Let us begin this review with one well-known fact – No online company is either 100% perfect or 100% terrible.

If you dig deep enough, you’ll find both the good and the bad sides.

Our job is to do the same, but with the goal of helping you who want to know more about the service you wish to use or are currently using.

In both cases, such reviews are of good help, and in a way, guidance. But, unfortunately, companies that deal with social media enhancement are huge in number terms, and very difficult to classify.

Today, however, we will try to analyze one, perhaps familiar to you. It’s Digi SMM.

Maybe you’ve already stumbled upon its services by chance, a good friend might have told you about this, or you just ended up here by accident.

Regardless, we are glad that you did.

We have a lot to tell you about this company, so our honest advice would be to stay until the end of this Digi SMM review and go through the bits and pieces of this company with us.

So, without any further delay, we’d like to start this review.

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Digi SMM – The Deal-Breaker

Before we officially start with our truth about this company, we decided to show you everything we have managed to gather about it.

We honestly think that this concise and brief overview is a total deal-breaker and that you should see it right away.

Pleasant-looking homepage.No 24/7 customer support available.
/Free trial can’t be accessed.
/Ridiculously high prices.
/Inorganic growth.
/Followers dop after some time.
/Concerning reviews.

Okay, this was certainly a lot of information thrown at you at one point, but this isn’t even the beginning.

We will elaborate on each one individually and add our (humble) opinion.

Digi SMM – To Bits & Pieces

Before we set out to praise or scold (probably the latter) this particular company, it would be only fair to allow Digi SMM 5 minutes of fame and go through the basics that this company has to offer.

The beginning of any company is its homepage.

A screenshot showing digi smm homepage.

Digi SMM is based on one application, and it is the one we are particularly interested in – Instagram.

As you can see from the above-included picture, Digi SMM offers the following services:

  • Instagram Followers
  • Instagram Likes
  • Instagram Comments
  • Instagram Views
  • Auto Instagram Likes

The next thing on the homepage is important for the simple reason that it represents a breeding ground for us to develop this review further.

Here’s what Digi SMM sets as the reasons why you should opt for this company: let’s see what they chose to emphasize.

A screenshot showing the reasons why to use digi smm

Lots of bragging, if we may say so. As we mentioned at the beginning, no company is 100% perfect.

Digi SMM has decided to throw all the features of a perfect company on its homepage. But is it able to fulfill them all?

We’ll find out soon.

The “SMM” in Digi SMM

We understand that the services of such companies are also used by individuals who are not fully acquainted with the entire social media story. For this reason, we wanted to clarify what SMM is and why it is essential for potential customers.

SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. But why does this matter?

Well, this helps you break through in the online world if you know how to use this in practice.

Social Media Marketing is reflected in the following components:

  • strategy
  • planning and publishing
  • listening and engagement
  • analytics and reporting
  • advertising

Each of these components are important for the customer, and in this particular case, the Digi SMM company reportedly uses them all.

However, we are beginning to suspect that they are not doing their job right.

Customer Support – Barely Getting An Answer

The first item on our list that we will process is customer support. At first glance, it may not seem of primary importance, but there’s a good chance you might be wrong.

With online companies and businesses in general, customer support is the first straw you grab when you have any questions, or in the worst case, a problem.

This is not your regular company or a shop that you can reach in 5 minutes. This is something totally different, and it should be treated with a certain amount of responsibility.

Let’s see how Digi SMM is managing this particular issue.

A screenshot showing digi smm customer service

By some general criteria, this is not enough for customer service. Let us explain.

Digi SMM reportedly offers three ways to contact them: via WhatsApp, Skype, and the good-old mail address.

Frankly, none of these guarantee any answer, let alone an instant one. What if the problem happened on a Friday night and you are in desperate need of help?

  • WhatsApp can just be a fake number that doesn’t work at all.
  • We all know that responses by email are pending for 3-5 working days.
  • And who else puts Skype as a contact?

Digi SMM lacks any kind of 24/7 available customer support. Many companies have solved this problem by introducing a live chat option (which really works).

Yes, there have been examples where even the live chat options have been totally useless. But there is no such thing here.

All in all, if you were wondering how to contact Digi SMM, you can’t count on Digi SMM’s employees to pick up the phone, answer the email or call you on Skype. 

Free Trial Is Not Available

The next thing on our list that we have to check is the free trial option.

As you’ve probably seen many times before, most companies that do some online business, whether it’s social media or something else, offer a free trial option.

This can be seen as a form of assurance that their business is valid.

Speaking of Digi SMM, this is not the case. Namely, this company has a free trial option on the homepage itself, which you can see when you scroll a bit. Here it is:

 A screenshot showing a free trial option.

If you decide to click on this, it won’t work.  And if we are completely honest with you, we don’t know whether this is just put on the homepage for “show,” or whether there is something wrong with this at the moment. 

Either way, they should probably get it fixed. 

This company should know that any unavailable option is a potential complaint on review sites.

Not to mention those companies that advertise a free trial with a huge number of free followers that they “give away”  and damage your Instagram account.

The Prices of Packages – Too Expensive

We would like you to pay special attention to this section because it took us a little longer to understand and develop an opinion.

The first thing that caught our eye was the poorly organized packages that sell followers. First, it says it’s all $ 19.99. But if you look a little closer, you are actually expected to choose the number of followers – and the numbers range from 30 to 120.

Here’s what we’re talking about:

A screenshot showing follower packages.

Logically, as you change the number, the price increases. And we can say that these are not reasonable prices.

For example, take the smallest option: 100 Instagram Followers spread over 30 posts is $ 19.99.

In the past, both of us have surely seen the same number of followers, only for less money. And those were quite reasonable prices.

By some general standards, this exceeds the budget of ordinary people who are not involved in any online business, but just want to boost their Insta with some genuine numbers.

Inorganic Growth – A Threat To Your Account

Another item that is closely related to buying followers, or any other offer from this company is at what time do they arrive on your profile.

With smaller numbers, it shouldn’t be that much of a problem, but if you’re targeting multiple offers at once or something like that, it might be best to stop.


Well, because Instagram has developed a strategy with which it can very easily detect purchased or bot profiles and remove them from your account.

In some cases, we’ve seen the account itself be deleted and banned – but these are cases where customers have simply gone too far with the purchase.

As you can see, instant delivery is not always a great option.

Even if Instagram itself does not remove these followers from your profile, the chances that they will disappear on their own are almost 100%.

What’s the point here?

This is not so much about Instagram as it is about the company itself and the quality that it promotes.

Any company can write that the profiles are top-quality. However, you are often met with the opposite when they actually arrive.

Concerning Reviews

Finally, we saved the most real for last – customer reviews.

As you may have already anticipated, they are not so positive. How can they be after everything that you have read so far?
Digi SMM has many angry customers, and here is what they have to say about the business of this company on Trustpilot.

A screenshot showing trustpilot reviews.

Whatever the company in question, looking for reviews on sites like this is always a good idea.

Digi SMM: Legit?

If we have managed to conclude something from everything that we’ve listed, it is that Digi SMM is by no means a legit company (although it may seem so at first glance).

Digi SMM is a scam that has certainly managed to fool a number of potential customers.

The Final Thoughts On Digi SMM

It’s time to gather all the facts and impressions and decide how we will characterize Digi SMM.

To remind you, Digi SMM:

  • has no adequate customer service
  • forwards fake accounts that disappear
  • offers its services at really expensive prices
  •  doesn’t have a functioning free trial option

So the answer to the question “is Digi SMM safe” is one big NO!

The lesson of the day is that Digi SMM is by no means for you, so if you come across this site, just skip it – no questions asked!