If you haven’t already switched to an Instagram business profile, do that now. An Instagram business profile opens up a ton of opportunities you don’t get on a private one. You can check your profile visits and compare your post performances. You can even see how many clicks your linked website is getting.

But if you don’t know how to manage your Instagram business profile, is the switch really worth it?


There are plenty of tools available to help you manage your Instagram business profile. You’ll get the benefits of less stress and piling on followers. Keep reading to learn about some great tools to take your Instagram business profile to the next level.

Why You Need An Instagram Business Profile

There’s nothing wrong with a regular Instagram profile. But if you’re at all serious about becoming an influencer, switching to a business profile will change your Instagram game. Here are some ways that a business profile can help you.

1. You can get to know your followers

An Instagram business profile contains a ton of valuable insights to help you learn your audience. One of Instagram’s business insight’s most useful tools is its follower insights. Not only can it show you your follower’s ages, gender breakdown, and location, it also tells you when they’re most active – and most likely to be looking at your page!


2. It monitors your engagement.

Engagement is huge. Your Instagram business profile helps you by sorting all of your posts AND stories in the past year by engagement. It will show you how many profile visits each post results in and how many other users it reached.

You can check impressions on stories posted in the last two weeks. With stories, you can even change how you want to sort them.

The tools can really help you boost not only how many people see your story, but how many people actually engage with your profile.

3. It lets you know how much traffic is going to your other sites.

Many creatives, brands, and influencers use Instagram as a touchstone for their other online businesses. Whether that’s a Youtube channel, blog, or online store, Instagram is a huge starting point.

With an Instagram business profile, you can see exactly how many people actually click that link in your business profile. It allows you to compare how many accounts you reached to how many accounts engaged with you enough to follow you elsewhere.

It will even suggest ways you can increase the activity on your profile. (I get asked to use hashtags about once a week.)

How You Can Manage Your Instagram Business Profile

It’s pretty obvious that an Instagram business profile has a ton of benefits to it crucial to any influencer’s career. The insights it provides are valuable tools in tailoring content and audience engagement.

Nonetheless, sometimes it can take a professional to get the full benefits. If you’re feeling lost by your Instagram business profile, check out some tools that can help you get the full benefit.

Here are the top tools you can use to take control of your Instagram business profile.

Automate your Instagram business account with Nitreo

If you are using Instagram for your Busines, you always want more followers. To get more Instagram followers, you need to do 2 things. You have to create quality content and you have to be active. Nitreo takes care of the latter with its powerful automation features.

It does the heavy lifting for you, regularly following and following accounts, engaging with posts and stories, and much more. This is all done on an autopilot so you can focus on creating top-notch content.

Nitreo - Instagram for business

Nitreo is a serious piece of kit that will supercharge the way you use Instagram for business. How serious? They don’t have free plans and they don’t even offer free trials. But the value you get from this app is enormous.

The company behind Nitreo is one of the pioneers of Instagram apps and they are known for their great customer support. If you are serious about building the Instagram profile for your business you should check them out.

Use Later.Com to Organize and Inspire

Later is an Instagram scheduler and marketing platform that’s full of great tools. You can schedule your posts for their highest engagement times and keep all your content organized visually. Later can also help you create a shoppable feed – that’s a huge plus!

Their basic plan is free, and includes up to 30 Instagram posts per month. You can use it across social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Although you don’t get access to some of the fancier features like search and repost and best times to post, it’s a great start. For individuals with larger followings, consider going up to the Premium plan at $19/month, which grants you full support on 2 social media profiles.

You can also check out Later’s blog for some more great ideas about how to up your Instagram game.

Upleap Boosts Your Instagram Business Profile Engagement

If it’s all just too overwhelming, consider letting someone else take the reins. Upleap takes care of your business insights for you. Using the service, you get your own personal Instagram manager assigned to you. They’ll study you and your target audience and engage with other accounts on your behalf.

What does that do?

By liking, commenting, and following other accounts in your niche, your own profile’s engagement rates are boosted. You get more visits per day, which bumps your Instagram profile up in the ratings of who gets to see what first.

If you don’t believe us, why not check it out yourself? You can try Upleap free for three days. After your trial is up, they have pricing plans as low as $39/month.

Let Kenji.Ai Analyze and Automate

Kenji is an Instagram bot that works hard day and night to increase your engagement. It targets other accounts who are most likely to follow you based on similar locations, interests, and their unique HyperTarget feature, which lets you base your growth strategy on some of your favorite role models.

The obvious downside of Kenji is that you have a bot managing your Instagram instead of a real person. But unlike a person, a bot works 24/7!

Why not decide if Kenji works for you with their own 3-day free trial? After that, it’s $19/month for the Standard (Samurai) plan, or $29 for the Shogun plan.

Use Buffer to Boost Your Business

Much like Later, Buffer originally came onto the scene as an Instagram scheduler. But they’ve evolved into so much more!

You can, of course, schedule your Instagram posts. You can also use Buffer to get an in-depth look at your analytics and develop strategies to increase engagement with a full suppor team.

Buffer is a good pick for people who are running multiple social media channels and online business or companies. Their all-encompassing products and great support can halve the time any influencer puts into their socials, allowing you to focus on creating great content.

As the more professional option, the pricing reflects that. You can get a 14-day free trial. For individuals, the price after trial is $50/month, and for businesses, $225/month.

Never Miss a Message With IGDM

We all know that your stories play a big role in engagement. But so do your Insta DMs! IG:Dm allows users to slide into your DMs even when you’re not on your phone.

But that’s not all they can do.

You get all the features of Insta DMs – starting and replying to messages – and you can also view a list of users who aren’t following you back. You can quote messages and even use chat images. For a new software, that’s awesome.

Never worry about leaving a follower on read again!

Take Advantage of Your Instagram Business Profile

Learning the ins and outs of your Instagram business profile can be daunting at first. With so many options and insights, why not turn to someone else to help you manage it all?

All the apps we listed are great picks to turn your Instagram business profile around. Whether you’re scheduling posts with Buffer or Later, using a manager with Upleap or KENJI.ai , or just keeping track of your DMs with Igdm, you’re sure to take your Instagram game to the next level.