Could an Instagram marketing service give you the instant growth you need?

With 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, you’d think that earning followers would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

However, achieving #InstaFame is more complicated than it seems.

Unless you happen to be one of the world’s biggest influencers or a well-known celebrity, you’re going to need to put a lot of time and commitment into your campaigns.

Used correctly, Instagram can earn brands of all sizes and backgrounds a phenomenal following. National Geographic, for instance, has more than 108 million followers tuning in to see their stunning photos and videos each day.

The question is, how do you get that initial boost that takes you from being another unknown business to becoming one of Instagram’s most-wanted?

Introducing the Instagram Growth Service

Instagram growth services and Instagram marketing services are one of the easiest and most reliable ways to get more attention on your favorite social network.

Let’s face it; most companies don’t have the time, or the expertise to shine on Instagram these days. Some of the world’s most popular accounts in Insta have risen to fame because they dedicate an entire team to posting fresh content every day, producing incredible videos, and engaging with their customers through constant conversations.

If you’re running a company, you probably don’t have time to do all that and manage your accounts, employees, product development, and everything else.

As social channels go, Instagram is one of the most high-maintenance. You can’t just post one thing every few days like you would on LinkedIn. You need to be continually producing the material that attracts and delights your audience.

Most experts recommend posting between one and three amazing pieces of content on Instagram each day.

Don’t have time for that?

Then your options are either:

  • Waste time and money on a half-hearted and unsuccessful Instagram campaign.
  • Ignore Instagram completely, and miss out on engagement levels that are 84 times higher than Twitter, 54% better than Pinterest, and ten times greater than Facebook.
  • Use an Instagram growth service

How to Choose the Best Instagram Marketing Service

If you chose option 3 above, then make sure you understand that not all IG services are equal.

60% of Instagram users say that they discover new products and services on the platform. Your Instagram growth service is the tool that you can use to find those people and encourage them to become a part of your community.

However, there are many different kinds of marketing service out there.

Some, more dangerous solutions focus on using bots and automatic algorithms to provide a “shortcut” to success. These are the tools that Instagram’s service team are cracking down on. Any bot or service that allows you to buy likes, followers, or comments isn’t good for your brand or your future.

The latest Instagram algorithm can tell the difference between an authentic follower, and one that was created just to make your account look better.

If you try to take the underhanded approach to growing your account, you risk Instagram removing your fake followers, and even hitting you with a shadow-ban.

In other words, the best Instagram marketing service will always give you genuine, authentic followers.

How We Assessed the Top 3 Instagram Marketing Services

Since there are hundreds of reliable (and not so reliable) services available today, we’ve done some of the hard work on your behalf.

We browsed through a selection of some of the best-known, and most well-respected marketing and growth tools available today, to find 3 that you can rely on to deliver an Instagram growth service, without the risk. Each of the tools available below was chosen because:

  • It encourages genuine engagement with your customers: You know you can get more likes by taking high-quality photos on Instagram – but there are other ways to build engagement too. The software we’re covering today helps you to respond to comments quickly, attract customers with relevant hashtags, and stand out with engaging filters.
  • It provides new ways to get creative: Instagram is all about showing your creative side. An excellent Instagram marketing service should take advantage of that fact. It’s not about “tricking” your way to the top but making sure that your amazing posts get the attention and recognition they deserve.
  • It’s explicitly focused on Instagram: Not just any social media growth service will do for your Instagram campaigns. IG strategies are complicated, and you need a service that’s specifically tuned to the Instagram algorithm.
  • It makes your life easier: Whether it’s through visual grid management, scheduling, or automated posts, the tools below are designed to make your social media marketing simpler. After all, you have a lot to do as a business owner or brand leader – you can’t afford to spend every hour on Instagram.
  • It supports your brand: The services that we’re looking at today don’t just provide a one-size-fits-all approach to Instagram marketing. They’re intended to improve and enhance the appearance of your brand on the world’s biggest visual social channel. This means that you can let your unique personality and style shine through.

The Best Instagram Marketing Service #1: Upleap

Starting with perhaps the most comprehensive Instagram growth service we’ve seen on the market until now, Upleap is one of the most compelling tools on the market. It’s not just another Instagram bot or scheduling tool – it’s a fully-featured service, provided by social media marketing experts.

How Does it Work?

Upleap simplifies your social media advertising strategy by combining one-click Instagram tools with support from a dedicated social media management team. As soon as you sign up for an account, Upleap will give you a professional account manager who can work with you on your social goals.

It’s that simple. Instead of paying for a social professional to come and work for you in-house, you get a cost-effective professional service delivered on the internet instead.

Rather than relying on somewhat unpredictable algorithms and AI, Upleap combines state-of-the-art technology with real-life professionals to give you everything you need to build a stronger Instagram following.

What Features are Included:

Upleap comes with access to:

To sign up, head over to Upleap and grab your free trial. You can get a taste for the experience before paying anything, so there’s no risk involved.

The Best Instagram Marketing Service #2: Later

Most people considering an Instagram growth service have already heard of Later.

Previously known as Latergramme, or Later is an Instagram marketing tool that focuses on helping to drive growth by allowing you to better manage your schedule. With the Later service, you can automatically post new content to your Instagram profile, and check what your grid will look like ahead of time, ensuring a great brand aesthetic.

How Does it Work?

Later doesn’t give you a human account manager like Upleap does, but it does provide you with everything you need to get more control over your social media campaigns yourself. Think of it as your DIY approach to getting Instagram under wraps.

Later provides cross-platform marketing and scheduling solutions that work for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest as well as Instagram. With this tool, you can analyze the outcomes of your campaigns, find the best hashtags for your new posts, and even improve your Instagram bio with Linkin.Bio.

Unlike many other Instagram marketing services, Later is also an official growth partner with Instagram, which means that you shouldn’t have to worry about getting into trouble for using a third-party tool.

What Features are Included:

The kind of features you can expect from Later include:

  • Linkin.Bio for better Instagram bio links
  • Search and repost features for #Regramming
  • Post timing suggestions and calendaring
  • Photo and video scheduling
  • Instagram Stories templates
  • Instagram hashtag analytics
  • Hashtag and geotag suggestions

Later offers a free tier where you can schedule as many as 30 posts a month without paying a penny. That means that if you’re just getting started with Instagram, you can upgrade your campaigns for free!

The Best Instagram Marketing Service #3: Kenji.AI

Ultimately, having a real person to manage your Instagram growth service will always be the best way to improve your results on #IG. However, there are a few automated options out there that can be useful too – if you know where to look.

For instance, Kenji.AI might be a bot – but it’s one of the few automated services on the market today that doesn’t put your business at risk with thoughtless liking and commenting.

How Does it Work?

Kenji.AI uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to guide your social campaigns. Using machine learning technology, Kenji learns everything it can about your brand, your industry, and your followers. It gathers as much data as possible about your hashtags and engagement trends so it can provide suggestions on how to continue developing your campaigns.

This Instagram marketing service is about as close as you can get to having no human beings involved in your social media market strategy. You can even figure out how to attract the right niche audiences with what the tool refers to as “hyper-targeted” hashtags.

Ideal for expanding brand reach and keeping you consistently active on social media, Kenji is widely regarded to be the best Instagram bot.

What Features are Included:

Features you can explore with Kenji.AI include:

  • Simple and clean user interface
  • Machine learning so your service keeps improving
  • 24/7 liking and commenting
  • Hyper-targeted hashtag suggestions
  • Cutting edge AI smart targeting
  • Access on any device
  • Reporting data and analytics

You can sign up for Kenji.AI here and get a 3-day free trial. You don’t get very long to test the app without paying, but it should be enough to get a feel for what you can accomplish with Kenji.

Do You Need an Instagram Marketing Service?

Whether you’re a business owner, the head of a marketing team, or an influencer, the chances are you’re always looking for ways to improve your presence online. While there are many channels that you can launch your campaigns on, few have the same growth potential as Instagram.

Unfortunately, if you have a limited budget and not a great deal of time to spare, then you might struggle to get the most out of one of the world’s most popular social platforms. Over 80% of Instagram users already follow one brand or more on Instagram. However, If you want to capture their attention, you need the right strategy.

Instagram growth services and Instagram marketing services are your chance to access all the benefits of Instagram, without over-spending on an in-house social media marketing team. With the right tool, you can improve your promotional potential, and bring more customers your way – without wasting time or cash.

Using one (or more) of the best Instagram marketing services – such as the ones we mentioned above – will ensure that you can truly discover the value of Instagram advertising yourself. Are you ready to get your slice of #I

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