Surely you are tired of looking for an all-in-one company: reliable, affordable, and secure?

These types of companies are pretty much hard to pin down, and you know it. But, fortunately, we are here to narrow down the choice at least a little. Given the range of companies that currently exist online, any kind of narrowing down helps.

Today, however, we are dealing with a company that is not independent like many others that we have reviewed so far. 

We are talking about a reseller company – Fastlykke. Ever heard of it?

Your search engine has probably pushed you in this direction, so let’s not deviate from the topic too much, and get to the point.

We advise you to stay with us until the end of this review and find out the whole truth about this reseller company, how it works and whether it has any flaws you should know about.

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Fastlykke – The Pros & Cons

What a relief to have a visual representation of the company’s pros and cons right at the beginning of the review, right?

Well, we thought of everything in advance. Here you go:

Neat layout of services.Troublesome reviews on Trustpilot.
No sensitive information required.Possible scam companies involved.
Secure site.No free trial.
Orders arriving late.

What Is Fastlykke?

In the introduction, we mentioned that this is not your usual online Instagram company with a million offers. Instead, here we are talking about a more dependent version of product placement.

It is a reseller company that ranks and markets the services of other companies in the field of social media. Fastlykke deals with:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud
  • Twitter
  • TikTok

Fastlykke – Instagram Services

Since this company operates with several social platforms, and we need a specific one – we will focus only on the offers that are related to Instagram.

So Fastlykke, in its Instagram feature, supposedly has a bunch of companies that it recommends to its potential customers. These offers include recommendations for:

  • buying Instagram followers
  • buying Instagram likes

You have to admit that this seems a bit limited at first glance, but let’s take a closer look at what lies behind this.

IG Followers

In the option where the most reliable companies are recommended for buying Insta followers, we can see the following choices:

A screenshot showing follower service providers.

The first reaction to the very appearance of this offer by Fastlykke is primarily positive, isn’t it? We see the ranking by categories, and we are offered with more than 3 choices.

But if you really think about this, you might wonder about the reliability of these reviews and whose criteria these are.

Companies that have a 4.7 average here can very easily turn out to be a scam the moment you opt for their services.

Bet you didn’t think of that right away.

IG Likes

In case you are not interested in followers, but in likes, you will come across an almost identical situation as when you clicked on another offer.

Note that we said similar, not totally the same.

What is different are the reviews, but now for Instagram likes.

A screenshot showing like service providers.

The offer is different, there is no dispute, but the question is the same.

Are these criteria a realistic representation of the success of all these listed companies? There is only one way to check this.

Fastlykke Reviews – Closer To The Truth

Whatever the service in question, be it related to social media business or something else, potential buyers go to review sites for reassurance.

We decided that our choice would be Trustpilot, and see what people there have to say.

We have to admit – our doubts were very much valid. We were right when we doubted the success and reliability of the companies and the criteria.

According to Trustpilot reviews, 60% of users have not sugar-coated Fastlykke. This is not a small percentage at all, so we decided to stop here for a minute.

A screenshot showing trustpilot reviews

What greeted us is not much different from other companies that have failed in the field of providing services to its customers.

Of course, previous customers have been going on and on about how likes and followers disappear after a while.

In the crowd of these reviews, there were also some comments according to which users had a huge problem finding the Fastlykke app. It turns out it’s not available for download.

We don’t blame those who fell for this for the first time. Unfortunately, a lot of them get tricked because of these seemingly “top-notch reviews.”

Orders that are late, customer service that does not respond, and numbers that disappear after a few months – that’s about it.

This is something that is repeated over and over again in the online world. Of so many choices, it isn’t easy to find one that will justify at least one of the above mentioned conditions.

That is why we advise you to always double-check before you decide on a company, whether it is a regular or a reseller like this. Look first at what former customers had to say!

Fastlykke – The Safety Of The Site

The reliability of a company is closely related to the security of the site. In many cases, we have come across sites that are compromised by viruses.

This can harm both your browser and all of your private information that has been online for people to see.

So, is Fastlykke safe?

Don’t worry. Fastlykke is solely a safe site, but we can’t guarantee the companies where it will forward you. There you are on your own, so to speak.

The Final Word On Fastlykke

So, we have come to the end of this review as well. We have to admit that this was not our usual cup of tea – but we pulled through.

Now would be the time to gather all our knowledge about this company, approach the final decision and offer some advice to you who are reading us.

When you look at Fastlykke from a broader angle, it will seem like an excellent way to narrow down your choices when deciding which company will best serve your Instagram growth.

This may be a successful narrowing, but the criteria have not been tested. It turns out that you should not believe only the positive reviews on the company’s website.

If you decide to stay on this site, maybe even try one of their recommendations, our advice is: A long and detailed investigation will save your Insta account from any unnecessary loss.

Whatever you decide, good luck with your search!