Posting Instagram quotes isn’t a brand new trend. You might think that it is simply filler content. That’s where you’re wrong!

In fact, many brands use this type of content to engage with their followers. Businesses often post quotes that are motivational and sometimes humorous.

If you’re coming up with an online marketing strategy, consider incorporating Instagram quotes. However, don’t limit your quotes to only motivate other people.

For instance, you can use the following:

  • Statistics
  • Information
  • Blog or video snippets
  • Customer reviews
tarte cosmetics instagram quotes sampe

Want to learn more on how to use Instagram quotes to grow your account?

In this post, we’ll first discuss the benefits of using quotes for Instagram. Plus, we’ll talk about how to use them to grow your account.

Why Should You Use Instagram Quotes?

Easy To Consume

With more than 1 billion active users, your audience is exposed to thousands of content every day. How do you compete with that? More importantly, do they have the attention span to spare?

High-quality photos can attract users. However, encouraging them to read your Instagram captions is a different challenge.

Longer content is useful with SEO, but it can be overwhelming on a visual platform like Instagram. With that said, try to be brief.

quotes for instagram

This is why Instagram quotes is a huge hit. They are short and easy to consume. In fact, it’ll take less than 30 seconds to read and understand.

When used properly, it’ll help boost brand awareness and visibility. Therefore, use quotes for Instagram to present your message or content in a short and easily consumable form.

Here are a few tips:

  • Create Instagram quotes from your recent video log or blog post.
  • Use Instagram caption to start a discussion based on your posted Instagram quote content.

Take this Instagram quote from The Beauty Chef. It’s a short and simple definition of their branded term “The Bio-fermentary”.

thebeautychef instagram quotes

The quote is easy to understand. Plus, they used Instagram captions to provide additional information and a CTA to check out their link.

Trigger An Emotional Response

Make your audience feel something. When you post content – whether it’s entertaining or emotional, it leaves an impression on your audience.

This compels them to act. It could mean leaving a comment on your post, clicking a link, or buying a product.

Take this example from The Economist. It garnered more than 33K likes and 147 comments. The quote also sparked conversation among the audience.

theeconomist instagram quotes-sample

What they did right:

  • They posted a popular quote using their signature red background and white text.
  • Additionally, they used the Instagram caption to provide information about the person behind the quote.

Combining visual and emotional appeal, Instagram quotes can boost engagement.

Here are a few tips:

  • Use positive and motivational quotes that are relevant to your brand identity.
  • The quotes for Instagram should also be geared toward your audience.
  • Consider adding your own understanding of the quote in your Instagram captions.

Perfect For Branding

Remember, everything in your profile feed represents your brand. Your brand’s mission, vision, identity, and personality. With Instagram quotes, you can communicate what your brand is about in short snippets.

But what if the quotes are from other personalities?

It doesn’t matter what or where the quote came from. You can always add your own unique touch. Here’s how:

Add unique Instagram captions.

For instance, The Economist provides additional information about the personality being quoted.

Use Instagram bio quotes.

You don’t always have to quote popular personalities.

Take this Instagram bio quote from Glow Recipe. They added their own Instagram bio quote “Naturally glowing skin starts here”. In doing so, they created a short self-introduction to potential followers.

instagram bio quotes

Create a specific visual design.

Take for example The Beauty Chef. They use a soft pink background with white text for all their Instagram quotes content.

Use brand colors.

For example, in this post from Supergoop!, they used the same shade of blue as their logo.

instagram quotes for branding

Use Instagram quotes to express your brand’s personality and identity. Let your audience know who you are to build trust.

Quick Tips For Using Instagram Quotes For Growing Your Account

When using quotes for Instagram – whether in your Instagram captions or feed, you need to have a strategy.

What you shouldn’t do:

  • Post random quotes
  • Add unrelated Instagram bio quotes to your brand’s identity or personality

Remember, share Instagram quotes that are in line with your mission and identity as a brand. Therefore, set your mission and vision first. Know your brand’s purpose and what you’re offering.

In doing so, your quotes are targeted towards your audience. Use quotes that align with your brand strategy.

Use It For Branding

Quotes can be used as part of your branding strategy. How?

Tip: When posting a quote, use your own image or video.

Make sure that the content blends perfectly with the rest of your feed. With that said, use the same filter or edit it the same way as the rest of your content.

In doing so, the image or video will have the same look and feel of your brand.

Take this example from Steffi Lynn. She’s into lettering and murals and her feed is filled with stunning illustrations and visuals.

What she did right:

  • She used an original illustration with the quotes.
  • The Instagram quote coordinates beautifully with her feed
  • Her Instagram captions talks more about the quote. Plus, she also encourages conversations with the audience.

Another option is to use brand colors, as mentioned in the previous section. There are apps, like Canva, where you can easily create text overlays.

What’s the importance of branding?

By maintaining a theme, your audience will know your style. They will associate certain colors or filters with your brand. This boosts brand recall and visibility.

Use It To Engage With Your Audience

One of the key strategies to grow your account is to boost engagement. Therefore, if you’re using quotes for Instagram, aim to engage.

In doing so, you’ll not only grow your account but also build stronger relationships.

How do you use this strategy?

Post quotes that fit your brand. For instance, @booksandbooks is a bookstore in Florida. They usually post book quotes for Instagram.

In this particular post, they added a question in the caption. It encourages their audience to join the conversation.

Humorous quotes are also a crowd favorite. Take it from @drunkelephant.

humorous quotes for instagram

What they did right:

  • Encouraged engagement
  • Showed off their fun, playful personality

Tip: When publishing a quote post, add CTAs in your Instagram captions. For example, you can add a question. Or you can add announcements or teasers to excite your audience.

Look at what @kravebeauty did in this post. They used quotes for Instagram and in the caption, they hinted a new product launch. In doing so, they roused the interest of their audience.

Use It To Share Customer Reviews

Another strategy is to use Instagram quotes to share customer reviews.

Take a look at this post from @drunkelephant. The skincare company not only shares humorous quotes but also share customer reviews.

Why share customer reviews?

Firstly, it helps promote your products. Secondly, you encourage others to share their experience as well. This drives engagement to your account.

@tartecosmetics also use this strategy. In addition, they also use CTAs in their Instagram captions.

Use It On Your Instagram Bio

Don’t limit using quotes in your feed. Use Instagram bio quotes to convey personality.

Remember, your bio is the first thing that visitors see on your profile. It’s your introduction. Therefore, you need to make a good impression.

A boring bio will not nudge people to tap the follow button.

Use Instagram bio quotes to tell your audience who you are in a short snippet.

  • Who are you?
  • What are your brand’s vision and mission?
  • Are you a motivational or inspirational account? Or are you fun and playful?

Use It To Promote Your Products

For instance, if you’re a skincare company on Instagram, you can use quotes to introduce your products to your new audience.

It’s a great strategy! Instagram quotes are easy to consume and doesn’t sound salesy!

The @theinkeylist, a skincare company, shared this frequently asked question. Then they proceeded to provide thorough information in the Instagram captions.


In doing so, they raised product awareness. Their audience will know which products to use for their skin type. They were able to accomplish all this without sounding like a sales pitch.

You don’t always have to openly promote your products using quotes for Instagram. Another strategy is to use quotes that are product-related. In doing so, you build brand affinity.

Take this example from @casper. As a company that sells mattresses online, they use quotes that are related to sleep. This way, they encourage people to think about their products.

quotes for instagram

In addition to incorporating quotes in their feed, they also have a wonderful Instagram bio quote. It’s short, easy to consume, and an effective self-introductory.

So Should You Start Using Instagram Quotes?

Sharing quotes for Instagram is a wonderful way to add inspirational or humorous branded content in your feed. It’s also a great way to connect with your audience.

Remember that it should be used strategically. Keep your target audience in mind. Most importantly, use quotes that are in line with your brand identity.