When you stumble upon a company that has such a big number of negative reviews attached to its name and products, you probably find yourself losing any interest in using it.

We know how that feels and so we’ve decided to help you form your own opinion on the situation regarding Audience Gain and the negative reviews you can find on Trustpilot that are to their name.

Sadly, when you find out everything we’ve learned about this company at the end of this review, you’ll probably just reinforce your desire to stay far from this company or their product.

There are certain things that companies that provide a paid service should do, and one of them is admitting their mistakes.

It seems like Audience Gain (or Stormlikes if you’d like) have done everything except admitting their wrongdoings and apologizing for them.

We highly suggest you read through this article in order to learn how to avoid companies like this and products that come from them just so you keep your money safe and put it elsewhere.

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Should You Buy Instagram Followers From Audience Gain?

Well, even if you wanted to do that, you can’t anymore. Something happened in the meantime that made it impossible to visit their website.

Now, the domain is only used to redirect you to Stormlikes website that is selling the same kind of service.

This can mean one of these two things:

  1. Stormlikes bought the domain so they would lure Audience Gain’s old customers
  2. Stormlikes is owned by the same people who own Audience Gain

None of these two should concern you. If Stormlikes needs the attention of former Audience Gain’s users, it means that they don’t have quite a developed marketing strategy.

If someone was to read what people were saying about Audience gain and their service, people from Stormlikes would soon realize that that kind of publicity can not bring any profits, but only damage their name furthermore.

The other option is quite worse for anyone who is using Stormlikes and their services. When we take into consideration how bad of a service Audience gain was offering, we can only assume that a big chunk of those bad habits is brought onto Stormlikes.

Even when the website was up, there was something fishy about all of their services. Also, people noticed that the design of their website wasn’t up to date so it seemed nobody was putting money in the domain.

Just for reference, this is what their pricing for Instagram followers used to look like back in 2018:

A screenshot depicting Audience Gain’s website in 2018.

The prices were also off, so people noticed that as well. Sadly we don’t have the information that is up-to-date, but that information would be useless since you can’t really make much of it. This is what the prices looked like way back in 2018:

A picture showing the prices of Instagram followers in 2018 on Audience Gain.

Nothing here seems or looks right if you ask us. There isn’t a single thing that is inviting about that website or service, so it’s no wonder that people stopped using it.

There is a recurring theme – people say that they never got the followers that they’ve bought from Audience Gain’s website. This doesn’t only mean that they used to sell low-quality followers, but it also means they didn’t always deliver, but they were very strict about taking your hard-earned money.

Here are a few examples of people claiming the same thing happened to them while using Audience Gain’s service:

A screenshot depicting a negative review on Trustpilot regarding Audience gain’s service.
A screenshot of another negative comment on Trustpilot about Audience gain’s bad service.

To someone who’s read these two comments, and especially to a person that visited the Trustpilot page that is dedicated to this company this is quite enough reasons to stay away from anything and everything that this company ever touched.

Is Audience Gain Legit?

To put it plain and simple – no. They were never legit and the service they used to provide wasn’t either.

Nothing about this company was legit from the day they started working to the day they were taken down.

As you see the same can be said by just looking at the comments from earlier which means that the service was poor even when you had the chance to use it.

The current situation where you can’t even visit the website anymore is somewhat of an evidence that today’s s customers didn’t have the same tolerance levels as the ones before them.

When a website is taken down and there isn’t a logical explanation for that happening that usually means the service was so terrible that it had to be taken down just to dodge some legal charges or similar problems along the way.

Audience gain isn’t the only one that met this end, but it certainly is one of the biggest names that used to have a good number of users that they were scamming and taking money from, but now – that’s not possible anymore (luckily).

Now look, is there a possibility that this domain was shut down due to lack of funds or a technical fluke? Yes, it is possible.

How is it possible? There is very little possibility for this scenario to be true. We are confident in saying this just because of the fact that the domain is used to redirect you to the Stormlikes website.

These are not the only two companies that provide the same service, but they provide it for the same social media platform. If that doesn’t tell you a thing or two about them, I don’t know what does.

Audience Gain Review – Final Thoughts

We don’t know how to end this article and not additionally critique the product and company that used to be Audience Gain.

So now let’s put all of the unsatisfied people and negative reviews and everything that we have found in a pros & cons table in order to see these things side by side. When that is over then you should reconsider your opinion of a company like this.

/Didn’t deliver followers
/Ignored customer requests
/Used to deliver low-quality followers
/Poor web page design

Nothing good can be drawn as a conclusion from this table. We would add that this is an accurate representation of what their service used to be because the positive comments on this topic were so rare they could be on a level of a statistical error.

So there is a lesson to be learned here. Don’t trust the recommendation that somebody gave you, but instead do your own research and take a moment to make your own decision at the end of that research.