When planning an influencer marketing campaign, you need to make sure the influencer’s audience is suitable for your objectives as a brand.

For your campaign, you will pick the country where you want your products to be promoted, and for that, you need to pick influencers whose audiences are from that specific place. Sometimes, you will see that an influencer is from New York but their audience might be from Rome or Paris. In that case, the target audience would potentially not match your campaign’s objectives.

Heepsy homepage

Influencers have access to these metrics and you can contact them to see if they can send them to you, but there are tools that give you this information. Heepsy is a tool that will let you check an influencer’s audience from among more than 7 million influencers with 5K followers or more. This platform has 90% coverage of influencers within this range.

Heepsy offers a set of filters and features that will let you find influencers according to location, category, number of followers, engagement rate, social media channels, etc. Once you apply the filters that fit your search, you can open an influencer’s profile to check if their audience metrics match your audience:

Audience’s Location

Here you can see where the influencer’s audience members are from. Check the top countries and which one has the highest percentage. This way, if you are planning to do a campaign in different countries you can make sure you make the correct matches.

Heepsy location

Audience’s Gender

With this graph, you can analyze if most of the influencer’s followers are male or female. This metric will be essential if your product is targeted for one gender or the other. 

Heepsy gender

Audience’s Language

If you are planning on promoting your products in French, you will need to make sure that the influencer’s audience also speaks this language. With this metric, you will know the top languages of their followers. Here you see that English, Portuguese, Indonesian, Spanish and Italian are the languages that their followers speak. 

Languages of followers

Audience’s Age

Your campaign might have a target audience for a specific age, so here you can make sure how old your followers are. In this graph, you will know the most popular age ranges for an influencer. Mostly 25 – 35 years old follow this influencer. 

Heepsy age

Audience’s interests

With this last graph, you can see if the influencer that you want to collaborate with has an audience that has interests related to your brand’s purpose. For example, in this case, the interests that they like the most are Travel and Photography. 

As important as it is to pick the right influencer, you need to make sure their audience is aligned with your objectives. That is why Heepsy is the ultimate platform to find and analyze the most suitable influencers. 

 Interests of followers

On top of these metrics, you can also find out if the influencer has suspicious indicators related to have a fake audience. For instance, you can check their follower growth to find out if they have spikes that could be related to the purchase of followers. Keep in mind that it also can mean that they have done a giveaway. You could check the Quality Score to have a better idea if the influencer has healthy indicators or not.

Other advanced metrics that you can see in this section are comments/likes ratio, engagement rate, post frequency, and followers/following ratio. Furthermore, if you are wondering if you can afford a collaboration with that influencer, you can check post metrics. There you will see the average rate for posts and videos, which can change depending on the country, currency, etc. 


If you are looking for a tool that can help you find influencers and analyze their audience, Heepsy is the best solution for you. Their plans start at $49 and they have more than 7 million influencers with 5K or more followers. With Heepsy you can also upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.