When a company gives its service a catchy name such as Mr. Insta, naturally there will be a number of people that will show interest in it just because of its catchy name.

Regardless of that, and especially if you’re one of those people, we suggest you take a few minutes of your time and spend it on reading this review. There are many things besides a catchy name that a company must provide in order to be worth it to use.

Mr. Insta is not an exception to this rule, so there are some things that need to be addressed in this situation as well.

We’ve dug down deep in order to unravel these things and to bring you closer to understanding them without any difficulties, so don’t be mistaken in thinking this is an elaborate review that will require hours of endless research just so you understand what we’re talking about.

To find those things out and maybe pick up on some quality tips and tricks to differentiate a good service from a bad one – we highly suggest you keep on scrolling through.

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Is Mr. Insta Legit?

The question of all questions when it comes to Instagram-related services. So is Mr. Insta Real? This isn’t a question that can be answered quickly and simply but should rather be broken down into pieces that will then be answered one by one.

Quality Of The Followers

This is convincingly the biggest thing when buying followers. Some argue that it’s the price, but when the followers are high quality a higher price shouldn’t be a problem to anyone.

The quality of followers for Mr. Insta depends on who you’re asking. There are some reviews that claim they’ve gotten a fantastic quality and quantity of followers from this service. One of these reviews looks something like this:

A screenshot depicting a positive review regarding Mr. Insta service on Sitejabber.

If you visit Sitejabber’s page dedicated to Mr. Insta, you’ll find a ton of good reviews just like we did (you can do that here), but on the other hand, if you try searching for the same service on Trustpilot you’ll be greeted with a different message.

A picture of the search result on Trustpilot when Mr. Insta is entered.

This is a worrying message because this rarely happens on Trustpilot. For this to occur, a company must have seriously or consecutively broken the policy of Trustpilot.

A good indicator that something’s wrong is exactly this. We think that Mr. Insta tried to buy fake reviews for their service on Trustpilot so they boost their rating, but the Trustpilot algorithm saw through that.

We don’t know for sure if this is the case or not, but the speculations do have their roots in some previous situations similar to this.


The prices are something that is the second most important thing when making a choice of the service you’ll give your money to.

Mr. Insta seems to be right in the middle between the seriously expensive ones and the ridiculously cheap services.

Although we must admit, 10 000 followers for only $190 bucks seems phenomenal, when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Their other packages are weirdly priced as well, but that might just be that we haven’t stumbled upon prices like these. Take a look, you might come to a different conclusion:

A screenshot of the prices of followers on Mr. Insta’s website.

Besides Instagram followers, Mr. Insta seems to be offering a wide variety of services related to some other social media platforms such as Twitch, Pinterest, Youtube, or Twitter.

When a company offers this range of services for so many social media platforms, it usually means that none of them are perfected, but that doesn’t have to be true in this case.

On Sitejabber you can also find reviews regarding some other services provided by the same company that claim they are happy with what they got.

It seems like you won’t know until you try, but our story is closely related to Instagram, so let’s keep it that way.

One more thing we particularly like about Mr. Insta and their prices is that they include a free trial of their services.

This breathes self-confidence and allows the potential users to explore the process of obtaining Instagram followers. They give you a detailed guide on how to do this. You can find this guide by simply scrolling down once you get on their main webpage.


A clean design can be crucial at some moments. If a website is littered with ads, meaningless flashing lights or too many options, a potential customer might just give up on using that website’s services.

Guys from Mr. Insta have been very careful with this in one sense and very careless in the other. Let us break that down for you all:

A screenshot of the main page of Mr. Insta website.

This is an example where they’ve done good because the design is clean and minimalistic, yet it tells you everything you need to know at first, but that won’t stay like that for long.

A picture of every service Mr. Insta provides.

Sadly this is a bad example. Too many options to choose from might result in not choosing. If we were to organize this service, it would probably look much different.

Perhaps the thing that needs to be done is to make subcategories that will then allow you to look at services that are related to a specific social media network.

By doing this you’ll allow your users to avoid confusing services for other social media platforms that they’re not interested in and go straight to the ones they came to the website for.

Mr. Insta Review – Summation

To make the summation of this Mr. Insta review much more simple, let’s take the pros & cons of this service and put it into a table:

Affordable pricesHigher prices are sketchy
Free TrialBanned from Trustpilot
Wide variety of servicesConfusing service menu

When you take a look at this table, it might be much easier for you to come to a clearer conclusion about using this service or not.

We highly suggest you go over as many Sitejabber reviews as possible and come to your own conclusion.

This is recommended precisely because there is a possibility that you’ll see something that missed, or maybe come to a different conclusion than us regarding some topics.
But there is one thing to remember here, before ever using any service that requires your credit card number – be patient, be careful and stay safe!