When you hear a bad thing related to somebody or something your first instinct is to check if that rumor is true or false.

We strongly advise you that this becomes a regular security check for all companies that are related to social media, as rumors can be either true or false.

If we’re talking about a service such as AppSally’s one, for which there are little or no reviews, you need to be extra careful and maybe a little bit creative.

To ease and shorten this tedious process, we have decided to search every single corner of the World Wide Web that might contain some unbiased information related to AppSally and their service.

Being keen on getting your hands on some quality information about a potential service that you might use in the future might be worth your while, so we highly recommend you lay back, pop a fizzy drink, and keep reading until you have a crystal clear view on this topic.

It’ll only take a few minutes, so the faster we dive in, the faster you’ll know everything there is!

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What Is AppSally?

AppSally is a digital service that is primarily targeting (inexperienced) Instagram users. There are a ton of companies similar to the one we’re talking about right now, but there are a few that have such few reviews online regarding them.

This is the first red flag that we’ve stumbled upon, but let’s leave that for later. For now, let’s stick to this theme.

These kinds of companies are not made to last long. Their only goal is to make a certain amount of money on some new and inexperienced users, testers, and from paid promotions and as soon as people realize what they really are – they start the rebranding process.

It’s not 100% sure that this is the case with AppSally, but all of the markers needed for this scenario are here. We call them “red flags” because if they tick all the right boxes it means that it’s probably the scenario we mentioned above.

For one, if you go on Sitejabber or Trustpilot and not find a single review on this service, you should consider that the first red flag.

A screenshot depicting the search results for AppSally on Sitejabber.
A screenshot depicting the search results for AppSally on Trustpilot.

These websites are quite reputable and should be trusted as they have zero tolerance for fake and paid reviews.

There’s nothing worse than seeing this kind of feedback when you search the two most reputable sources for unbiased reviewing when it comes to these kinds of companies and their products.

Not to mention that Trustpilot shows you the message that it shows, we think that this is the most important thing to remember when talking about initial internet research.

But, there is a good indicator that we have found that can tell both you and us a great deal about this company. We’re talking about a website that never lets down – Scamadviser.

On this website, you can find pretty much any company and the evaluation of their product. Unfortunately for the people working in AppSally, people on Scamadviser do their job with the most unbiased approach we have ever seen.

Let’s take a look at what they had to say about this company and their service in particular and then we’ll discuss the information we have stumbled upon there.

A picture showing AppSally’s rating on the Scamadviser website.

First things first – trustscore. This is a system that is the representation of all of the reviews that have written a review on this service.

Overall, this low rating means that it’s probably best to steer clear of this service. Getting a 1% Trustscore means that it’s the lowest score possible.

We think you all know what this means. Reviewers don’t have a need to lie, so there is no chance that these reviews are not trustworthy.

The second thing is the reviews. There’s a two-and-a-half star overall rating based on all of the reviews on this service.

At the time of this article being written, there are about 130 reviews on Scamadviser on AppSally.

The risk index is probably the most impactful thing a reader can see. Unfortunately, the risk index is as bad as the trustscore.

1% (very low) is the lowest a company can score by these measurements. What this means is that it’s the farthest thing from safe to use this service.

Unfortunately, this is a multi-variable research that has shown these results, so there’s very little to no space for error here.

Your safety is the biggest concern when writing these articles, so we can’t stress enough how important it is to take this into consideration when deciding whether to use or not to use a specific service.


Not only that they don’t offer a reliable service, but they also don’t want to lower their prices to attract even potential new users.

This is not a sign of confidence or some kind of principle, but it’s a sign of greediness and carelessness instead.

Alt Attribute: A picture of AppSally’s prices for Instagram followers.

If you don’t offer a service that is particularly high-quality, the least thing you can do is to lower the price. Don’t you agree?

Until they lower the prices of their services, there won’t be a word that might suggest that you should use this service.

There has to be something that is appealing. If not quality, then price. If not price, then free trials or some kind of tool for boosting engagement.

AppSally Review – To Sum Up

To be honest, there isn’t a need for any kind of pros and cons table at this moment. But, we have mentioned so much stuff and in order to save you the job of scrolling back up again to find a specific characteristic we have decided to make a pros&cons table for you right here:

/Bad reviews on Scamadviser
/Low-quality service
/High prices
/Security problems

As you can see, it’s practically comical to tell you to at least try this service with the smallest package (which we usually do when there’s a chance we’re wrong), because there isn’t a single thing that indicates you won’t get scammed if you do try their service.

So in the end, there are just a few things left to be said. First is to never forget that your safety and the safety of your information needs to remain the number one priority for you.

The second thing is to wisely choose the company that you will trust with your money because at the end of the day it’s your money and your social media accounts you’re investing in.