Curious about Hublaagram? Wondering if it’s a legitimate Instagram tool for account growth? Or is it a scam?

In this Hublaagram review, you’ll discover exactly what Hublaagram is about, how it install it, how it works, and if it’s something we recommend for social media marketers.

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Back to the task at hand…

What is Hublaagram?

Hublaagram claims to be a regular Instagram management tool with auto activity features. On the surface, it looks much like other Instagram bots, with no particularly unique features. It’s supposed to be an app on Google Play and Windows, but there are some major issues you need to know about.

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Warning: Red Flags!

While researching Hublaagram, I found several red-flags which you should be aware of before trying out this product.

For starters, the top result for Hublaagram on Google seems to be a fake website, with multiple broken links, poorly written content, and pop-ups that take you to inappropriate adult websites.

When a website is so badly made and contains suspicious pop-ups, it doesn’t make you want to download anything from them.

The second result on Google takes you to a better-made website, with no pop-ups, and more information about the service. I believe this is the legitimate Hublaagram page, but I can’t be sure.

The copyright date on the bottom of the page is labeled “2016 – 2017” and that link doesn’t exist.

It Gets Worse:

You would think at least one of the websites would have proper links, but all the links are broken. I believe the reason for this is because the developer removed the app from the stores. Either that, or it was straight up banned, we can’t be sure.

There’s only one download link that works, the APK file, which is an installation file for Android operating systems. I don’t know about you, but after what I have seen, there’s no way I want to download and install a random, unverified, app on my phone.

After further research, I found yet another website, Hublaa Liker, that is almost identical, except without pop-ups. None of the app or extension links work either. There’s also nothing in the download section.

What’s going on with this program? Where is the actual app?

Since I didn’t want to install the APK file on my phone, I decided to use an Android emulator for Windows to try out the file. As I guessed, the APK file is literally worthless. All it does is take you to a 404 Page Not Found website.

Where is it? Does the app even exist?

Aha! I think I found it. I tried the APK file from the Google Play link on website and threw it into Blue Stacks (Android Emulator) to see if it works.

And it does, it takes you to a Hublaagram login page, where you need to sign-in with your Instagram credentials. Note that this app is called Hublaahelper V2, not Hublaagram. Why do they make it so hard to find the proper app? Come on!

This app seems to work, so let’s run through the services they offer.

Hublaagram Features:

As you can see, there are three core features: Instaliker, InstaCommenter, and Instafollower. Keep in mind, these same features work for other social media platforms too, such as Facebook and Twitter.


Instaliker is not what you would expect from an Instagram bot. Instead of Liking other user’s content, it simply adds Likes to your content. You select the image you want to add likes to, and then choose a package, and the likes should start coming in. Essentially, it’s just buying likes for your account.


Instacommenter is a little different too. The services use an exchange system, so it’s not the bot posting comments for you, it’s other Hublaagram members. It’s an auto-exchange system.

From what I can tell, the way it works is you submit a comment to the system, and then comments from other members come back to you. So you choose a post you want comments on, write a comment, choose the number of comments you want, and click submit.

You’ll receive a warning reminding you to not close the app while your request is added to the list, and you’re also unable to use the feature again for 30 minutes. If everything works, comments should start coming in.


Instafollower seems to work the same, it’s also based on an exchange system. Except, there’s only one button labeled “Submit Followers” and no explanation of how it works.

My guess is the app grabs the followers from your account and places them in a system, eventually sending some back from other users who also used the exchange system.

Those seem to be the core feature of Hublaagram. Now you’re probably wondering how much all this costs.

Hublaagram Price:

Hublaagram offers VIP packages for each social media platforms for $20/month. The VIP membership will automatically send likes to your Instagram posts, from real users, minutes after being posted.

Members can configure the amount of likes they want per post:

Honestly, for $20 a month, I feel like it’s a bit expensive for an exchange system, even if it is somewhat automatic.

I mean, there are plenty of free exchange programs out there, no need to pay for access. Not to mention finding the right installation file is a hassle.

Keep in mind, the only thing this tool automates is buying likes. It sends likes to your posts, that’s it. No auto-follow or un-follow, or any of the usual Instagram bot services.

Hublaagram Pros:

Here’s what we liked:

Free Likes, Comments, and Followers

With the app, you can exchange activity with other members for free. It looks like you can use the features an unlimited amount of times, but there is a waiting period after each use, as a cool-down timer. Other than that, there wasn’t much I liked about this tool.

Hublaagram Cons:

Earlier on in this post, we mentioned most of the downsides, but there are a few more worth mentioning here.

1. Multiple Websites, Broken Links

From my count, I found four Hublaagram websites, and all of them have broken links, including the links to the app download. Most legitimate companies would put effort into fixing their website, and there would be no need to have multiple copies of the same website.

2. Not on App Stores

According to the websites, the app is supposed to be on Google Play and Apple Store. Whether it was and has been removed, is unclear, but the fact remains the links don’t lead anywhere, and a search on the stores reveals nothing as well. On that note, the browser extensions also don’t exist. So there’s no official app.

3. Forced to Download APK Files

Most phones will have the setting to download unverified apps disabled, and you’ll have to manually enable it. I was hesitant to install the APK file on my phone, so I used an Android emulator to test it out. I can’t say if the app is dangerous, but it’s a little suspicious, to say the least.

4. Only Works on Phones

From what I could gather, the app only works on phones, there are no Windows or Mac versions, even though the websites claim there are. I wasn’t able to find any other versions and the link that says Windows download takes you to the APK download.

In other words, the only way to access the app is to either use an emulator as I did or download it on your phone.

5. Use of “Gram” in Their Name

As we know, Instagram does not want tools using abbreviations of the word “Instagram” so this goes against Instagram’s policies. Granted, there are many tools that break this rule, and it’s a grey area, to say the least.

6. Knowledge base Has No Articles

I was surprised to see a knowledge base, only to be quickly disappointed. Here is where you would normally find tutorials, FAQ, and other information, but in this case, there’s absolutely nothing here.

See for yourself:

Nothing in any of the categories or sections. Weird.

Conclusion: Suspicious

Overall, I never came across an Instagram tool that has so many issues. From what I can tell, the app didn’t even work. I ordered Likes and Comments on my test Instagram account, and after a few days, I’m yet to receive them.

To me, the whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth, and it’s really not something I recommend for people looking to grow their Instagram accounts. Especially considering there are so many better options out there.

It looks to me like whoever was in charge of creating the app made the basics and then abandoned the project halfway through. Maybe they’ll update and fix the issues, and when they do I’ll be sure to update this post, but until then this app needs a lot of work.


If you’re looking for a good Instagram management tool that can not only save you time but money as well, take a look at our list of recommended Instagram bots.

Those bots work as promised, don’t have any red flags, and make it easy for you to manage your account with proper automation features.

As for Hublaagram, I recommend avoiding it altogether.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review, if you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comment section below.

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