Most of the tools we reviewed on this website are online-based tools for Instagram. They only offer features for Instagram and no other social media platform. Jarvee is different.

Jarvee is a social media management tool that works for all social media platforms. That’s right. It works with: YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

In this Jarvee review, we’ll take a look at how the program works, their features, the payment plans, pros and cons, and you can decide if it’s right for you.

Before we get into the review, you’re probably wondering what tools we recommend. Read this article to learn about our favorite Instagram automation tools.


Jarvee is a computer program (not to be confused with J.A.R.V.I.S, Tony Stark’s AI assistant) you have to download it, install it, and have it open on your computer for it to work.

It’s also recommended to set up a proxy, if you plan to manage more than one social media account (we’ll run through how to do that later on).

Although with Jarvee you can manage multiple social media accounts, the trade off is it’s not very user-friendly.


Each tab has multiple options, and you can set timers on practically every action possible, with an unlimited number of combinations.

This extensive list of customization options might feel intimidating at first, but with some time you can correctly configure the program. Many social media managers swear by this program, claiming it saves them numerous hours.

Thankfully, Jarvee does provide video tutorials on how to use the program to it’s full potential. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember Jarvee is more of an advanced program, and there’s a learning curve.

However, if you manage to configure the tool properly, it can work wonders for your social media marketing efforts.

Our Recommended Instagram Tools:

Before you continue with this review, I would like to take a moment to share our recommended Instagram tools, and how they compare to this one.

1. Upleap

Upleap is a great alternative because it’s online-based (no need to download any files) and a human social media manager does the work for you. Since humans are limited in terms of actions they can perform in a given time period, you can rest easy your account will not be banned. Great tool.

How Does Jarvee Compare?

Jarvee is quite different from Upleap. For one, it’s a program you have to download on your computer. Secondly, it’s a bot. In my opinion, Upleap is the clear winner because not only is it safer but it’s so much easier to use. No need to spend hours typing in configurations, and worrying about getting banned.


On the flip side, there’s KENJI, a budget-friendly Instagram bot that is great for quickly growing an account. It offers most of the features more expensive bots offer, at a fraction of the price. Their constantly updating their systems too, so it’s worth a look.

KENJI vs Jarvee:

Kenji and Jarvee are both bots, but one runs on your computer, and the other one runs on a server, accessible through their website. In my opinion, KENJI beats Jarvee due to it’s easy user-interface.

The only thing that you need to do is choose the speed and toggle the actions you want to perform. With Jarvee you have to add every setting manually, including timers, limits, and what not. Not to mention KENJI is much cheaper.

But let’s get back on topic.

Jarvee Features: What Can It Do?

I mentioned Jarvee can manage practically all of your social media accounts, but what – specifically – can it do?

We’ll be focusing on the tool’s Instagram services, though it offers services for practically any social media platform. For Instagram, the program offers the standard Instagram-bot features:

Common Instagram Features:

  1. Follow-back
  2. Auto-follow with Filters
  3. Automated Likes
  4. Auto-Comment

These are typical for Instagram management tools, so we won’t be discussing them in too much detail. On the other hand, the software does offer some other features worth talking about.

Let’s run through them.

1 – Schedule Posts

Most people will upload posts whenever they have a post ready, but if you want the best results, you’ll upload when the majority of your fans are online.

Jarvee has a post schedule feature that allows you to schedule posts far in advance. Not only does it schedule regular posts, but stories too, so you can always have fresh content heading to your fans. Great time-saver.

Scheduling posts for the hottest times of the day guarantees your post will be seen by more people. Very useful. The feature works for all social media platforms.

2 – Contact Prospects

With this feature you can manage your direct messages and setup automatic replies to engage your fans. You can also send welcome messages, with hyper links.

These messages are great for marketing and driving traffic to a specific offer. On the other hand, most people can tell these are automated messages. Nevertheless, it can help increase conversions.

3 – Manage Comments

Getting to many spam comments on your posts? Can’t reply to inquiries fast enough? With this tool you can manage your Instagram comments from one place.

This includes:

  1. Deleting Comments
  2. Replying to Requests
  3. Tagging Users
  4. Disable/Enable Comments
  5. And more.

You can also create a filter that automatically deletes suspicious comments from your posts, based on keywords. Great for cutting down spam.

4 – Use Proxies for Multiple Accounts

Proxies are for social media managers who have a lot of accounts to manage. What a proxy does is redirect your traffic through other servers around the world, masking your IP address.


Why use a proxy? Although you don’t have to use one, it’s best if you login to multiple accounts on the same platform.

For example, if Instagram sees that you’re logged in to ten different accounts from the same IP address, this could trigger their spam filters.

With Jarvee’s proxy service, you can assign a specific proxy to a social media account, so it always looks like your logging in from a separate location.

The downside is they don’t provide you with proxies, that’s up to you. Most reputable VPN companies include proxies for members to use, so if you use a VPN it might be worth checking to see they have a proxy list.

Of course, if you only manage one account on each platform, it won’t be necessary to use a proxy. Nevertheless, it is something to consider.

Jarvee’s proxy manager makes it easy to add proxies and assign them to specific accounts. You just need to enter the proxy IP, username, and password, then pick an account. Very easy.

5 – Re-post Popular Posts

This feature is a little on the spam side, although it can be useful in certain situations. What it does is find the most popular posts in your industry, copies the content and hashtags, and re-posts it to your account.

One could argue that this feature essentially steals Instagram posts, but a large chunk of the content on Instagram is not original in the first place. Nevertheless, in my opinion, it’s always a good idea to try to come up with unique posts for your brand, instead of copying other account’s posts.

Hopefully these features can give you an idea of what the tool is about. Let’s move on to the pricing section.

Jarvee Payment Plans:

Currently, there are three payments plans, Starter, Professional, and Premium. Each one has certain limits, and we’ll briefly run through them below.

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Free Trials:

One upside is each package includes a 5 day free trial, and there’s no need to input your credit card details. We’ll talk more about this in the pros section below.

Starter – $29.95/Month

The basic plan. With the Starter plan you can use all the basic automation services, but you can only connect 10 accounts. It’s best for people who are starting out and have a handful of social media accounts to manage.

Professional – $69.95/Month

The recommended plan. It’s great for marketing agencies or social media managers. The social account limit is 70, more than enough for most customers. But if you want even more…

Premium – $99.95/Month

The Premium plan doubles the account limit, increasing it to 150 accounts. This plan is probably best left to the top marketing agencies out there, most individuals won’t benefit from this plan.

Increase Your PC Limit:

How many PCs to you plan to use the program on? If you want to run the program on more than one computer you’ll need to pay extra. For an additional PC you need to pay an additional $69.9 fee.

In other words, if you want to use the program on 2 computers, you need to pay $139.9, three computers, $209, and so on. Most people only need one computer, but it’s nice they add options for more.

Payment Processors:

Interestingly enough, you can purchase a membership not only with PayPal and a Credit Card, but also with Bitcoin. On the other hand, Bitcoin only works for direct deposits, not subscriptions.

Jarvee Pros:

Here are some things we liked about this tool.

1. Can Manage Everything in One Place

👍👍👍👍👍 – Great

As we talked about earlier, this tool lets you manage all of your social media accounts from one place.

You can sign in to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and other platforms all at the same time, an excellent feature for social media managers.

Not to mention you can sign in to multiple accounts on the same platform as well, although a proxy is recommended for that.

2. Plenty of Configuration Options

👍👍👍 Good for techies!

Unlike other tools where you can only choose between Slow, Normal, and Fast, Jarvee let’s you configure all the settings on your own. There are no preset speeds or preset configurations.

Though this does require more work on your part, at the end of the day it makes things a lot easier because you can set your own limits. Each of the features has their own tab for settings too, so you can customize basically every action.

3. Free 5 Day Trial (No Credit Card Required)

👍👍👍👍👍 – Awesome!

One great things about Jarvee is all of their plans include a five day trial period that you can activated by entering your email address.

No need to worry about being charged because you don’t have to add your payment details the try it out. They make it very easy to test out the program which is something I really appreciate.

Once you enter your email address you’ll be redirected to their Welcome page which includes a download link as well as links to the Knowledge Base where you can learn more. No commitments.

Jarvee Cons:

There are a few downsides to this tool.

1. Has to Be Open to Work

What this means is you not only have to download and install the program, but it has to be open on your computer to work. In other words you have to login to the program, activate it, and leave your computer on for it to run.

Most of the other Instagram tools we reviewed run on the company’s servers, and you don’t need to do anything on your end. This tool runs entirely on your computer. Not a total deal-breaker.

P.S. They do provide a tutorial on how to run the program on a Virtual Private Server, so you don’t need to have your computer on all the time. However setting up the system is more on the tech-side, and it’s also another fee to add to your bill.

2. Not Very User Friendly

We mentioned this earlier, the user interface is a little complex, and you have to spend some time figuring out what each setting does. They basically put everything in your control.

Although this provides plenty of configuration options, it also means you risk getting banned if you make a mistake. They don’t really tell you what settings are recommended.


So what are my final thoughts on Jarvee? After playing with the program for a week, I can see how it can be useful for social media marketers.

On the other hand, I don’t feel like it has anything other programs don’t already have, and cheaper ones at that.

In my opinion, Jarvee is best for more tech-oriented users who have many different social media accounts to manage. The good part is you can try out their service for five days for free before you make a decision.

The downside is you’ll need to study up on their resource pages because you probably won’t figure out the optimal configurations. Overall, I think it’s a decent tool, but not the absolute best out there.

I still think Upleap and KENJI are the best Instagram tools out there. Want to see a full list of our recommended tools? Read this article.

Thanks for taking the time to read this Jarvee review. Leave a comment if you have any questions or opinions.