Where there is internet and social media apps, there are vicious cyber scams!

Of course, this is too broad a term to get into details right now. We will immediately cut to the chase and tell you exactly what this is about. 

Today’s focus is on companies that have a “bad reputation.” Unfortunately, we can very easily include the company 4gram in this category.

Oh yes, maybe you’ve heard of this before, or used their services. Well, that era is officially over, and we are here to seal the deal.

About what and how everything went down with this company, our friendly advice would be to stay with us and read this 4gram review.

After the information we spill in this review, you will be 100% sure why this company is where it is at the moment.

So as not to reveal everything ahead of time, scroll down!

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4gram: Gathering Info

You know that when it comes to some bad traits, people have a lot to say, and criticism flies in all directions. Well, when we look at this overview of 4gram, it doesn’t look very good.

/Violated terms and conditions
Shut down
Absolutely no reviews
Disappeared from the Internet archives

Even if you are not at all familiar with the work of this company, after this table it is hard to remain indifferent, right? That’s exactly what we thought.

4gram: What’s It About?

What I remember is that 4gram “once upon a time” was your average-looking Instagram company. It offered the following services:

  • likes
  • followers
  • comments

Yes, pretty basic – like we said before.

The moment we get acquainted with the main features, the next logical question is: how does 4gram work?

Unfortunately, other people on the internet (other than those who used this app before it disappeared) were not able to give you a detailed guide on how to buy likes, for example.

Usually, when we review a company, we like to start by showing its homepage for a simple reason.

The way the main page is organized and the information on it can tell us a great deal about that company. Unfortunately, with 4gram, the situation is a bit more complicated.

Namely, the best we could dig up regarding any look of this company is this part of the homepage.

A screenshot showing 4gram’s homepage

We were lucky to come across something at all.

4gram’s Shocking Feature

If you’ve read the same thing we did in this part that relates to the 4gram’s homepage, we’ll believe you if you’re confused and give a few seconds to this unusual feature.


This is definitely not something you see every day.

If we had any say in this, we would mark this as a huge scam on the horizon and a lure for people with 0% experience, but we will talk about that in a couple of minutes.

At the moment, we want to comment solely on the fact that this particular Instagram company offers its services for free.

Where is the profit? Nowhere, obviously.

Although there are thousands and thousands of such companies on the Internet, it would be best to just skip this type of deal.

You will hear many say that anything that is free is good.

However, consider that this is not your usual purchase. This is an online purchase of numbers on your profile for which you must provide certain private information.

When it comes to online shopping, everything that is free will come later and charge you double – trust us!

What Happened To 4gram?

In the recent past, you may have been able to access this site somehow, maybe even buy something from it, but now, as we said in the introduction – that era is officially over.

4gram has disappeared from the face of the Internet. Yes, this company is absolutely nowhere to be found.

The correct expression to use would be: 4gram shut down.

Knowing many companies that turned out to be nothing more than a typical scam, they usually ended up the same way – shut down by site owners or associates.

As for this particular case, 4gram’s shut down had to do with Facebook terms and conditions as they were under their ownership.

We can only assume what they have done wrong when they are gone.

While there are some companies that you can still manage to dig up and look at what they used to offer in the Internet archives, 4gram is not there either.

That was the end of that.

Can You Turn To Customer Service?

If you’ve ever used an Instagram growth company (and you certainly have as soon as you are reading this), then you know who to turn to when something is wrong.

That’s right – straight to customer service.

With most companies, this is realized in the form of contacting via email. Some companies also offer live chat or a phone number where you can talk directly to the operator.

What is interesting is that regardless of whether the companies are fake or real – they have this option. However, with 4gram, this simply does not exist.

This calls us into question, is it because this is a totally free service?

If you don’t get your followers, likes, or comments for free, why would you complain to someone when you haven’t paid anything?

This is precisely the catch. Complaints do not always have to be about money. In addition to the money, you are also expected to enter some confidential information such as your Instagram username and password.

If you ask the company, this is for formalities. If you ask us, this is to hack your Instagram account and compromise your privacy.

4gram Instagram Review

After this shocking information that we have somehow managed to gather so far, the next thing that interests us is the people who used this while it was still working.

It’s time to look at Trustpilot first.

A screenshot showing trust pilot reviews.

What a sight – not a single review.

But let’s not lose hope right away and look at another choice – Sitejabber.

A screenshot showing sitejabber reviews.

The same scene here. From what we see, we can conclude that the company 4gram has done something very bad considering that we can’t find their reviews anywhere.

These sites are often visited precisely because of the comments of past users – those who are satisfied with their service and those that have something bad to say.

While we’re still on this topic, let’s take a wild guess. What would the reviews be like if they stayed on the site?

We would say not so good. For a company that offers its services absolutely free of charge, the chances that their site will be overcrowded and that something will go wrong are huge!

Therefore, you can imagine an avalanche of comments.

Whatever the site, all those comments would be just whining in vain. Since there is no customer service that can read this, your hopes have almost fallen into the water.

We sincerely hope that you did not fall for this company’s wrong-doings and left your confidential information!

4gram: Summing Up The Facts

If you are still here, you are undoubtedly full of impressions. It would be good to do a recap to come to a general conclusion.

Primarily, a question you must have asked yourself while reading:

Is 4 grams a scam? One big yes.

Among thousands of companies facing the same fate, 4gram is just one example of how not to run an online business – in this case, Instagram-related services.

Unfortunately, to millions of visitors who want to help skyrocket their Instagram account and boost their online popularity, 4gram is one of the shortcuts.

As you can see, during 99% of this review, we had absolutely nothing nice to say about this company. The fact that it was deleted entirely from the Internet certainly contributed to this.

You may be sorry that this is the case and that you cannot see this for yourself, but it is better that way. At least now, no one will be able to fall prey to the fraud of this company.

4gram: What We Concluded

It is time to conclude this once and for all.

For those who have had experience with this company (negative or positive) and for those who are simply just interested in something more about it – 4gram is a fraud and shut down.

This company, in addition to its poor services, violated the terms and conditions of Facebook. As a result, you won’t be able to dig up anything related to 4gram.

We hope you learned something from this bad example of a company!