Searching for a particular service can be quite confusing from time to time. This is amplified by people who often or without any warning change the image of their brand, which means changing everything from the name to the website from which you buy their service.

One of the companies that have done this is Blastup. We’ve known this service as Gramblast for a very long time and one of the first medium-quality Instagram services that help you grow your following or get you a few extra likes on your posts.

One time around 2018, this company decided not to be called Gramblast anymore and to rebrand in a company that today we know as Blastup.

Nothing significantly changed as the service stayed pretty much the same but the people who have been using Gramblast for a long time asked themselves where did the company along with their service go?

Today we are here to clarify that for you and to uncover the truth that will help you to choose or not to choose Blastup as your primary source of Instagram followers.

Tag along for the ride and find out all of this in just a few minutes and just by reading this article, so in the end, you’ll be able to choose whether to use or not to use this product for your Instagram growth.

Let’s get on with it!

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Gramblast Review In Detail

Not knowing how to approach this problem of rebranding, we decided to call this service Gramblast as it has been known like that for a good number of years.

This does not mean that we are going to talk about a service that can not be accessed anymore and is not a totally different company.

So, there will be a good mix of both Gramblast and Blastup-related opinions written here, but there will be a clear distinction between those two.

Gramblast has been a company that many users trusted at the time. When we say “at the time”, we think of 2018. at max.

One of the good indicators that this is the case is their Twitter account. The last tweet was posted in July of 2018. This is how their Twitter profile looks like now:

A screenshot of now inactive Gramblast Twitter account.

This is rather a good indicator of when they stopped being socially active and probably started rebranding into Blastup.

We think that maybe it was a better move just to rename the Twitter account and make it known that the Gramblast crew is now rebranded to Blastup.

Overall, Gramblast was not that famous for the great quality of their services and followers they provided for their customers but instead, they were known for a good mix of true and fake followers and regular deliveries that would rarely cause any trouble.

At one point, Instagram started catching these deliveries and deleting the followers bought over Gramblast as a consequence of the Instagram guidelines that prevent buying followers or growing your account non-organically otherwise.

This is nothing to be surprised about as this is happening to many other companies that are in the same field of work as Gramblast (or Blastup) used to be (or are still).

Our little assumption of what happened is that Gramblast realized their users aren’t quite happy with their followers that they have paid for are disappearing.

In order to fix that they have probably chosen rebranding as the safest option so they wouldn’t have to stress about the negative comments following them around even after rebranding and potential making up for the mistakes that they have made.

This was not the smartest move, but it sure isn’t a stupid decision either. By doing this they have eliminated all of the negative contexts that have been following them around for so long.

Is Gramblast Legit?

The better question would be “WAS Gramblast legit?”. Well, it depends on what you think when you say “legit”.

Have they been scamming people for their money? No. Did they advertise something they weren’t offering? Not particularly. So, if they don’t meet these two criteria, for us it means that they have been legit for the duration of their company existence.

Some people say that for Blastup as well, but there are people who disagree. Here are just a few of the examples we are talking about:

A picture of negative reviews on Trustpilot regarding Blastup’s service.

Both of these and many more that you can check on Trustpilot’s site claim that a good majority of users have had a bad experience with Blastup’s current service.

Sadly it seems that Gramblast’s bad habits took over the show in Blastup and have been causing the same kind of problem over there as well.

There are a few things that need to be said about this. The first and most important one is that companies that take their consumer’s money without any problems or regrets should be upfront with them about everything.

It’s much better if you are quite clear about rebranding to your customers and let them know what’s happening instead of just changing the name of the company, buying a new domain, and carrying the bad habits from the past.

Blastup is not a service that should be considered bad as it is, but it is a service that requires a lot of work in many different fields so they can become capable of providing their customers and users with a quality and high-grade service that is worth the money they charge for it.

Prices on Blastup that are quite similar to the ones that we had the opportunity to see on Gramblast’s website look something like this:

A screenshot depicting prices of Instagram followers bought over Blastup website.

The range of follower packages that are available is nothing to be impressed with because the majority of other sites tend to have around ten different packages related to this service.

Gramblast Review – In Summation

This is a specific case that requires a specific approach. Although this needs an unorthodox conclusion, we feel like it’s quite necessary to take a look at a pros&cons table in order to sum up all of the mixed feelings about these two companies.

Has affordable packagesBad history related to Gramblast
Nice website designSeems that they’ve scammed people in the past
/Not enough follower packages
/Trying to conceal their rebranding

When you look at this table we think it’s quite clear to you that you probably should search for some other alternatives in this field of work.

Remember that at the end of the day the answer to the question “is Gramblast safe?” is something along the lines of “not sure” or “probably” and if you see that there is a past that is following them throughout the rebranding process.

So, all in all, you should keep your information safe, ask around about the service so you don’t get scammed into using the same service under two different names, and definitely spend your money wisely!