Want to know how to unlock the power of Instagram for PC?

Snapping stunning photos and uploading them to Instagram straight from your smartphone is great.

However, it does have its limitations.

Sure, a smartphone gives you that raw authenticity that customers and followers love on Instagram. But they’re not going to deliver the pixel-perfect images you see posted by #InstaModels and influencers all over the world.


Because smartphone cameras are limited.

Even if you have the most expensive phone on the market, it’s not going to match the power of DSLR.

Unfortunately, you can’t upload high-level camera photos to your IG camera reel. Nor you can you use tools like Lightroom, On1 Photo Raw, or Adobe on an iOS or Android.

So, what’s the alternative?

Try an Instagram for PC app instead.

Why You Need Instagram for PC

There are plenty of social media channels out there that deliver the same experience regardless of whether you’re logging on a phone or desktop.

Instagram, the visual app with more than 1 billion monthly users, isn’t one of them.

Designed for an era of smartphone lovers, Instagram gives you more control over your account when you log in via your smartphone. On the browser version of the app, you can only like and comment on photos, or manage your account.

Since 60.4% of all Instagram users are under the age of 24, the social channel believed that it was time to put mobile before desktop. 

Unfortunately, for influencers and marketers, that means that you’ll need a workaround if you want to get the most out of your content. Only with an Instagram Windows app, or a tool on your Mac, will you be able to edit your photos before you post them.

Uploading your photos to your computer before Instagram gives you an excellent opportunity to make them really stand out, whatever your industry.

The Top Apps for Using Instagram for PC

One pretty cumbersome way to access Instagram for PC is to upload your photos from your camera to your computer, then send them to yourself on your phone via email. There’s a good chance that this will result in some resolution loss for your images, however – which is the last thing you want.

Fortunately, as countless Instagram users have continued to request PC or Mac-based solutions for their Instagram needs, developers have begun to come to the rescue. There is now a range of apps to help you out. Here are our favorites.

1.     Ramme for Instagram

Available on Windows, Linux, and Mac, Ramme is a workaround desktop app that delivers an experience similar to the Instagram smartphone application. Provided by the developer paradise of github.com, Ramme offers an excellent experience for Instagram users who can’t afford to compromise on image quality and app functionality.

You can create Stories, upload photos, and even send direct messages, all within the same app. What’s more, it’s easier than you’d think to get started too. All you need is the primary .exe file from GitHub, and you can begin ‘gramming. There’s no need to work through any complicated installing process, and the whole service runs without dragging down your PC performance.

You can even resize the Ramme window on your desktop without experiencing any hiccups – which isn’t common with desktop apps. When you decide you’re ready to upload a new photo with Ramme:

  • Open the application on your PC, Mac, or Linux desktop
  • Click on the + icon at the bottom of the page
  • Browse through Windows files to choose the photo or video you want

2.     The Instagram Windows App

Do you happen to have Windows 10 installed on your computer? Then you’re in luck.

Windows 10 now comes with an Instagram for PC functionality. This simple tool comes with all of the many features that you’d expect from the mobile app; it just works on your PC instead. Like Ramme, it’s lightweight, and easy to use. To download it, you just need to visit the Microsoft Store from your PC.

From the surface, the Windows Store app for Instagram looks similar to the mobile version. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting used to the layout. There’s a taskbar at the bottom of the screen where you can search through Instagram, access your homepage, view your profile, and check recent likes. To add a photo to Instagram from the Windows app:

  • Click the app icon in your taskbar and choose New Post
  • Take a video or photo or click Camera Roll to browse through your saved photos
  • Click on the photo or video you want to upload and add captions as normal

The only issue with the Instagram Windows app is that it’s sometimes a little slow. Aside from that, it’s a great way to access IG from your PC.

3.     IGDM.Me

IGDM.me is an Instagram for PC tool that focuses on letting you continue your Instagram conversations wherever you are. It’s less about uploading photos to the Instagram app, and more about ensuring that you still get your DMs when you’re not with your phone.

Setting up IGDM.me is quick and easy. Download the version that’s most compatible with your operating system from the website, and complete the instructions given by the installer. After the system installs on your computer, you can log into your Instagram account just like you would with your phone.

From this point, you can access all of the DM features found on your Instagram app on your phone, including sending DMs, receiving DMs, and searching for messages from users. The whole experience is effortless to manage, but obviously, the features are limited. You can’t do much with your photos on IGDM; you can only handle your DMs.

4.     Later

Later.com is a website best known for its tool that allows people to schedule their Instagram posts according to what they know about their followers. Through the careful evaluation of your Instagram Insights, you can determine when your community is most likely to be online and build your strategy around them. However, Later doesn’t just help with scheduling.

The application also allows you to access Instagram PC with the auto-publish feature enabled. This means that you can load up your photo to Instagram from your chosen device, without having to worry about being limited to your camera phone. All you need to do is:

  • Collect the content that you want to post to Later: This can include user-generated content from your customers, or pictures from your computer.
  • Add your photos to the Later Media library: Here you can access and manage your photos from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Schedule your Instagram posts: Decide when you want Later to automatically publish your Instagram posts.
  • Plan your feed: Design how you want your Instagram feed to look.

Later will automatically post the content that you want to include on your Instagram feed for you, regardless of whether it comes from your phone or your desktop. This both allows you to upgrade the quality of your Instagram content, and manage your calendar more effectively too.

5.     Upleap

Upleap technically isn’t a computer app per-se, but it is something that will allow you to publish content to your Instagram feed that’s been edited and enhanced on your computer. Mostly, the service works by giving you a dedicated (human) account manager who handles your Instagram feed for you. Don’t worry; there are no bots involved that we can see.

You can send your account manager the content that you want to publish, and they’ll be more than happy to sort it out and get it uploaded to your account on your behalf. Not only will they take the stress of publishing from PC out of your hands, but they’ll also make sure that your content goes out with the right hashtags, geotags, mentions, and more. Upleap even adheres to the schedule that’s best for your audience.

Alongside making it easier to publish high-quality Instagram content from any device, Upleap also offers a range of other ways to take your account to the next level. For example, the human account manager that you receive can go out and like posts from other Instagram users, engage with influencers, and connect with followers on your behalf. Since there are no bots involved, there’s no danger of getting on Instagram’s bad side.

With Upleap, you simultaneously grow your follower count, encourage better engagement, and eliminate the problem of being restricted exclusively to your smartphone. Plus, there’s nothing to install on your PC either. It’s an all-around win.

Using Instagram for PC from Your Browser

If you’re just looking for a workaround that you can access on your computer browser, then there is one other option available. Both Safari and Chrome allow you to trick them into thinking that you’re accessing content through a smartphone, instead of a desktop device.

According to StatCounter, Chrome and Safari users make up about 80% of the digital browsers in the world today. With that in mind, here’s a quick guide to how you can use Instagram for PC with a hack for your browser.

On Your Mac:

If you use a Mac for editing your Instagram photos, then you’ll most likely rely on Safari for browsing. Load up a web page with Safari and visit your Preferences tab. Here, you can click on an option named Advanced. In the resulting pop-up, you can choose to Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar. This simply means that you’ll get more opportunities to play around with on Safari.

Open a private window on your Safari Browser, and go back into the Preferences tab. Now, you’ll see the Develop menu and the sub-option of User Agent. Your user agent is just a fancy name for the device you’re using to browse with. You can click on the agent to change it to virtually any kind of smartphone, including an iPhone.

Your browser will then transform into something similar to whatever you see on your smartphone when you log into Instagram. You should also find that when you log into Instagram, you now have the option to add photos without any trouble at all.

On Your PC

PC users are much more likely to be browsing with Chrome.

To follow the same process that we outlined above on a Chrome browser, just go to your Instagram account as normal from a Chrome tab. You can then press CTRL, shift, and J on your keyboard at the same time to load up your Developer Tools.

Once again, the experience will be very similar to the one outlined for Safari users. Your Developer Screen will let you change the appearance of your browser. Clicking CTRL, Shift, and M will quickly switch you over to the mobile view, where you can choose the phone style that suits you.

This is a little bit of a more complicated way to use Instagram for PC than simply downloading the Instagram Windows app or using Upleap. After all, you’ll have to switch back to using a standard browser again once you’re done uploading your photos.

However, if you’re looking for a basic workaround, and you don’t spend a lot of time adding new content to Instagram, you might not have too much trouble with this option.

Don’t Compromise on Instagram for PC

Ultimately, accessing Instagram for PC isn’t easy.

As the world’s favorite smartphone app for photo sharing and editing, Instagram wants to stay mobile first and foremost. Although, there’s always a chance that they could update their desktop experience one day in the future.

Until that time, the good news is that there are various great ways you can unlock the best possible Instagram experience from your desktop. Enhance your entire Instagram strategy with a service like Upleap, or you stick to the basics with the Instagram Windows app.

The choice is yours.

One thing is for sure – you don’t have to worry about sub-standard picture quality from a smartphone anymore.