So, you’ve been going around looking for SocialMeep reviews? You must have noticed that the offer is scarce. With that in mind, we set out to craft an unbiased and comprehensive review of this company.

In case you’re not well-acquainted with it, SocialMeep makes some bold statements. For instance, they say how they’re “the best Instagram growth tool” around.

Is there any truth to this, though? What’s SocialMeep really like?

These are some of the questions that we’ll be answering in today’s article. It’s a quick read, and it’ll clear up any dilemmas you might have about the service. Dig in!

What is SocialMeep?

SocialMeep claims to be an Instagram growth tool that can get you real followers. They say that they don’t use bots or fake accounts to grow your profile. 

These are the kinds of statements every growth service makes. However, few are able to back them up.

Can SocialMeep back up their claims?

We’re afraid no.

Several issues popped up when researching this company. The biggest one was the realization that they copied Hypeauditor’s website top to bottom.

an image showing the homepage of HypeAuditor tool

They jumbled up some of the content, but it’s the same exact website design. Even their logo is a slightly modified Hypeauditor logo.

an image showing the homepage of SocialMeep tool

Another cause for concern is that SocialMeep rebranded from another service. They wouldn’t be the first one to do so. There are quite a few Instagram growth services that have rebranded at some point. But, the reason for this change of identity is usually a poor reputation. 

So yeah, this wasn’t a pleasant discovery.

Learning all of the above makes SocialMeep seem a bit shady, doesn’t it? It sure does, but the truth is that most growth tools operate in the grey zone. Because of that, we were willing to get past the initial issues and give SocialMeep a shot.

Read about what we found out in the upcoming section.

How Can SocialMeep Help You Out?

SocialMeep says that it can do a lot of good to you. However, we weren’t able to verify these claims.

There are no legitimate SocialMeep reviews, be it professional or from their customers. We found just one review posted on several websites. It’s the same article on all the websites, and it praises SocialMeep. You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that it’s fake.

What worries us more is the complete absence of customer reviews. There’s no trace of them. If you ask us, this could mean two things:

  1. They suppresses user reviews due to negative sentiment
  2. They don’t have any users

All of this points out to the possibility that this service is a scam.

But, let’s put that aside for a moment and go over SocialMeeps alleged features. 

Now, it’s pretty challenging to pinpoint their exact features. The website is quite disorganized, and it took us some time to find what we needed. It turns out that the only place where the features are clearly listed is the Pricing page. Who knew.

A word of warning before you start reading the following section: 

We don’t know whether these features work or not. We’re just going to present them and give our opinion on them.

AI and Manual Targeting

There are two ways that SocialMeep targets your audience. 

The first one is their AI-targeting, which uses certain algorithms about which there’s no explanation. 

The second targeting method requires your input. You choose the gender, location, and hashtags to pinpoint your ideal audience. You can also enter the usernames of accounts whose followers you want to interact with.

The manual options are pretty standard and can be found in many other growth services. If used well, they could produce decent results.

Automated Engagement

There are several types of engagement that SocialMeep does. It can like comments and posts, view videos and stories. I can also react to the latter. The app also does something called “micro-interactions.” However, there’s no explanation about what this term means.

The actions described here could easily be done by a bot. As a matter of fact, they probably are; given that the tool works, of course. If that’s the case, then it would be best to avoid it. 

Instagram has become extremely sensitive to bot activity. It instantly action-blocks people who use this technology. The platform may even ban those who are very persistent.


According to SocialMeep’s website, the service includes an overview of its activity and results. They say that you’ll get real-time analytics, insights into audience demographics, and a few other things.

Provided that it functions, such a feature could be very useful indeed. Unfortunately, there’s no way to determine if what SocialMeep says is true.

Customer Support

There is mention of a 24/7 priority support, which we assume is a fancy term for customer service. A live chat is available on the website, and that’s all that we were able to find out.


Using SocialMeep’s services will set you back $49 for the Basic, and $99 for the Pro plan. Both are paid monthly, and you can see what each of them includes below:

a screenshot showing the pricing plan of SocialMeep

Is It Worth It?

OK, so far, we’ve determined that SocialMeep is a pretty shady company. We’re not sure whether it even functions. But, to give it a fair trial, let’s take a quick look at both positives and negatives.

Here are the pros:

It Won’t Put Your Data At Risk

It appears that this service is relatively safe to use. Their website is certified, and browsing it won’t compromise your data. Believe it or not, a secure website is a rarity in the world of Instagram growth tools.

Also, unlike many other growth services, SocialMeep doesn’t need your Instagram password. This means that they can’t access your account and potentially abuse it. 

And now, let’s take a look at the cons:

Copied Website 

We already explained that SocialMeep copied the website from Hypeauditor. It’s also important to say that the footer closely resembles that of Nitreo’s and Kicksta’s sites. 

Basically, they stole a bunch of elements from legit growth services. What kind of company does that? The one that wants to give off the impression of credibility and quality. They may fool an inexperienced Instagram marketer, but they won’t trick a veteran.

Rebrand Of Another Service

Our research led us to the discovery that SocialMeep is a rebrand of another company. As we said earlier, rebranding is usually a way for a company to run from its bad reputation. What’s SocialMeep’s predecessor running from? We don’t know yet, but it’s probably not a good thing.

It May Get You Action-Blocked

SocialMeep’s features look suspiciously similar to what an Instagram bot does. If the tool uses bots, it means that it could get you in trouble with Instagram.

No Genuine Customer Reviews

We couldn’t get our hands on any real customer reviews. Credible growth tools have hundreds upon hundreds of user testimonials, but SocialMeep doesn’t have a single one.


It appears to us that SocialMeep isn’t a trustworthy company. There are just too many things that don’t add up. If you’re considering trying it, we advise you not to. You can get some genuine growth services for the same money. Why risk it with SocialMeep?