When marketing on Instagram, brands need to be familiar with the best practices. This means familiarizing with terms like Instagram impressions and reach.

In a nutshell, the greater your reach, the more audience will notice your content. However, there are factors that might affect this metric.

For one, Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm can lead to a decline in organic reach, impression, and engagement. To extend your reach, you need to rethink your strategy.

Want to learn tips which automatically expands your reach? In this guide, we’ll delve into the difference between Instagram impressions and reach. Additionally, we’ve gathered tactics for boosting impressions.

The Difference Between Instagram Impressions and Reach

When coming up with an effective strategy, you need to accurately understand your metrics. In doing so, you’ll know where to focus your efforts.

Reach and impressions are the most common terms in online marketing. However, some people use them interchangeably.

Instagram Reach

This refers to the number of unique users that viewed your content. This includes Instagram Stories, photos, videos, and ads. It’s an excellent metric for measuring your account’s growth. Lastly, it tells you how many unique users your post reached every day.

In a perfect work, your content will be viewed by each and every one of your follower. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. For this reason, Instagram reach is important. You must extend your reach to boost brand awareness.

For instance, Revolve has 2.9 million followers. However, they don’t get the same number of engagements – not evenly close. Why? Because only a few users see their content.

Instagram Impressions

This refers to the number of times your content was shown to users. This metric includes audiences who saw your photo, video, or Instagram Story multiple times.

For example, a user saw your post in their feed, then it showed up as a sponsored ad, then the same user viewed your post through your business account. This counts as three total Instagram impressions.

Instagram impressions and reach insight

Remember, the user doesn’t have to engage with your content for it to be counted.

What if your Instagram impressions are higher than your reach?

This means that people are clicking or viewing your content again and again.

Generally, impressions are always higher than your Instagram reach rate. This is especially true for older content.

Tip: To know whether your content is performing well, take a look at its impressions-to-reach ratio. Those with higher ratio resonated best with the audience.

The two metrics can be confusing. But it’s important to understand the differences so you can properly track your progress.

To summarize, Instagram reach is the number of unique users who have seen your post. Instagram impressions are the number of times your post was displayed.

Note: Instagram impressions and reach help you evaluate how well your content is performing online. Don’t use these metrics alone to measure campaign success.

With that said, also take into account your increase in site traffic, generated leads, conversions, and revenue. These are more concrete metrics in measuring growth.

How Do I View My Instagram Impressions And Reach?

First, go to your Instagram profile and tap Insights

View Instagram Insight Step 1

Next, go to your Content tab. On your Post section, tap Select All.

View Instagram Insight Step 2

You’ll find all the content you posted in the past year. They are sorted by Engagement. To filter by Instagram reach, simply tap the topmost area of the screen.

Lastly, select the metric you wish to filter.

Now you know the difference between Instagram impressions and reach. Plus, how to use Instagram insights to check your metrics.

It’s important to put this understanding into practice. Learn how you can use reach and impressions when strategizing your next campaign.

How To Use Instagram Impressions and Reach For Marketing Strategy

Design Content For Your Target Audience

Higher Instagram reach means better chances of boosting brand awareness. But are you reaching the right people?

Of course, reaching as many users as possible is important. However, reaching 3,000 people won’t mean much if only a quarter of them are interested in your brand.

With that said, make sure that you’re reaching your target market.

  • Create content with your target audience in mind
  • Design your captions or hashtags to reach these audiences
  • Check content with high engagement rate. This will point you to potential target users, helping you extend your reach.

Have A Better Idea of Your Potential Reach

Use Instagram impressions to know what “good” content means to your audience. Know which posts are being shared, mentioned, or engaged with. Then make more content of the same theme or style.

We could all learn from this viral hashtag from Audi. Their #WantAnR8 campaign started on Twitter.

audi #WantAnR8

Joanne McCoy, a twitter user, wanted to let the company know how badly she wanted an R8. When it came to their attention, they invited her to ride in an R8! The hashtag went viral.

Seeing their potential reach, they used it to promote their newly-launched R8 car.

Focus Your Attention To Potential Audiences

The next step is to focus your marketing campaign to potential audiences.

First, see which posts have high impressions. Second, learn more about the users engaging with that said content. Lastly, create a strategy in their direction to extend your reach.

Note: If your impressions are not reaching your goal or are declining, you must rethink your strategy. Perhaps you’re not providing valuable content. Or maybe you’re not utilizing all the tools in your arsenal to promote posts.

Track The Progress Of Your Ads

Instagram impressions are also important when tracking ads. For example, your impression metric is too high. If that’s the case, users might be seeing the same content over and over. This might lead to ad fatigue.

To avoid this, you should find ways to extend your reach instead of impressions.

Instagram Ads example

On the other hand, Instagram impressions are still important to track the progress of your ads. For instance, you launched a new ad. What if it didn’t yield that much impression on users?

You can take this as a sign that you need to make changes to your campaign.

But How Can You Organically Extend Your Reach And Boost Impressions?

The main goal is to increase brand visibility. We’ve listed 3 powerful strategies which automatically expands your reach. With these tips, you’ll reach your followers and new users within your target market.

Hire An Instagram Manager

First of all, growing an account is a demanding task. This is especially true for startup businesses or brands. You need to invest time and effort.

For one, you need to create valuable content on a timely basis. Two, you need to engage with your audience. Three, you have to do all these while focusing on building your brand.

With that said, you need the expertise of an Instagram manager.

What’s so great about getting a social media manager?

Look for your targeted audience

Instagram managers can help you extend your reach to your target audience. They know which accounts to follow and hashtags to use. Plus, they will also take the time to comment, view Stories, and even join engagement pods which automatically expands your reach.

Build brand awareness

These professional are well aware of the latest social media trends. They use these trends when strategizing your online campaign. This helps create buzz around your brand. Therefore, it pays to hire an agency, like Upleap, to take your brand to the next level.

Additionally, Instagram managers are aware of your goals. They’ll translate these goals into content and campaigns which helps to extend your reach and boost Instagram impressions.

Promote brand values

An Instagram manager helps create a positive image for your business. For one, they are always on alert to every comment or review. Therefore, they can quickly take the necessary action to solve an issue.

Secondly, they’re aware of how to conduct themselves. They know your brand identity by heart. So, they will use the right voice of the brand on Instagram.

Create valuable content

Hiring an Instagram manager means you can focus more on your business. Why? These professionals will help create quality content. You can be assured that these posts are relevant to your target audience. Additionally, they will engage with the audience. In doing so, it’ll increase your engagement.

In a nutshell, Instagram managers will visit other user’s profile, engage with their post, and build a relationship. They’ll deliver quality content and boost engagement. As a result, you will extend your reach and boost Instagram impressions.

Cross-Post Content Across Social Media Platforms

This is one of the best ways to increase Instagram impressions. It’s very straightforward and easy.

When you’re about to post new Instagram content, you have the option to publish it to other platforms. This includes Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Cross-post content to increase Instagram impressions

Take this example from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. They cross-posted this Instagram content to Facebook. It resulted in additional 2.4K likes and 77 shares.

Cross-posting content to other platforms saves you time as well. However, make sure that you use different captions.

Although this helps to extend your reach, you shouldn’t cross-post all your content. Having identical content on all social media platforms is boring.

Remember, what may work on this app might not work on other platforms. Optimization differs across applications in terms of captions and hashtags. For example, visual content might not do so well on Twitter.

So, think before you cross-post!

Additionally, make sure that you also have quality content that is unique to Instagram. It’s a visual platform, so use it to your advantage!

Know Your Peak Posting Times

Even with the ever-changing Instagram algorithm, timing is still essential. That’s why you need to know your peak posting times. Determine when your followers are most active.

Posting at optimal times will help your content generate an initial round of likes, views, and engagement. This will bump your post higher which automatically extends your reach.

Remember, there’s no one peak time. You must have several different peak times.

Why? Because not all your followers will be online at your chosen time. Having several peak times will help you reach different audiences. For example, you might find that your peak time during Mondays is at 9PM, Tuesdays at 9AM, etc.

Posting at different optimal times will help your content be seen by more people.

How do I find my peak times?

For one, you can use Instagram Insights. First, go to your profile and tap Insights. Select the Audience tab.

How to find peak posting times

In the Follower section, you will find the average times your followers are on Instagram.

Another option is to use a third-party application. Take for example Later. This app has a feature called Best Time to Post which automatically calculates the top 7 posting times.

Other features they offer include:

  • Instagram Analytics: You will be provided with an overview of your latest 10 posts. This includes weekly performance reports.
  • Conversation Feature: You or your Instagram manager can easily reply and keep track of your comments.

As soon as you identified your optimal times, you can start scheduling your content. Scheduling ahead of time ensures that your posts are consistent. Additionally, you’ll be sure that you’re only posting high-quality content.

Is there a way to find more Instagram followers to expand my reach?

If you’re a small business or upcoming influencer, you’ll need more followers to extend your reach. There are available options for you. For one, you can consider a third-party app like Kenji.

It uses AI to maximize your social media presence. This app helps businesses and influencers find the right Instagram followers within their niche.

  1. Sign up to their website and add your IG account.
  2. Add hashtags within your niche.
  3. Their HyperTarget feature will help get the right followers.

In Conclusion

Instagram is an excellent platform for growing your brand. It’s perfect for expanding your reach, which in turn, leads to more followers and results.

However, there is no “magic pill” which automatically expands your reach. Boosting Instagram impressions and reach takes time and effort. You need to use a combination of different strategies.

With the ever-changing Instagram algorithm, you need to keep experimenting on various techniques. Lastly, you must also consider promoting content on other platforms. In doing so, you will reach new audiences, maximizing your reach.