Instagram does as much as it can, but fake followers are a persistent problem on the platform. Users getting fed up with high follower count and low engagement rates are increasingly turning to the ever-popular Instagram audit.

Instagram auditor apps are gaining in popularity as the importance of Instagram engagement climbs. After all, fake followers aren’t just bad for Instagram anymore.

Chances are if you’re a budding influencer, you’ve had at least one fake follower problem. Running an Instagram audit has more than likely be necessary once or twice! Check out our list of the best Instagram auditors below.

Why Fake Followers Are Bad

Fake followers aren’t just bad for Instagram, they’re bad for your engagement. And engagement on Instagram is super important. it is a major key to your account’s organic growth.

Influencers will often get better sponsorships if they have a lot of real followers and high authentic engagement. In fact, influencers with fewer followers but higher engagement can often pull better sponsorship deals than those with lower engagement.

After all, nobody wants to advertise to a few million people who aren’t going to actually buy what’s advertised.

Fake followers will follow you, but they won’t like your content, watch your stories, or participate in any polls you’ve set up. That, obviously, drives your engagement down.

If you’re having a problem with followers who are not real people, it might be time for an audience quality check.

Does Instagram Audit Followers?

Well, in a way, yes. But not very effectively.

But In late 2018, Instagram announced that it was banning third-party apps that buy likes from the platform. They’ve said that they will begin cracking down on this, but the bot problem is a bit more pervasive than they even imagined!


Fake followers nonetheless persist, even with their efforts to remove them from the platform. Instagram adapts, and the fake follower bots adapt too. It’s an annoying problem that seems like it may never have a solution.

But thanks to Instagram auditors, you’re not totally helpless. Here’s what you can do in the meantime.

What’s An Instagram Audit?

An Instagram audit is just what it sounds like. You use an audit tool that combs through all of your followers and tells you who’s real – and who’s not.

You can then block or remove your fake followers, and get back to your content strategy.

How You Can Perform an Instagram Audit

So, you’re plagued by fake followers, and it’s time to do an Instagram audit. If you’ve never heard that word before, it might be confusing. Don’t worry, though. There are a lot of ways to perform a fast and easy Instagram audit.

If you want to perform your own Instagram audit, there are a bunch of Instagram auditor apps that can help you with that. In the name of research, we tried a few of the most popular ones. Read on to find out what we think!

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PLUS: Hypeauditor is a cool Instagram auditor for two reasons. Not only can you check for fake followers, but you can also track your follower audience growth and engagement. It will also tell you what interests your followers share with you. That makes it a lot easier to tailor your content!


MINUS: Only the first report on Hypeauditor is free. After that, you’ll need to pay up if you want to KEEP seeing your fake followers. You also will need to register with your e-mail address to see your fake followers. However, we think it might be worth it!

Another pick for our Instagram auditor is Iconosquare’s Instagram auditor. With fast service and intuitive UI, they’re a great way to check which followers are fake and which are real. Iconosquare can also audit your Facebook profile for you.

PLUS: Iconosquare gives you tips on how to improve your Instagram account authenticity. Basically, they tell you how to STOP attracting fake followers as well as get rid of the ones you currently have. Note that you need a business profile to use these services. If you’ve currently got an individual profile, it’s easy to switch!


MINUS: The iconosquare Instagram auditor only provides services on your 30 latest Insta posts. While that can be appealing to some who are trying to keep up, for others who want a more extensive look it’s not the best! You also need to use your e-mail to sign up for this site. If you have any hang-ups about sharing personal information, we’d suggest looking at another Instagram auditor.

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The next Instagram audit tool we investigated is Phlanx. Although they’re more known for their handy engagement analytics tool, you can also use them to investigate who’s driving your engagement rate down.

PLUS: Phlanx has calculators for everything – not just Instagram. If you want to check your Youtube or Twitter engagement, go for it. Their Instagram audit tool is pretty straightforward – it shows the followers and their engagements. Where Phlanx really stands out is its other bells and whistles. It’s a lot more than just an Instagram audit tool.


MINUS: If you want the full benefits of Phlanx, get ready to pay up. You can get one account for $25/month. But if fake followers are a consistent problem for you, we think it’s worth it – they clearly know what they’re talking about!

Last on our list of Instagram auditors is Heepsy was made with bigger companies in mind, but that doesn’t mean it’s off-limits to you. You can still get a ton of use out of it!

PLUS: Because Heepsy was made for a corporate setting, it’s got a LOT of features. You can search influencers by category, location, and more. You can even organize them into lists. It can show you growth, costs, and more. That’s a great tool for anyone trying to build their audience.


MINUS: Heepsy’s free account is lacking a lot of the features that make Heepsy unique. Additionally, because it’s made for corporations, it’s more geared towards other influencers, not necessarily a personal tool. Honestly, we think if you’re really going for a career as an influencer, it’s worth the investment! That’s a lot of metadata available at your fingertips. But if you just want a one-time thing, better stick to a different Instagram auditor.

Bonus pick: Instagram Audit is a fully-featured Instagram growth suite. It automates your Instagram growth and does all the heavy lifting for you. It’s a tool that more and more Instagram professionals rely on for their online business.

While Nitreo’s main growth app is paid, the website offers a lot of cool, completely free tools that you can use – One of them being Instagram Audit tool.

Nitreo Instagram Audit

Regular Instagram Audits Will Help you Grow

It can be tiring to be constantly vigilant about the people who follow you. Especially if you’ve got a large number of followers. That just means more work!

That’s where a social media credibility checker can step in and analyze your audience quality score. Many times it’s as simple as filling in your e-mail and waiting. An auditor is an Instagram analytics tool that can tell you not only how many fake followers you have, but what the overall engagement on your Instagram handle is like. Some of them can even help you increase that rate!

The Instagram auditors we checked out all have their pluses and minuses. You can choose to prioritize your Instagram audit – whether you’re more concerned about fake followers or your overall engagement rate, they’re all worth giving a shot.

Your Instagram is a product of your hard work. Don’t let fake followers devalue that.

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