If you clicked on this article, we assume that you were confused by what you came across on the AutomaticViral site.

It’s okay. We’ve all been there.

Because of you and many others who have certainly found themselves in the same position, we have decided to make life easier at least a little bit by clarifying the current issue of AutomaticViral.

Today, thousands and thousands of top-notch companies on the Internet successfully deal with Instagram-related services, but there are also those that have not had the same luck.

Most of them have a terrible reputation practically waiting for the ban, and some have already reached this step and are now on the “black list.”

We think it’s time to find out exactly what happened to this company, so stay until the end of this AutomaticViral review.

You won’t be disappointed!

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What Is AutomaticViral?

From what you can conclude without any initial knowledge is that it is an Instagram-related company. However, given the diversity of their offerings, the following question would be:

What characterizes AutomaticViral?

Simply put, this is a company that offers its potential customers one single service:

  • Automatic Likes

This seems fishy already, but let’s give this company a moment and try to figure out what it used to offer.

AutomaticViral’s’ Limited Offer

If there is one thing that will lead customers to a particular company, then it would be various offers.

And, let’s face it – Instagram has come a long way over the years and offers us a lot more chances than when it was at the beginning of its glory.

This should be an indicator for companies to step up their game and offer more services. It seems that this news did not reach everyone after all.

AutomaticViral must have been offline when it was time to expand the range of their offerings.

The limitation of this company is that it remained only on the offer of Automatic Likes to its subscribers.

There are so many reasons why this is so unprofitable and simply wrong.

Automatic Likes are perhaps the weakest service a company can offer.

Many companies have removed this offer because there are more negative than positive aspects.

For starters, how can we ignore Instagram’s policy according to which inorganic waves of likes on the profile are removed almost immediately.

With offers like this, buyers are attracted mainly by the price with the excuse: so what, $ 3 isn’t that bad if it fails?

True, it is not, but keep in mind that not everyone thinks the same.

Alleged Pricing

According to some information we were able to gather for a better evaluation, here are the prices according to which AutomaticViral used to sell its services:

50 followers$9.99
100 followers$17
1500 followers$99
5000 followers$300
10000 followers$450

Trust us, we are as surprised as you are. For a company that doesn’t offer that much, they sure want to take what they can get from your pocket.

For someone who is not already an established influencer or a company that regularly takes from the budget for online promotion, even the $10 for  $50 likes will be suspicious.

And it should be.

We must state that the AutomaticViral business strategy is anything but cost-effective. We can only guess how many customers they lost after seeing the prices.

AutomaticViral Shut Down?

You must be wondering how come you can no longer access this site and why is it constantly kicking you out?

The word is that AutomaticViral has been shut down recently, which was somewhat expected for a company like this.

In case you may not have a clear reason, here’s a thought: What could you possibly look for in a company that offers only one service that is both expensive and risky?

We hope this can help your thoughts sort out.

If you make the effort to access this company’s website, the farthest you will go is this.

A screenshot of automaticviral’s homepage.

In addition, customer service is another aspect that AutomaticViral has not considered introducing.

It was bad enough that they were already limited with offers, but denying customer service is a huge minus.

Devastating Reviews

Just when we thought that we’ve seen everything, we came across devastating reviews on Trustpilot.

We were surprised for a moment because in most cases with shutdown companies, the reviews are also removed.

Here, however, the story is different, and these comments from people do not go in favor of AutomaticViral at all.

Here’s a sneak peek at some angry customers.

A screenshot showing trust pilot reviews.

People obviously like to vent about inadequate services, and when they do, they make sure to include every detail with a sprinkle of their own opinion.

Because of such things, these sites are the right place for us who write and for those of you who read. The key is to confirm what is already somewhat known.

Never doubt a Trustpilot review when you see one.

AutomaticViral Gone For Good?

As we bring this review to an end, the same question has undoubtedly occurred to both you and us. We’re going to take a guess and say:

Is AutomaticViral still a scam?

Um, yes, it is.

If you looked at that “homepage” picture from before, you could see that it says that they don’t accept new customers but that they “allow” a login (probably customers who had a profile from before).

This is absolutely unacceptable, and it is certainly a matter of days when this will also be removed from the internet.

Those who learned a lesson and were part of the faulty services offered by this company would certainly not dare to type in their username once more.

AutomaticVIral: A Brief Overview

We can say that we have covered every corner of this company. Now it would be good to sort it all into one table for an easier-looking display, right?

/Expensive prices
/Limited services
Shut down
No customer service
Poor reviews on Trustpilot

Whatever company you decide to review, it is clear why a visual display can be crucial to your decision.

Summing Up

I believe that it was enough to just look at this table at the end to make everything crystal clear to you.

AutomaticViral is full of negative characteristics. Fortunately, it has been removed from the internet, so it can no longer offer its poor services. It was about time, right?

Sometimes even bad examples bring something good.
From this particular example, you have learned what is no longer popular on the market and that you should avoid companies like AutomaticViral in the future.