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Media Mister: Warming Up

As with most companies we’ve analyzed so far, a visual representation of what we’re going to discuss always seems to help.

With that said, let’s focus for a moment on some of the distinctive features that characterize this particular company.

Deals with multiple social media platforms.The followers disappear after a while.
Offers a 30-day refund period.Reviews on Trustpilot not available.
Doesn’t show prices for services.

Media Mister: A Wide Range Of Offers

While looking for a reliable online company that will fulfill the wishes of its customers, one of the criteria is certainly the range of services that the company offers.

By this, we don’t necessarily mean just a specific social platform. 

The more, the merrier. Right?

Well, Media Mister meets these criteria by offering services for many social networks. And when we say a lot, we really mean it.

You can see for yourself:

 A screenshot showing mediamister’s homepage

Speaking of which, why not praise the look and tidiness of this site. Given how many platforms this company deals with, this could have turned out much worse.

We doubt that visitors who are on the site of this company for the first time will have a problem with getting around. Who doesn’t love a neat homepage?

However, this is certainly not the only and most important aspect. There is much more worth mentioning here.

Instagram Services: The Epicentre 

We will be realistic and honest with our readers when we say this (and we are always honest): among the most used services are definitely Instagram-related services.

This applies to all online companies that share the same or similar goal as MediaMister. However, what sets Media Mister apart from other companies is what it actually offers.

Basic Instagram companies that haven’t progressed much have stagnated in terms of their offerings, so potential buyers can rely mostly on followers and likes.

We can say that Media Mister takes this to a whole different level. The list of Instagram offers is longer than you think.

Here are what services you can choose from if you decide to visit Media Mister.

A screenshot showing mediamister’s instagram offers.

It seems that Media Mister has gone to great lengths to offer its potential customers absolutely every service you can imagine regarding Instagram growth.

What makes Media Mister interesting and unique is certainly the selection of exceptional services such as:

  • profile visits
  • story poll votes
  • Instagram impressions
  • Instagram mentions
  • Instagram views

We can agree that these offers can satisfy even the average customer, that is those who just want to improve their profile a bit, but also suit some established, famous names and brands looking for “safe popularity.”

For example, celebrities would definitely go for Media Mister real views for their Insta stories. 

The Absence Of Prices

One of the disadvantages of this company could be the absence of prices when it comes to services.

We have not been able to decide whether this company is selling its services at reasonable prices or whether it aims to raise them.

You will be able to see your final check-out amount only after you fill in all the information and decide on the number of followers/likes/views, etc.

This is a minus point for Media Mister.

Bigger or smaller budget, we would all like to know how much will be deducted from our credit card.

Another thing that caught our attention was the refund policy of this company.

Reportedly, Media Mister offers a 30-day refund policy. This option is available to you in case you do not receive purchased followers, for example.

Companies that offer this option to their customers means that they are pretty confident in their services. However, this does not always have to be the case.

Off-Site Reviews: Unavailable

When it comes to advertising, companies do not skimp on nice words. Sometimes, they are so well thought out that they manage to cover up the flaws.

These are mostly glowing reviews on the company’s site. Something similar, but not so intrusive, can be seen on Media Mister.

To be clear, we have nothing against posting some nice comments, but we can’t check their validity.

Here’s one example,

A screenshot showing the company's reviews.

To check “reliability,” we mainly rely on Trustpilot.

What greeted us on the site was, to say the least, unexpected.

A screenshot showing trustpilot reviews.

We decided not to give up here, and we were able to dig up comments and experiences from past customers.

Unfortunately, the line between positive and negative was very thin. Somehow the negatives always tried to outdo the good ones, saying the followers were persistently disappearing.

This is not so strange, considering that the Instagram privacy policy can notice an inorganic growth in numbers, whether likes or story poll votes. Once it has been noted, the numbers start decreasing. 

That’s what we call temporary fame.

Is Media Mister Safe?

When it comes to security, we can say that Media Mister does not pose any significant threats that can greatly affect your Instagram account.

Of course, this can easily be reversed if you overdo the offers and Instagram starts removing large numbers of your followers, recognizing that they have been purchased.

Online companies should always be handled with a certain amount of responsibility. It’s about your “virtual reality,” and private information can be misused very easily.

Media Mister: Conclusion

We can say that we have analyzed this company and covered its pros and cons.

Now would be the time to break all this down into one smaller unit and try to answer the question you surely wanted to ask, and that is: is Media Mister a scam?

According to most of our research, Media Mister is not a scam, but there are still some ambiguities and shortcomings when it comes to its offers.

Therefore, we want to advise you.

If you are buying from this company, make sure it is a minimum offer – just to be safe in case something goes wrong!