Among hundreds of Instagram growth services that have flooded the market in the past few years, a surprising amount of them don’t live to see another day. 

They usually get shut down by Facebook, either directly or indirectly, and sometimes they just disappear for no apparent reason. Whatever the cause, it seems that more and more services fail and crash.  

Such was the fate of Instaboostgram

Admittedly, we were shocked to see Instaboostgram was no more. Just a few months back, it worked fine, so we wondered what happened recently that got them to shut down? 

If you’re intrigued as we were to find out what happened to this service, read our Instaboostgram review, where we put the matter under the microscope in the hope of discovering what caused its demise. 

Was it a long time coming, or was it an untimely end?

You’ll have to scroll on to find out!

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What Is Instaboostgram?

If you try to visit Instaboostgram’s official website, you’ll be greeted with this:

A screenshot of Instaboostgram’s website.

As you can clearly see, the domain is now in GoDaddy’s hands, the famous domain registrar. 

After looking up the service a while back and seeing this, we’ve decided to dig deeper to find out what actually happened to Instaboostgram. 

Was it relocated to another domain? It doesn’t seem so.

The subject is still fresh, and there seems to be a lack of information, so we can really only guess for now. 

Instaboostgram hasn’t given an official statement just yet. Will they ever? Who knows. With this type of service, it’s not likely. 

Before we continue addressing the company’s demise, let’s first see what it was. 

Until recently, Instaboostgram was a service dedicated to boosting your Instagram (duh). 

Besides Instagram, they also offered to grow your Youtube, Spotify, and TikTok. 

Since we’ve never paid much attention to these three, and Instagram is our platform of choice, we can’t really tell you a lot about those services, especially now that they’re gone. 

So, let’s talk about Instaboostgram for Instagram. 

Here’s what their service entailed: 

Instagram followers

Instaboostgram offered a myriad of packages to choose from, and with each, you were promised: 

  • Instant delivery
  • Real accounts
  • Confidentiality (whatever this entailed)

They divided followers into two categories: high-quality and premium. 

They differed in prices and, reportedly, in quality too. The premium followers were less likely to be fake, according to the company. 

We’ve seen this every now and then while researching Instagram growth tools. 

They separate the followers to try to justify the higher prices, but in most cases, there’s absolutely no difference between the two. 

After perusing the Instaboostgram online reviews on Trustpilot and Sitejabber, this appears to be the case with their followers as well. 

Instagram likes & auto-likes

The second part of their Instagram service included likes. They offered regular likes and automatic likes. The latter would arrive each time you post a new photo, and they set the limit at four photos per day, which was completely fair. 

This idea sounds alluring, but it came at a price (a steep one at that) and plenty of terrible customer reviews, which we’ll discuss in detail in a sec. 

How does Instaboostgram work?

Technically, we can only tell you about how it used to work. Truth be told, this was one of the positive sides of Instaboostgram – it was always pretty straightforward and simple to use. 

First, you’d select a package of your choice, provide them with your Instagram username and proceed to payment. 

Instaboostgram never asked for your password, which is a huge deal. If a service wants to know your private info, such as passwords, it’s a red flag. 

There’s absolutely no legit reason for this, so those that do it appear extremely shady in our eyes. 

What Led To Instaboostgram’s Downfall?

Plenty of things are to blame for this company’s downfall. And that’s how it usually is – rarely is there only one reason a company like Instaboostgram goes to the wall. 

Here are a few of what we believe are the main reasons behind the services’ collapse.

  1. Poor quality followers

They can call them any name in the book; it’s undeniable that the followers they sold were subpar. 

There have been complaints about the followers looking sketchy and fake. They’d be a brand new account with no photo, no content, and a random name. If this doesn’t scream BOT, what does?

  1. Terrible customer support

Possibly one of the most significant drawbacks was the awful customer service team (or person). We say a person as one name pops up in every complaint – Matthew. 

Reviewers claim this person is rude, uncooperative, and some even say he threatened them. Any company that treats its customers like this deserves to fail. There, we said it. 

  1. Money-grabbing schemers

The shocking discovery about Instaboostgram is that they actually stole people’s money. Apparently, they charged people without their knowledge, which, if true, is wrong on so many levels.

Instaboostgram Customer Reviews

Once you see what customers really think of Instaboostgram, perhaps it’ll be clearer why the service shut down. 

While it had its strengths, it wasn’t without flaws. As a matter of fact, the latter significantly outweighs the former. 

If you go to Instaboostgram’s Sitejabber page, you’ll find an abundance of mixed reviews. The average rating is only 2.8/5 stars, and in the past 12 months, there have been zero positive Instaboostgram reviews on this reputable site. 

Trustpilot is no different. There, the rating is a bit higher – 3.5/5 stars. However, there are thrice as many 1-star reviews as the glowing ones, and this tells us a lot.

Take a look at what a few dissatisfied customers say:

A screenshot of a negative Instaboostgram review on Trustpilot.

People claim Instaboostgram is a downright scam. They even warn you not to use this service as nothing good comes out of it. 

The person above mentions that ALL the followers are 100% fake.

If you go through all the Instaboostgram reviews on this site, you’ll see a great deal of them have something in common: they all mention a person that goes by the name Matthew – some even claim to have been threatened by this guy that allegedly worked as customer support.

A screenshot of a negative Instaboostgram review on Trustpilot.

The review below is by far the most disturbing one. Apparently, the company (somehow) got a hold of this person’s credit card and charged them $50, even though they’ve never used the service or left their credit card info.

A screenshot of a negative Instaboostgram review on Trustpilot.

It doesn’t seem great so far, does it, guys?

Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg. If we were to show you every single Instaboostgram review and complaint people left, we’d be here for a long time. 

Are you still shocked that Instaboostgram shut down? We figure not so much. 

Is Instaboostgram Legit?

Well, this goes without saying – Instaboostgram is absolutely NOT legit. Even while it was in full working mode, this company was to be avoided at all costs. 

It was not safe for your private info or for your Instagram account, it shamelessly scammed people and delivered poor service consistently. We rest our case.

Instaboostgram Pros & Cons

We know what you’re thinking – the pros side is going to have plenty of empty spaces, and you’re right. While there were a couple of alright things about this company, the cons side is indubitably in the lead.

Easy to useDelivered fake followers
Didn’t ask for your passwordMistreated their customers
Refused to give refunds
Stole money from people
Horrible reviews are abundant

The Final Word On Instaboostgram

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that companies like Instaboostgram deserve to go under. Someone has to put an end to the relentless scammers and protect the good people from falling prey.

It also leaves space for reliable services like Upleap and the others we mentioned to shine and reach their full potential. 

Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t tell a fraud service from a legit one until it’s too late. 

Our honest advice is not to dwell on these inadequate services but instead learn from them. If you’ve had a horrible experience with this or any other similar company, try to get the best out of it and realize what you have to steer clear of in the future. 

There are excellent services out there that genuinely want to help you grow your Instagram account; you just have to find them. 

We know our recommendations are top-notch. It doesn’t hurt to check them out – trust us on this one!