If you’ve ever searched “Instagram hack” on Google, you’re not alone. Growing your Instagram feels like a Herculean labor nowadays. There are so many people on Instagram who already have large follower accounts. Is there room for another?

Of course there is.

Even though growing your Instagram may SEEM impossible, it’s definitely not. There are some tried and true Instagram hacks you can use to grow your follower number and get closer to your goals as an influencer.

Read on to learn the Instagram hacks you need to be using to grow your account now.

Can You Really Hack Instagram?

I know what you’re thinking. Can you really “hack” Instagram growth?

In the sense that hack means getting a maximum result with no effort, no, you can’t. But you can certainly accelerate your Instagram growth with these hacks.

When people talk about Instagram hacks, they’re looking for fast and easy way to get lots of followers. I can tell you right now: that won’t be enough. An Instagram hack only goes so far. If the Instagram itself is lacking, people won’t want to stick around.

Before you try to employ an Instagram hack, make sure you’ve put the proper amount of effort into your Instagram feed. Know your audience and have engaging content lined up. Once you put in the effort to making something people want to consume, Instagram hacks will take you way farther.

What You Need to Know About Growing Your Instagram

Social media influencers are often told that their jobs are easy. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. A social media job is a job like any other, which means it takes time, creativity, and strategy. Before you grow your Instagram, make sure you’re committed to keeping up the work.

That also means getting to know the business side of Instagram. Using Instagram hacks can get you followers, but read up on brand deals and ad revenue to understand how to optimize the growth. There’s no university course for social media jobs – yet – so make sure that you’re prepared to have one.

The last thing you should do is look at the people around you and who inspire you. How do their Instagrams measure up? You can learn a lot of valuable lessons from pre-existing influencers before you turn to Instagram hacks.

But if you want unparalleled growth, let these Instagram hacks guide you.

Instagram Business Insights

Your Instagram Business Insights are the biggest built-in hack you could ask for. If your goal is to make a business from Instagram, make sure you know the business. Your business insights list the data about your audience plain as day, so you’d better be using it!

From the amount of impressions each post gets to the demographic breakdown of your audience, the business insights are literally there to help you grow your Instagram.

Making sense of your business insights is super easy and accessible. Simply click your profile and press “View Insights.” From there, you get a treasure trove of information – and a free guide on how to grow your Instagram.


Upleap.com is a great service that gets you matched with your own personal Instagram manager. You share your goals and target audience with the manager, and they log on and target similar accounts in your niche to follow and engage with.

It drives your engagement rate up, obviously, and gets you connected with real people on Instagram. What’s more, by building a following with Instagrammers in your target audience, you build a consistent follower base of people who will continue to engage with your content.

Not only does Upleap help you grow your follower account, they help you establish a place in a niche community. And you can discover some pretty cool accounts that way, too. Give Upleap a try for free today.


Kenji.ai is the bot equivalent to Upleap. While there’s not a real person on the other side of the app, Kenji has some pretty cool AI specs that make it a good alternative. With Kenji, you can target followers based on their location, hashtags, and even different accounts that you already follow.

Kenji works 24/7 to target the right Instagram followers for you – i.e. the ones who will actually engage with your content. Their constant work status means more growth for you. How’s that for an Instagram hack?


As previously mentioned, an Instagram hack doesn’t just mean sitting back and relaxing. You have to put in the work in creating content. That’s where Later can help you.

It’s just unrealistic for most of us to set aside two or three hours a day to work on our Instagram feed. With posts and stories to keep up on, plus our day jobs, we’d never sleep. Later can help you not only schedule all that great content, but also organize it visually.

If you go up to their second tier plan, you get access to a lot of great marketing tools, such as the best times for you to post, analyzing your content performance, and even help creating a shoppable feed.

Later is a fantastic Instagram hack, particularly for marketers. Try it free today.

Instagram Ads

Your content takes time, money, and a whole lot of effort. It’s worth considering boosting one of your Instagram posts. You may think it’s a waste of money, or even that real influencers don’t have to boost their posts.

But the power of advertising is nothing to be sniffed at. What you’re really paying for is to be discovered. People click on Instagram ads more than you think! As long as your content is interesting and engaging, most Instagram users won’t care that it was sponsored.

Instagram ads are also pretty affordable, so don’t balk at the thought of spending money. Spending as low as 2 GBP per day could let you reach 3500 new Instagram users. The higher you go the more people you’ll reach.

Don’t be afraid of using a built-in Instagram hack! After all, that’s what it’s there for. Think of it not as an ad, but as an investment in your future.

Know the Value Of Patience

Growing your Instagram is hard work. With a saturated market of influencers, you probably won’t go from 0 to 1,000 overnight. But with enough dedication to quality over quantity and patience, you can make your way up the Instagram ranks like anyone else.

However, part of working and waiting is waiting. If you’re not okay with that, you might want to reexamine why you want to grow your following in the first place. Almost everything good comes earned, and you’ll want to keep that in the forefront of your mind as you journey on.

Use Instagram Hacks to Bolster You, Not Carry You

While there’s no one way to gain thousands of followers overnight, there are plenty of tried and true ways to use Instagram hacks. As long as your content itself is fresh and engaging, followers will come naturally to you. Instagram hacks will only help you along the way.

Whether you simply use a planning app like Later, or get more professional help from Instagram managers like Upleap and Planoly, the strategies we listed are sure to help your Instagram get growing.

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