A search for a decent service should not require the amount of time it really requires. Fake reviews, paid comments, and inconsistent reviewers all stand in your way on which you’re hoping to find out the truth.

We’re here to take that all away and speed up the process of finding out if the service is worth your time and money or not.

All of these companies that provide a specific service regarding your Instagram account, that being followers, likes, or views have some good sides and some bad sides.

The only thing you should be able to do is to weigh them both and see if it’s worth using them or not. This is where we step in.

Take a closer look and see what we’ve found while searching for people’s opinions and experiences with Skweezer and decide for yourself if the service is worth it or not.


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Is Skweezer Legit?

Well, the answer to this question rests on your definition of “legit”. To be honest, it depends on a lot of things, so let’s break it down into smaller reviewing parts, and at the end – we’ll let you answer that on your own.


In all honesty, their followers aren’t the biggest problem. If you decide to go this route and buy followers from Skweezer, you won’t be totally disappointed.

A screenshot of the first three offers for Instagram followers on Skweezer.

As you can clearly see, the prices aren’t even that high. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find a better offer – it just means that the prices could actually be quite higher than they are.

The bigger Packages actually might be a bit more intimidating, but there’s nothing to be frustrated about if you’re thinking about buying just a couple of hundred followers.

A picture depicting the three highest prices for Instagram followers on Skweezer.

There are two problems with these followers. One is that they are mixed (more on what that means down below) and that the Instagram algorithm actually detects them pretty easily.

First, the mixed followers. What this means is that the followers you get when you purchase one of these packages is that there will be a certain percentage of true followers with real accounts, and the rest will be just freshly made accounts without any followers or pictures.

For some people, this isn’t a big problem, but for some it is. It all just boils down to personal preference and your will to be persistent in buying followers until the real ones drastically outnumber the fake ones.

We don’t recommend doing this because it usually costs a big sum of money and is not worth it in the end. The sad thing about this is that the majority of companies place a product like this without any concern for their users.

The second thing that is problematic with the followers bought over Skweezer is that they get noticed pretty easily. As you all know, Instagram was bought by Facebook way back in the day. This meant a new and fresh set of rules that made it pretty much impossible to grow (non-organically that is).

The Instagram algorithm detects followers that seem like they have been bought over a similar service like Skweezer, but in some instances, if your account experiences an enormous growth, you could be a victim of a random follower ban wave even if they were organic.

This happens if Instagram detects an “unnatural” wave of new followers from all over the globe thinking that these followers are bought.

The sad thing is that you can’t do anything about this because Instagram is quite strict about these types of things.

Even if you write an email to their support team that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the response might be the one you didn’t hope for.

Truth be told, even the people from Instagram’s customer support service can’t do much because the process is automated and hardly intercepted.

So, if you’re buying followers from Skweezer it might be a good idea to prepare yourself for a similar scenario.

One thing we’ve noticed that people do to prevent this is to buy followers in waves that are much smaller than the desired number of followers you want.

For example, if you wish to gain 5000 followers from Skweezer, it might be a better option for you to buy the package that offers 500 followers ten times than to opt for the 5k follower package instead.

This is far from cost efficiency, but at least it guarantees that your followers won’t be erased by Instagram’s algorithm.

Customer Support

It’s hard to claim something related to these types of services when you can’t find them on Trustpilot or Sitejabber. These two sites specialize in reviewing companies similar to Skweezer and their products and/or services.

The only source we had in this search was the spoken or written word from people who actually used Skweezer.

This was kind of tricky because when you have a small sample pool where everyone tells their side of the story, you can’t get a clear bigger picture.

People that wrote or spoke to us said various things. From examples that customer support only responds with auto-generated messages to the best customer support experiences ever.

It seems like you can’t know until you experience it by yourself. But, to be honest this is the case with most companies. Some customer support cases are handled with great delicacy and others are treated like the service was free of charge.

Auto Refills

This is the one thing we do like about Skweezer’s service without any doubt. 

Regardless of what package you decide to go with, good people from Skweezer guarantee you a 30-day refill. This means that every thirty days from the moment you buy one of their packages forward, you’ll get a refill of followers you lost in the past month.

This is something that can be clunky when dealing with other companies that provide the same service as Skweezer does, but it seems like they handle it pretty well.


Let’s not get carried away. The easiest service to provide when talking about Instagram is the likes service.

The only thing you need to make sure of is that your profile is open and not private. If your profile is private you won’t be able to receive the likes since the profiles that need to like your photos need to follow you first – and you haven’t paid for that!

The only problem that we’ve run into is that this is not the way to reach a desirable audience in the long run. Sadly, this has nothing to do with Skweezer, but with the nature of the service.

Accounts that will like your posts won’t be able to see any of your future posts since they won’t be following. This isn’t all that bad because if your account gets enough traction, at one point people who you’re hoping to draw in will start coming naturally.

Skweezer Review Reddit

There are just a couple of these services that were able to end up on Reddit. This is a cruel place where people don’t sugarcoat their opinions, so you know the comments are legit.

To our knowledge there were a few Reddit Threads regarding the question of “where to buy Insta followers” but sadly none of them mentioned Skweezer.

A screenshot depicting a Reddit thread about buying Instagram followers.

So it seems that the Redditors know nothing (or little) about this service. Knowing how these threads usually go, maybe it’s for the better!

Skweezer Review – In Conclusion

When talking about Skweezer net, Instagram algorithm won’t be your best friend, and you have to recognize this.

Most of the time, you will run into small problems such as depletion of the followers you bought, but the refill system will take care of you soon enough.

To save you up some time, we’ve decided to make a pros&cons table so you can get a better picture of this service, let’s take a look:

Good refill systemInconsistent customer support
Low prices on smaller packagesEasily detectable followers
Decent likesNo free trial

The only thing left to do is for you to make your own decision and go for it. Regardless of what you decide, remember that if you don’t like a particular service, there are always other alternatives!