When someone decides to boost their Instagram account, it’s not an easy task to decide on which service that someone is going to use.

Because of these situations, people like us exist. Today we are going to dive deep into the Boostlikes service and tell you if it is a viable contender on the endless list of companies that provide some services regarding your Instagram growth.

There might be some subtle things that might escape you, but trust us when we say – they won’t escape us.

So in order to find out all about these subtle things that actually might be the reason to use this service or not to use it, we suggest you follow along for the duration of this article and come to a conclusion all by yourself at the end.

Save your time and see the good, the bad, and the ugly of this service for yourself in just a few minutes, because these might make a difference once you type in your credit card number.

Let’s get started!

Since we are on the topic of saving time if just a few minutes is too long for you and you are here just in search of a quality Instagram service for growing your account, you can always check Upleap. To make sure this is not BS, we highly recommend you take a look and read our Upleap review which will tell you exactly what you need to know about a company you’re about to give your money to.

In case this is not enough for you and you’d like to take a look at some other services that you think might satisfy your needs, you can always find them here:

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Where Do Boostlikes Come From?

It’s funny how people sometimes don’t know where the service or the product they opted for comes from.

This might sound quite hilarious from time to time, but when the laughing stops, then the realization of the unknown hits.

You should always know where and to whom your money goes and when this is not the case, the next question probably is “Is my information safe?”.

Well when the topic of the conversation is Boostlikes, it appears your personal information is quite safe with them.

We are not telling you this just by going off of our hunch, but there are a few factors that need to come into this claim. First thing is that they don’t ask for your password, you can even just copy the URL of the profile you want to boost with followers.

A screenshot depicting some safety features on the Boostlikes website.

As you can see from the photo there is one more thing that is making you safer and your information much more protected, and that is the payment method or the payment options that you can choose from.

Cryptocurrency is convincingly the safest option there is right now for regular people like you and us.

The websites that give you this option really do care about your safety and the safety of the transaction, so this is something to take into consideration when choosing a service that you will be using for a longer period of time.

Is Boostlikes Legit?

When talking about service, Boostlikes isn’t something to be impressed with. Their security might be better than some of their biggest competition, which doesn’t mean everything else related to their service is.

The quality of followers, which is arguably the most important component of the answer to the question “Is a service legit?” is not that high.

People who we’ve been talking to say that it’s not all too bad, because there is a mix of genuine and fake followers or bot accounts.

This just means that when you order (for example) 1000 followers – 500 will be true genuine followers, 300 will be fake followers or low-quality ones, and 200 will be bot accounts with no followers or pictures on their accounts.

These numbers are not exact but rather used to explain more easily what we mean under “not that high”.

Look, some people don’t have a single problem with this and it’s mostly if they are boosting an account that has a lot of followers already so the few hundred that seem fishy will get lost in a few thousand that aren’t so it’s not a big deal.

For some other people that want to make it look clean even if someone wishes to go through all of their followers, this poses a big problem.

We do understand those people because we see this mix as a problem as well regardless of the number of followers or the amount you already have on your account that you’re trying to boost.

There is not one good reason not to offer a high-quality service for your users because it has become so easy to do that which means there are no excuses for this kind of mid to low-tier product.

When you buy followers, you expect to get what you’re paying for and if they don’t advertise their service as mixed, it shouldn’t be like that as a final result either.

This is an unbiased Boostlikes review and we don’t want to lie to you about things that are not good when talking about their service.

The whole point of this review is to make it as clear as possible what is good and what are the bad sides to this service so you can make a decision for yourself at the end.


Prices are arguably the most important thing besides the quality of the service when we talk about a website that is specializing in social media boosting.

One thing we do like regarding Boostlikes pricing is that they don’t offer packages that they have created for their users.

Instead what they do is they let you slide a little bar that shows you exactly how much you’ll pay for any number of followers you’d like to buy.

This isn’t something original that only they do, but it’s a great addition to their website for people who don’t know the exact amount of followers they want to buy but want to experiment with the service and to see how well it works.

A screenshot depicting a price slider on the Boostlikes website.

They do deserve to be praised for this because even though they didn’t invent it, this is something many companies can use but won’t incorporate in their website just because it’s “too much work” but it actually isn’t.

Boostlikes Review – Summation

What we like to do is to first take a look at a pros and cons table in order to set the good and the bad side by side and then compare them. In that manner, let’s do that right now:

Safe and secureFake followers thrown into the mix
Cryptocurrency compatibleBot accounts can be found in their service
You can choose the number of followers you buyFollowers detected by Instagram and getting deleted
Outdated-looking website

As you can see most of these are not deal breakers, but there are a couple of things to consider, so don’t be scared to make up your own mind and go with it.

At the end of the day, it’s your money and your choice so don’t jump to any conclusions and take your time in choosing a company that you will trust with your money.