Since we’ve been in your skin trying to figure out if a particular service is good enough to use or not, we have decided to make the most complete review regarding Social Shop you have ever come across.

There are things that a naked eye doesn’t catch, but that is completely understandable because if you’re browsing the internet for the perfect service to invest your money in in order to grow your social media following.

This is not an easy task for anybody so in order to save yourself some time we recommend you start scrolling and stop worrying for a few minutes.

Let us take you along for a ride that will introduce you to pieces of information that will help you form a complete picture about this service and who stands behind it so you know how to spend your hard-earned money the best way possible.

Don’t think that you have to be some kind of a social media guru just to understand these things, because all of this information, when presented correctly, actually makes a lot of sense and there is absolutely no reason for you not to know them.

Let’s dive right in!

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Does SocialShop Work?

Of course, the biggest question when looking into a service that requires your wallet to become a little bit slimmer than it was before, needs to fill out some basic requirements for you to even consider it.

The biggest one and the most obvious one is to at least work (to a degree), and that is exactly why we have decided to set some parameters for the term “work”.

The parameters:

  • The website is working
  • The service is usable
  • The product is decent
  • Customer support is available to a degree

When someone doesn’t take their job as a reviewer and fellow user seriously, you can’t expect them to have serious criteria for a specific service.

Unfortunately, nothing in this context matters anymore because Social Shop’s site got shut down relatively recently.

So if you have come to this article just to find out if their website is working or not – it’s 100% not working.

But let’s not look at this as an end of the road because there are things that we need to talk about, because there’s always a chance this service will make a comeback and maybe that is the day you decide to put your money in it and use it for growing your social media accounts.

A screenshot showing a page when searching for socialshop’s website.

The first thing on our list is unfortunately the one with the biggest NO as an answer. 

Nobody really knows why this happened, but some people that we’ve talked to about this speculate that it’s because the followers bought from Social Shop were too easily detected by the Instagram algorithm for bought followers.

It’s no secret that this algorithm is the reason that most of these companies meet their end because users don’t want to use them anymore for the simple reason that their followers get deleted almost instantly after delivery.

Is Social Shop a scam? We really do think that this is the reason for most people thinking that Social Shop is scamming people (or was scamming people).

A picture depicting a negative comment on Trustpilot regarding Social Shop.

Sadly, this isn’t the only negative comment that we’ve run into during our extensive search. People generally don’t know about the Instagram algorithm causing the followers to disappear.

We don’t know for sure that this is the real reason for this occurrence, but there is a big possibility that it is.

The reason for this Social Shop review is not to bash them or give them some bad publicity, but to be informative and that is the one thing that you should keep in mind.

Factual evidence that we use as tools to bring you closer to what has happened and what to potentially expect when and if they come back are purely just that – facts and evidence.

How It Used To Look And Work

Now, just for the sake of them potentially making a comeback, let’s dive in and see how their site used to look like and what you can expect if you ever have a chance to use their service.

A screenshot of Social Shop’s former main website page.

As you can see, this used to be a clean-looking website that didn’t have many competitors at the time this screenshot was taken.

They had some work to do on their logo if you ask us, but we doubt that was a deal-breaker for many people.

As for the usability and the GUI for this website was quite good-looking for the time and didn’t have many bugs in their system.

A picture of Social Shop’s prices for Instagram followers.

The funny thing is that their prices were quite low for the market at the time so that raised a lot of eyebrows because people thought that that kind of service is impossible to get for those prices.

It is true that the follower packages that they were offering were a mix of true and fake followers. This just means that a certain percent of the followers were real profiles with profile pictures, followers, and posts.

The other percent was the empty accounts with almost or no followers, no profile pictures, and a bot-like feel to them.

This is not uncommon for Instagram follower packages even now, so you shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that they didn’t want to fix this issue.

Social Shop Review – Final Thoughts

It truly is unfortunate when a website that offers these kinds of services goes down and potential users aren’t able to test them out. This is precisely the reason why we have included a pros and cons list for you to get you as close as testing it out as possible, so here it is:

Cheap packagesSold fake followers
Clean website designGot shut down
A great number of negative reviews
Isn’t available right now

As you can see, no matter how hard we try not to enhance negative emotions towards this service, it seems like the user experience speaks for itself.

If you are a former user of this platform, there are probably some difficulties that you endured while using their service, but it’s important to let your experience be heard.

All-in-all it’s always a good idea to do your Googling and find out what other people think before letting yourself get into a situation where you feel like you just wasted your money.

Remember to be safe and always be on the lookout for companies that once existed and are making a comeback – they almost always learn from their past mistakes!