your privacy.

This may be worse than robbing you of your money.

Was Social10x Sued?

While it was still working, customers may have been asking questions like: can Social10x increase your sales?

We seriously doubt that. It could only increase your frustration since it has been sued by Facebook not long ago.

Yes, this company got in some big trouble.

A screenshot showing the facebook lawsuit.

This is no joke, and we can only imagine how this could have turned out since Social10x virtually disappeared from the internet.

All in all, that’s how it was supposed to be.

Customer Reviews About Social10x

What you read so far was certainly enough to understand what kind of companies you should avoid at all costs.

Reviews are the drop that spilled the cup, and we just couldn’t let that one slide.

Of course, our choice was the Trustpilot site. Like we anticipated, there was a lot to see.

We have already shown you a comment explaining the lawsuit with Facebook. But this is just one of the 75% of bad reviews found on this site.

Need more examples? Suit yourself.

A screenshot showing bad review no. 1
A screenshot showing bad review no. 2

Is Social10x Dangerous To Use?

We cannot stress enough the danger and damage this company has brought to its former customers. They would not be shut down and overwhelmed by bad reviews for no reason.

Social10x was very dangerous to use, both because it stole from its customers and because of the unsecure connection of the site.

If your Instagram account was not hacked or your card emptied – you were lucky!

The Final Word On This Company

We think we’ve captured a pretty good portion of this company and exposed its shady operations.

Fake followers, fake accounts, lawsuits with Facebook and terrible reviews on Trustpilot.

You must have been taken aback by reading and discovering what this company was all about.

If we got a penny for every time someone used “scam” in the context of Social10x, we might have had enough to compensate all the damaged customers.
We have nothing more to tell you except: stay clear from companies like Social10x in the future and visit us again!