It must be hard searching for a company that has no ulterior motives to empty your wallet or misuse your private information.

Unfortunately, it’s exactly like this in most cases. So to each reliable company out there, you can add 3 scams that follow in their footsteps, and use almost identical ways of luring customers.

How to stand in the way of such companies and, more importantly, recognize them before they harm your social media platform?

By chance, we are here, and one of the things we do is analyze, review and expose the companies that deserve this.

This time, we can point our finger at Risesocial, and we will be delighted to do that with a few explanations.

Therefore, we hope that you will stay until the end of this review. We have prepared a couple of ground-breaking facts when it comes to shady companies like this.

Let’s not lose hope so quickly. As we said, there are reliable companies, and we found one perfect example – Upleap. For more information about the services of this company and our opinion, jump to our review on Upleap.

Maybe this company is shut down, but there are other useful alternatives. Check them out in the table below:

Instagram Growth ServiceUser RatingPricing
Upleap.com4.8Check Price
Socialfollow4.6Check Price
Nitreo.com4.3Check Price
KENJI.AI4.3Check Price

Risesocial: Ups and Downs

Before Risesocial was ultimately removed from the internet, it had more downs than ups – obviously. So, before we start spilling the tea on the reasons against this company, let’s take a second for this concise and neat visual display.

/Terrible reviews on Trustpilot.
Failed to provide services.
Forwarding bot accounts.
Not budget-friendly.

The pros column, in the case of Risesocial, should be left blank. This company is no longer able to serve its customers. Thank goodness!

Risesocial: Shut Down

If you have tried (maybe even during this reading) to visit the Risesocial site and see what it is all about, you probably have struggled.

Recently, Risesocial has been shut down and absolutely banned from use – with good reasons.

Don’t get upset if you didn’t manage to get a hold of the site. We did it for you. Here you can see what Risesocial looked like while it still had some hopes of survival.

A screenshot showing the risesocial old homepage.

To better understand the point of the whole review and prove to you where the downfall of this company officially began, we will start with their side of the story.

The Internet is mainly used for promotion, and Risesocial decided to take advantage of it in order to attract potential customers.

According to their story, this is:

  • # 1 choice for real, genuine Instagram growth
  • the most powerful organic Instagram growth service on the market

Such strong claims for a company that got wiped out pretty fast.

Surely we are already used to companies using false claims to attract customers and then disappoint them. Well, this company managed to do it very quickly.

This might be the only thing they did.

Today, there is absolutely nothing left of this company. So, instead of Risesocial, their domain is for sale. 

If you may have an idea on how to use this platform, inquire about the price and terms.

Risesocial Scam: Failed In Every Field

We didn’t dig much into the matter, but you must have realized that the answer to “is Risesocial legit?” is a big fat NO.

The only thing this company has succeeded in is to disappoint its customers in absolutely every way possible.

So, without further ado, let’s start with the weak sides.

The first thing they “allegedly” do is grow your Insta account organically. 

There is absolutely nothing organic about their growth, and that’s a fact.

Reliable Instagram companies should provide periodical and organic growth on your account for every larger amount of followers purchased, for example.

We agree on this, right?

The reason for this is plain and straightforward: Instagram will 99% of the time recognize purchased followers and remove them from your account. You’re the only one with a loss. You are left without your followers, and you have thrown away money at the same time.

Not to mention the quality of followers arriving on your profile. Delivery may be fast, but what’s the point if you get 500 fake profiles without a profile picture?

It’s not just Risesocial. This is just one in a sea of companies that shamelessly forward fake accounts and bots. Logically, Instagram will remove them.

Sometimes, their quality and “shelf life” are so short that they will disappear after a few days. Frankly, we don’t know what’s worse. 

And even if their target audience is everything from bloggers, make-up artists, celebrities, to influencers – we suspect that anyone has profited from Risesocial.

Speaking of profit, why not pay some attention to the prices of this company?

Not at all naive, and we can say not at all cheap. According to some information we were able to gather, Risesocial offered weekly services for $ 33.

That’s not budget-friendly at all.

You’d have to save a good amount of cash if you wanted to afford anything.

Risesocial Reviews: Low-Rating

This review would by no means be complete without some real-life examples. And when we need something like that, we go to Trustpilot.

The chances are that we will surely find something.

And we did. 90% of the content on Trustpilot is showered with “bad reviews.”

Here is the first example.

A screenshot showing the first review on Trustpilot.

Stealing money is one thing, but when it comes to having your Instagram account shut down due to the wrongdoings of a company, you’re in big trouble!

A screenshot showing the second review on Trustpilot.

People have been going on and on about how this is a scam, a total waste of money, and how there is absolutely no respect for customers.

Although we would like this not to be the case, the evidence pushes us in the opposite direction.

Where Did Risesocial Go Wrong?

It’s hard to pinpoint precisely where exactly Risesocial’s biggest mistake is. Let’s say that the whole company, as a team, started the business in the wrong way.

Now, whether it was with the pure intention of stealing what they could from customers or an innocent mistake gone wrong, we will never know.

Past customers, who have already had a bad experience with this company – don’t worry, they won’t be back any time soon.

Risesocial is another online scam that hasn’t stayed on the Internet forever, and that’s the only bright spot in today’s review.

Risesocial: Summing Up

We hinted to you at the beginning that this review will be full of ground-breaking information about companies of this nature.

I think we have remained consistent, explained in detail, and inserted some of our opinions on how and why the downfall of Risesocial occurred.

 Let’s shortly go over the facts and bring this review to an end. Risesocial was known for:

  • not delivering services to its customers
  • forwarding fake or bot Instagram accounts
  • over-charging their packages
  • having nothing but bad reviews on Trustpilot

If that’s not enough, then we don’t know what is.

The ending should be loud and clear: Stay away from companies like Risesocial!

Before you embark on buying anything from such companies, turn to reviews (possibly one of ours).