When looking for a source to boost your Instagram account, one common question is definitely “What is the best option?”

Needless to say that the possibilities are almost endless.  

However, after you come across one or maybe more sites, you will start to wonder, “Is this legit or a scam?”

Both factors are of great importance, especially since it’s an online business, and we all know how quickly something like this can fail and cost you more than just numbers on Instagram.

To save you time, we set aside ours and made half the job easier. Today, we will specifically deal with InstaFollowers and find out what kind of company it really is.

So, we suggest you stay until the end of this review, and together we will figure out if visiting InstaFollowers will be beneficial or just a pure waste of time.

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InstaFollowers – Collecting Facts

To make it easier to form an initial opinion, we decided to lay all the cards on the table first. Let’s see where InstaFollowers has more cards – pros or cons?

Cheap prices for services.Poor-quality site.
Followers disappearing.
Non-existent app.
Bad reviews on Sitejabber.

I think you already know where this story is going, but let’s elaborate anyways.

The Site Is Visually Unappealing

Definitely, the first thing you will pay attention to when you type in InstaFollowers is the look of the site.

When you visit the homepage, you will have something to see, but not in a positive way.

Only dice with app names – literally!

The InstaFollowers online site has its roots in Instagram services, but you will see that it offers packages for TikTok, Spotify, Facebook, YouTube, and many more when you scroll down.

But let’s be honest – shouldn’t a social media company step up its game when it comes to looks?

This is what we are talking about when we say dices with names. 

A screenshot showing InstaFollowers homepage.

Where Is InstaFollowers App?

Since we are specifically interested in Instagram-related services, that will be the focus of the next question.

Where is the InstaFollowers app?

An unwritten rule for companies dealing with social networks is to include an app in their range of services, of course, in addition to the main site.

We certainly don’t have our laptop at hand 24/7. What we do have are our iPhones and Androids. The inclusion of such apps makes it easier for interested customers to buy Followers or Likes at any time. 

InstaFollowers seems to have decided to ignore this fact.

For anyone who thought they would be able to download this app from the PlayStore, we will have to disappoint you. Unfortunately, there is no InstaFollowers app.

This app doesn’t exist, and when you type InstaFollowers app review, it will take you to some unrelated outdated app that has nothing to do with what you want.

Follower Packages – Reasonably Priced

The only thing that gives a shred of hope to this site is the prices of its packages.

Take Instagram Followers as an example. Here are the prices at which you can buy them.

A screenshot showing follower prices on InstaFollowers.

$1.99 for 50 followers is not expensive at all.

Even if you’re aiming for a bigger number like 2,500, it’s not out of your budget – $11.61.

This is the current situation because some huge discounts are going on.

Nevertheless, these discounts are like bait that will attract a great number of first-time visitors to buy at least something.

One of the crucial factors is definitely the price, and here it looks like a huge plus.

A cautious customer should know that everything that is cheap does not guarantee quality, even if it says so on the site.

InstaFollowers advertises its follower packages as high-quality and premium. According to the name of these offers, we would expect the prices to be at least a little more expensive.

They are totally the opposite, which brings us to the next question. What is the measure of quality here, and are we talking about real followers at all?

We have the answer to that too.

InstaFollowers – Fear of Authenticity 

Whether you opt for a package of 10 or 1000 Instagram Followers, you should be concerned about their authenticity.

High-quality and premium don’t seem to mean anything, as the profiles that arrive on your account will disappear in a month.

This is a red flag that concerns the entire business of this company. If the Instagram services are disappearing, what are the chances that the situation is not the same with other social networks?

The moral of the story is that prices mean nothing if you get fake profiles for your money.

InstaFollowers Unfavourable Reviews

As for the reviews, let’s first look at Sitejabber, where we came across not-so-positive feedback.

A screenshot showing the first review on Sitejabber.

If you read this customer’s comment carefully, you can conclude that it is not only the authenticity of follower accounts but also the company’s authenticity and origin that’s in question.

A screenshot showing the second review on Sitejabber.

Another common scene that occurs is glowing onsite reviews. It is more than clear here that InstaFollowers uses fake onsite reviews to improve their ratings.

Is InstaFollowers.co Legit?

I don’t think you need more information to come to the evident conclusion that InstaFollowers.co is nowhere near a legit company.

Everything we have mentioned so far belongs to the characteristics of a company that is not doing its job as it should.

With this company, the problems are everywhere, starting from a poorly organized site to profiles that disappear after a few days.

These may be minor problems, but still, you lose both money and numbers. If you ignore these red flags, this can also affect you personally on Instagram.

Anything can happen, and one of the worst outcomes is the deletion of your account by Instagram authorities.

Do you really want that?

InstaFollowers – The Closing Statement

We can say with certainty that we have covered all the important points that are crucial for InstaFollowers.

Unfortunately, this company is not among the better ones and offers more disadvantages than advantages. So, let’s review the points:

  • forwarding fake accounts that disappear after a month
  • the overall look of the site is not visually appealing to the eye
  • the company has terrible reviews on Sitejabber
  • there is no app associated with the company

Even extremely low prices cannot save InstaFollowers from the downsides that overwhelm it.

We have finally come to the end of this review, and we can conclude one thing, and that is: InstaFollowers is a poorly organized scam and a waste of your free time.

Choose your options wisely!