Do you need an Instagram manager to take your social strategy to the next level?

Most of us assume that we can handle the ins and outs of Instagram alone. After all, how hard can it be to schedule a few photos and throw a handful of hashtags together?

At first, glance, handling Instagram doesn’t seem all that complicated. That is – until you realize that there are over 2 million monthly advertisers on the platform, and over a billion monthly users to connect with. To stand out in a channel so rife with competition, it’s going to take a lot more than knowing which filter to use on your next #Selfie.

Thriving in the age of Instagram means knowing how to handle everything from immersive Instagram Story campaigns to impressive IGTV content, and more. You’ll also need an in-depth knowledge of hashtags, influencer opportunities, and engagement.

The trouble is, it’s practically impossible for any influencer or business owner to handle everything on their own. You have a life to lead, content to create, and even products to sell. You don’t have time to sit around waiting for the ideal moment to post your latest #InstaFood snap.

That’s where Instagram management solutions come in to save the day.

What is an Instagram Manager?

An Instagram manager, or Instagram management tool is the answer to all your social media stress.

If you’re constantly worried about boosting engagement with your new followers, or you’re struggling to keep on top of your schedule, an Instagram manager can help. Remember, Instagram has a lot of potential today. It’s the fastest growing social media platform in the world, and more than half of its user base logs on every day.

What’s more, brands on Instagram also see fantastic engagement levels on the platform. Forrester Research shows that per-follower, the interaction rate averages out at about 2.3%. That’s a considerable way above Twitter (0.02%) and Facebook (0.2%)

The key to success is having a consistent strategy for driving growth on your Instagram account. That means you can’t just post random content and wait for the success to roll in. You need a carefully tailored campaign that utilizes all of Instagram’s ever-growing list of features. Instagram management is how you drive an effective Instagram strategy without letting the social profile take over your life.

While you watch your brand and community grow, the top Instagram management tools:

  • Post videos and photos automatically to your Instagram account (so you don’t have to track your schedule)
  • Research the right hashtags for your company to use, to boost brand awareness.
  • Repost (with permission) the right curated and user-generated content to your site
  • Searches Instagram and other media for people using your hashtag or talking about your business.

There are even Instagram managers out there that assign a human being to your brand. These people can then safely like and comment on photos posted by your community to encourage engagement. They can also help with creating compelling Instagram captions, highlights, videos, and so much more. It’s like having a complete social media management team onboard in your business – without the expensive overheads.

Why You Need Instagram Management Tools

There are two primary kinds of Instagram manager available today.

The first option is a human manager, like the kind you get from These human beings actively take over the management and planning of your Instagram strategy for you – so that you can handle other things – such as business growth. The alternative is an Instagram management tool. These simple pieces of software can automate Instagram posts, manage and publish content, and track your Instagram performance with useful analytics.

Both options have their benefits. What’s more, if you do end up working with a human Instagram manager, there’s a good chance that they’ll be using some of the top Instagram management tools to deliver your results. Remember, according to the Walker Sands report, social media marketing tools are one of the most popular tech acquisitions in the world.

The Benefits of Instagram Management:

So, why exactly do you need Instagram management tools?

  • They help you listen to your audience: No matter what kind of Instagram manager you’re using, you’ll be able to gain a better overview of your marketplace, industry, and target audience. This means you can see what your competitors are talking about, what your customers are saying about you and more. It’s much easier to engage your audience when you know what’s happening in their conversations.

  • Improve content creation and publication: Instagram management tools allow companies and individuals alike to save time planning and optimizing their content. You’ll be able to use your analytics to find out when you need to post to drive the most engagement, then schedule your content to publish automatically.

  • Build stronger customer relationships: Tracking your campaigns and making sure you spend more time engaging with your audience leads to a stronger IG community. Your Instagram manager can even help with sourcing user-generated content and influencer partnerships.

  • Monitor hashtags: Keep an eye on what’s trending in your industry, and make sure that you’re always ahead of the curve. Social listening Instagram management tools are excellent for protecting your reputation. They’re also a great way to get inspired when you’re looking for ways to build out your content strategy. With an Instagram manager, you can plan comprehensive and compelling campaigns in advance.

  • See where you’re heading: perhaps one of the biggest benefits of Instagram management tools is that they let you see where you’re heading. How many people are clicking on the link in your bio? Do people respond better to IGTV videos or Instagram stories on your profile? The more you know, the more effective your strategy becomes.

The Top Instagram Management Tools for 2019

If you’ve decided that now is the time to officially upgrade your Instagram strategy, then the top Instagram management tools can help.

Let’s face it, creating and posting photos and videos to your Instagram feed is hard work at the best of times. Add in content creation for Stories, Highlights, IGTV, and even Live feeds, and it’s easy to see how people end up getting overwhelmed. With 35% of all US internet users now on Instagram, it’s no longer “just” a social channel. Instagram is a fully-fledged marketing and engagement platform.

Fortunately, with these 5 Instagram management solutions, you’ll have no trouble optimizing your next campaign.


Easily one of the top Instagram management tools on the web, Upleap makes handling your Instagram strategy a breeze. Essentially, it combines the simplicity of a one-click Instagram tool with the advanced benefits of a complete social media management team.

Here’s how it works. You sign up for an account with Upleap (there’s a free trial, to begin with), and you’re assigned a dedicated account manager. There are no bots or shady tactics involved, just people with a dedication to Instagram transformation.

Upleap uses real Instagram expertise to figure out what you need to do to generate genuine followers and engagement for your account. It’s not just a quick-fix solution (although you do get results quite fast) – it’s a way to change your Instagram strategy. Your account manager will make sure that you’re taking all the right steps to develop your Instagram presence, while you focus on running your business or living your life.

Features include:

  • An easy to use interface where you can connect with your account manager
  • A human account manager (no bots or automated tools)
  • Scheduling, publishing, and engagement tracking
  • Liking and commenting on posts
  • Customer and follower development strategies
  • Real followers who engage with your content


You’ve probably already heard of Later at one time or another. This schedule-focused Instagram management tool is all about making sure that you get the right content out at the right time. Like Upleap, Later offers access to a free trial where you can test the services before you pay anything.

With Later, you don’t get an official Instagram manager, but you do get a simple way to handle your content strategy across multiple platforms at once – including Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Later also recently announced their position as an official Instagram marketing partner – so you know you’re dealing with the professionals here.

While you’ll still need to handle things like comments, captions and engagement yourself, if you’re just looking for a way to simplify your Insta schedule, Later is a great option. Features include:

  • Photo and video scheduling
  • Instagram Storie’s templates and creation
  • Hashtag and location suggestions
  • Instagram analytics and hashtag analytics
  • Best time to post suggestions
  • access
  • Search and repost

3.      Bio.FM

If the reason that you need an Instagram manager is that you don’t know how to drive followers back to your website or landing pages, then look no further. As one of the top Instagram management tools for 2019, and one of the easiest ways to build out your social media strategy, Bio.FM is an excellent piece of kit for any IG user.

One of the things that make succeeding on Instagram so tricky is the fact that you can only place a single link in your bio. This makes it very difficult to drive consistent traffic to your content. However, with Bio.FM, you can share all of your YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram content in the same shared portfolio. What’s more, the link automatically updates to show off your latest material. That means you don’t have to worry about constantly changing your Instagram link.

Quick and easy to use Bio.FM makes enhancing your Instagram growth strategy easier than ever. It’s an excellent way to encourage engagement not just with your IG profile, but with your entire online presence.

4.      Kenji.AI

For the most part, we’d never recommend replacing your Instagram manager with a bot. However, not all bots are as bad as they seem. While the automated tools that like and mindlessly comment on your posts are no good for long-term growth, there are AI solutions that can help to transform your Instagram strategy too.

Kenji.AI is an Instagram management artificial intelligence that helps to guide your social strategy. Through machine learning technology, Kenji picks up information about your followers, hashtags, and engagement trends, to let you know what you need to do next. All you need to do is set up the bot, and it will immediately begin to capture useful information about your followers. Kenji can even help you to target the right people on Instagram with “hyper-targeted” hashtags.

Whether you’re looking for tips on how to expand your brand reach, or you need help connecting with people in a specific location, Kenji.AI can help. What’s more, just like many of the other top Instagram management tools mentioned here, there’s a free trial available.

5.      Buffer

Finally, let’s look at an Instagram management tool that helps you to get a handle on the Instagram content roundabout. Buffer isn’t just a program that helps you to schedule and tracks your Instagram posts. It’s also a tool that you can use to “Regram” valuable content at the touch of a button.

If you’ve been working on building your Instagram following for a while now, you’ll know how exhausting it can be to always come up with new ideas for content. Fortunately, a great way to continue engaging with your audience no matter what is through reposting.

For instance, say you run an eCommerce fashion store. Reposting a picture of a customer wearing your latest pair of jeans is an excellent way to drive attention your way. There’s no need to waste time screenshotting posts and cropping them either. Buffer is an Instagram tool that makes handling user-generated content easy.

Investing in Instagram Management

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for getting control of your Instagram campaigns.

Some people will find that their best results come from interactions with human account managers who can give them a boost in creativity and support. Other people will just need a little help scheduling their posts to improve their chances of peak engagement.

The key to success is remembering that you don’t have to handle your Instagram strategy alone. An Instagram manager or Instagram management tool will empower you to take your profile to the next level. Are you ready to discover what meaningful management can do for you?

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