There are a few indicators of when a service is considered unstable. In this case, that means that there are a few things that they’re doing right, but there are also things that they are doing wrong.

It’s tricky to notice these things, but if you know what to look for like we do, it’s a piece of cake. For that reason alone, we suggest you follow us along the journey of finding out is it truly worth using Poprey service, and if it is – in what specific situations.

Keep in mind that every experience with these kinds of services is quite individual and unique for every person that uses them, but there are some similarities here and there that you need to take notice of.

Let’s take a stroll through our opinion and opinions of many other people that have used this service and were kind enough to share their experience with the rest of us.


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What Is Poprey?

If you’ve clicked on this article and it was not by accident, you at least know that Poprey is a company that provides Instagram likes and follower service.

Knowing how tricky that can sometimes be, there are some crucial things that you need to pay attention to so you don’t miss out on the things that really matter for the user.

The one thing that matters the most to you as a potential user is the experience of other people that have used the Poprey service before you.

In that manner, let’s take a look at some things people had to say about their service on Trustpilot:

A screenshot depicting a review of Poprey’s service on Trustpilot.

One thing that seems like a recurring theme at least while we’re on the topic of Poprey reviews on Trustpilot is that most of these five-star ratings are written by accounts that have only one or two reviews on their name.

This is a red flag to us because it indicates that there is a high possibility that those are paid reviews that companies have a tendency of using when their rating is getting lower.

This is not a conclusion that we’ve come to, but it is something that caught our attention. If you don’t believe us, you can always visit Trustpilot’s page and see for yourself.

To be completely honest, there are reviews that negatively describe their encounters with Poprey and their service and unlike the positive reviews, these ones seem like they were written by genuine people. Here is one example of such a comment:

A screenshot of a negative comment of Poprey’s service on Trustpilot.

As you can clearly see, the person who wrote this review is someone who has an account that doesn’t pose a question of legitimacy.

Again, this is only an assumption on our part, but you have to admit that the two accounts we can see here give off totally different vibes from each other.

See, from these reviews alone you get two different people who have used the same exact service but have totally different experiences with it. Not to mention there are a ton more examples like these. For every bad comment, there is one that shares a good example.

This is why we tend to let you decide which one is more legitimate and which one is to be trusted.

Pricing – The Most Important Thing

Regardless of if you’re going to admit it or not, most people run to check the prices first. There is nothing wrong with that because this eliminates the ridiculously expensive services at the beginning of your research for the most cost-efficient service.

One thing we like to see in almost all cases is the “free trial” option. This is where Poprey shines, because not only did they understand the confidence that gives off, but the number of customers that attracts.

We especially like the way this is done. No flashy pop-ups, no glowing buttons, they’ve just made the first option you can choose as free.

A screenshot of the “free likes” option on Poprey’s website.
A screenshot of the “free followers” option on Poprey’s website.

This is quite a powerful tool for drawing in new customers. Almost anyone who sees this option will take it to its fullest potential.

This means more traffic and more numbers they can squeeze in their monthly report. But to be fair, this option also has enormous benefits for you as a consumer.

By using the free options that Poprey offers you, you can easily find out the quality of the followers and likes they provide.

But, even in this situation, there can be a catch. They can always give you the higher quality likes and followers on your free sample so you’d think these are the products you’re getting for your money, and then sell you some lower quality service once you pay them.

From what you have read on Trustpilot, there were a few instances where people complained they got low-quality likes even with the paid option.

We personally like that this option is here, regardless of the potentially big difference in quality when compared to the paid service.

The Quality Of The Product

As we all know, Facebook bought Instagram a long time ago. When this happened, the Instagram algorithm underwent some changes.

These changes made it harder for you to grow your following with non-organic methods. 

Poprey really shines in this area, because many people have claimed that when they bought followers from other companies, they were easily detected by the algorithm, whereas followers bought from Poprey did not experience the same difficulty.

It seems like Poprey managed to surpass the algorithm that has slowed down so many companies and found a way to deliver their product to their customers regardless of the quality.

Sadly, the delivered goods can sometimes be damaged. It seems like even Poprey isn’t immune to delivering a mix of fake and true followers after all. This means you’ll get some fake ones in your package almost inevitably. 

Poprey Hashtags

Many of these services provide a “Blog” part of their website. Usually, it’s quite boring and not worth your while.

Unlike those useless blog posts, Poprey has provided you (the reader) with some interesting articles that might just be of use.

One of them is the “most popular hashtags on Instagram” blog. This is where you can find some tips and tricks on organically growing your account by just using the popular hashtags.

This is made possible by Instagram’s “discover” page where you can find some interesting pictures and posts that contain a certain hashtag in their description.

This is also a big plus in our book because usually the creators of these services don’t take the extra time to ensure that the people who carefully browse their website get what they deserve – quality content.

Seriously, the majority of companies could take notes on this specific topic and make their websites a tad bit more interesting for the visitor.

One more thing where Poprey might be a good example is how to execute a well-made minimalistic design on their website. Take a look:

A picture of Poprey’s main page on their website.

As you can see, you’re instantly greeted by the service they provide. No elaborate clicking patterns to go to where you want to, or ads that are blocking your vision of the service you want to buy.

Poprey Review – Summing Up

As you had a chance to see, we’ve come across a wide variety of both good and bad indicators for this service.

One thing that does make things much clearer is to compare the good to the bad, so let’s do that:

Followers don’t get deletedQuite a few negative reviews
Free trial availablePositive reviews can seem fake
Clean DesignBigger packages can be expensive
Good blog section

So is Poprey legit? The answer to this question solely relies on your view of the situation. Maybe the bad sides are deal-breakers for you, or maybe they’re not so important.

The only thing left to do is make up your mind and decide if you’re going to use the Poprey service as it is with all its flaws and advantages, or you’re going to search for an alternative.

Regardless of what you choose, we sincerely hope that you’ll be happy with what you decide at the end of the day.