Deciding which proxy provider to choose is not easy, especially when you consider they don’t come cheap. So, naturally, you need to do some research before spending a hefty amount on proxies. 

If in your search for the best proxy provider, you’ve happened upon Smartproxy, this review is for you. Peruse this super in-depth Smartproxy review to see what’s behind the curtains.

Let’s get into it!

Smartproxy Summary

  • Is Smartproxy a legit company: Yes, Smartproxy is trustworthy and legit. 
  • Is Smartproxy safe to use: Smartproxy is entirely safe to use. 
  • How good is the service: Smartproxy offers high-quality service.
  • What’s the price range: The service is pretty expensive for what it is. 
  • Is it worth the money: Not really – many features are overpriced. 
  • What is a good Smartproxy alternative: Proxyland is an affordable alternative (scroll down for more details).

What Is Smartproxy?

Smartproxy is a proxy provider. They offer two types of proxies: 

  1. Residential proxies
  2. Datacenter proxies

Their residential IPs network consists of 40 million IPs. With 195 countries covered, Smartproxy’s country targeting is pretty good. However, their city targeting abilities are not the best (only eight cities covered).

A unique thing about Smartproxy is that they don’t charge per proxy. Their tariff plans are based on bandwidth instead. This means that no matter how much traffic you purchase, you have access to the entire giant network. 

This goes for both the residential proxies and datacenter proxies. Smartproxy’s datacenter network counts around 40,000 IPs, all US-based. 

Datacenter proxies are fast and cheap, but they’re not as reliable as residential. Since the residential IPs network is made of real IPs, you are much safer using them for various use cases. 

Speaking of use cases, Smartproxy’s proxies have multiple applications: 

  • SEO monitoring & SERP analysis

Smartproxy offers the so-called search engine proxies that you can use for SEO monitoring and SERP analysis. This is just a fancy name for the residential proxies they carefully select from the network and use them to collect Google’s SERP results. 

  • Retail

Residential proxies are often used for buying sneakers. This process requires the same IP address through the entire checkout, and Smartproxy offers you sticky sessions (up to 10 minutes) for this kind of thing. 

These sticky sessions are also great for shopping on sites like eBay, Shopify, and Craigslist.

  • Social media

Another use for sticky sessions is automation software. You have the option to manage and grow your social media accounts through residential proxies. Smartproxy offers 10 minutes sticky sessions and 99.99% uptime for Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Besides these, you can use Smartproxy’s proxies for:

  • Ad verification
  • Affiliate testing
  • Travel fare
  • Web scraping

Key Smartproxy Features

Smartproxy offers two types of proxies: 

  • Residential
  • Datacenter

When it comes to features, Smartproxy doesn’t disappoint. They offer some excellent things, but they also lack some as well. It all comes down to this:

  • Rotating or sticky sessions

Smartproxy gives you the chance to choose between rotating or sticky sessions for both residential AND datacenter proxies. It’s not often that you have this option for datacenter proxies, so this is quite awesome.

If you need rotating sessions for web scraping and similar use cases, you can count on the IP address to change each time you send a request. Given that Smartproxy allows you access to the entire network, you can complete your projects quickly and with a high success rate. 

If, on the other hand, you need to utilize sticky sessions and keep the same address for a while, Smartproxy has the limit of 30 minutes for datacenter proxies and 10 minutes for residential proxies.

  • Country/city targeting

Smartproxy does a good job at country targeting. Their residential IPs come from 195 countries (most of them are from the USA, Germany, and UK), so they have pretty good coverage. 

City targeting, however, is not their strong suit. Right now, they only cover eight cities (New York, Chicago, LA, Miami, Houston, London, Berlin, Moscow), and most of the online complaints mention this as Smartproxy’s biggest disadvantage. 

  • Access to the entire network

One of the best things about Smartproxy is that you can use their entire giant network of IPs no matter which plan you paid for. This means that at any moment, you have at your disposal around 40 million residential IPs. Talk about generosity!

  • No connection limit

The only connection limit you’ll face with Smartproxy is the traffic you’ve purchased.

  •  99.99% uptime

 The almost 100% uptime allows you to send an unlimited number of concurrent sessions. 

  • IPv4, HTTP/HTTPS support

Smartproxy’s proxies support HTTP and HTTPS, but they don’t support the SOCKS protocol and, by extension, UDP. This means they might not be the best choice for tasks that require heavy traffic, such as streaming videos.

How Much Does Smartproxy Cost?

Prices for Smartproxy’s residential proxies
Prices for Smartproxy’s datacenter proxies

If you’re on a tight budget, Smartproxy is perhaps not the right choice for you because: 

  • They charge up to $150 for 10GB.
  • They ask for big monthly commitments.
  • They don’t offer a pay-as-you-go option.

Truth be told, Smartproxy is overpriced. There are proxy providers with similar features that cost five times less and are accessible to anyone. Proxyland is one of them. 

With Proxyland, you get:

  • Affordable price – $29 for 10GB 
  • Pay-as-you-go option
  • No monthly obligations
  • Reliable proxies
  • High-quality service
  • BIG discount for bulk, custom packages

Smartproxy vs. Competitors

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Is Smartproxy Safe, Legit, or a Scam?

There’s no reason to question Smartproxy’s legitimacy. It’s a trustworthy company that won’t misuse your data or trick you in any way. 

The quality of their service is not the issue, but rather the enormous price. Honestly, the features are good, but they seem overpriced to the point that they’re out of reach to small companies and individuals.

Smartproxy Pros And Cons

Large proxy poolPoor city targeting
Proxies from 195 countriesOverpriced features
Good uptimeNo SOCKS support
No connection limitsBIG monthly commitments
No pay-as-you-go option
Subscription automatically renewed
NOT for small companies or individuals

Better Smartproxy Alternative

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on proxies, you don’t have to! Check out a worthy Smartproxy alternative: Proxyland

Proxyland offers similar features at the same quality level, only five times cheaper. They have a large residential IPs network that you can use for numerous use cases, for example: 

  • Web scraping
  • SEO monitoring & SERP analysis
  • Price comparison
  • Ad verification

They also have impressive coverage, so you can count on accurate country targeting.

Should You Try Smartproxy Or Not?

Smartproxy is for you if: 

  • You are a large corporation with a big budget.
  • You have thousands of dollars a month to spend on proxies.
  • You don’t mind monthly commitments.

Smartproxy is not for you if: 

  • You are a small to medium-sized company.
  • You are an individual that needs proxies.
  • You don’t want to commit to monthly payments.
  • You have a strict budget.
  • You need an affordable solution.
  • You want to pay as you go.

More affordable alternative: Proxyland

  • Budget-friendly prices
  • Pay-as-you-go options
  • No huge commitments
  • Fast and reliable proxies
  • An ideal solution for small companies and individuals
  • Discounts for bulk, custom packages

If Smartproxy is outside of your budget, consider trying a more affordable solution that’s accessible to ANYONE, like Proxyland.