Struggling with your Instagram hashtag search?

You need a better strategy.

Countless companies spend hours taking, editing, and posting stunning photos on their Instagram profiles, only to find that they don’t get the followers they need.

The aesthetics are there, your grid looks incredible, and you’ve even written an engaging caption to go alongside each post.

So, why aren’t you getting the results you want?

The simple answer is that you’re not using the right hashtags.

Sure, a post with at least one hashtags averages about 12.6% more engagement on Instagram. However, that doesn’t mean that just any old hashtag will do for all your campaigns.

If you want to get the most out of your content, then you need to learn how to search for Instagram hashtags, the right way.

Why You Need to Find Instagram Hashtags

Instagram has been through a lot of changes lately.

We’ve seen the rise of Instagram TV, the introduction of brand-new channels, and more.

However, one thing has remained the same through all of Instagram’s history, and that’s the power of hashtags. When you use relevant tags on your post, you’re actively signposting your content for the audience you want to reach. The more effective you are at using the right hashtags, the more likely you are to end up with the right audience visiting your pages every day.

Here are some basic rules to get you started:

  • Get the number of hashtags right: just because you can use up to 30 tags on every post doesn’t mean that you should use that limit. Instead, find out the correct number for your audience by checking your Instagram Insights.
  • Match your hashtags to your followers: Make sure that the tags you’re using are relevant for the kind of customers that you want to attract. In other words, get on top of the trends.
  • Avoid spammy hashtags: Those annoying tags like #FollowMe won’t get you far in the long-term. They already have billions of posts associated with them. Ignore the spam tags and look for options with real value.
  • Know your hashtag density: When you search for Instagram hashtags, make sure you check the frequency of the tags you want to use. Try looking for tags that about 500,000 posts attached to them or under. This might mean going more niche with your content. For instance, instead of #Daschunds, try #Daschundlover.

The Best Apps for your Instagram Hashtag Search

There’s one very obvious way to search for Instagram hashtags.

Go to your Instagram Explore bar (the search bar for Instagram) and start typing a keyword that you want to rank for. The Instagram algorithm will throw up some suggested tags that might be relevant to your audience.

Of course, this strategy will only take you so far.

It can be challenging to come up with new tags every time you’re creating an Instagram post – particularly if you’ve already been on Instagram for a while. If you’re struggling to find inspiration, then there are plenty of tools that can help to upgrade your Instagram hashtag search.

Here are just some of our favorites.

1. Hashtags.App

One crucial thing you need to know when you begin your Instagram hashtag search is that you should only ever be using tags that are relevant to your audience. Use irrelevant hashtags or the same ones over and over, and you risk losing your audience and harming your reputation.

Customers on Instagram today can easily choose the “Don’t show for this hashtag” option if they’re getting tired of the content you post. This feature teaches the Instagram algorithm what content is engaging to its users.

If your content keeps getting flagged, then you might be pinpointed by Instagram and eventually shadowbanned for your spammy activity.

The good news?

With, you can find dozens of trending and relevant hashtags for the niche that’s right for you. Just search for a keyword, or browse popular hashtags according to industry, and you’ll end up with huge lists of ways to tag and enhance your images.

It’s one of the best ways to make sure you boost your exposure, without putting your brand reputation at risk.


Another important lesson when you’re trying to find Instagram hashtags for your campaign is that the more “niche” you go, the better off you’ll be.

Ranking for hashtags on Instagram is a lot like making the most of keywords with SEO. The more popular or “vague” the hashtag is, the less likely you are to end up on top of the pile. For instance #Love, will put you in a group with billions of other photos vying for the top spot.

On the other hand, searching for #PuppyDogLove gives you much less competition to work with. Since Instagram hashtags work so similarly to keywords, it pays to use a keyword tool to get an insight into them. is the number one SEO planning tool on the market today.

Importantly, it not only generates basic keyword ideas for your Instagram content. also offers up plenty of long-tail and niche keywords to consider too! There’s even a special Instagram search function on the app!

3. Instagram Hashtag Generator

This tool might not be as well-known as some of the other options on the market today – but give it a chance. Designed by the Influencer Marketing Hub, this Instagram Hashtag generator automatically offers a selection of relevant hashtags to suit a photo that you upload to the system. If that’s not clever – we don’t know what is.

All you do is click on the + symbol to add your photo, and then click upload to generate hashtags. The system throws up a selection of ten potential hashtags to include with your photo. You can also scroll down and see about 20 keywords associated with your picture, which will lead you to even more hashtag suggestions.

Once again, we recommend sticking to the more niche suggestions here, but the Instagram Hashtag Generator from Influencer marketing hub is a great way to get your imagination revving.

4. All Hashtag

Another great app when you want to find Instagram hashtags is As the name suggests, it’s all about helping you to find the right tags for your Instagram content. When this website first launched in 2015, it was nothing more than a simple hashtag generating tool. However, now it offers everything analytics, to trending hashtag charts and more.

Currently, you can pick from one of the following tools to support your Instagram hashtag search:

  • Hashtag generator – a generator which offers random, live, top, or trending hashtags based on a keyword.
  • Hashtag creator – helps you to design your own hashtags for contests, campaigns, branded tags, and giveaways.
  • Hashtag analytics – A system showing you the background of a hashtag, as well as how much attention it’s likely to bring your brand
  • Charts – A system showing you which tags are the best and which are more likely to give you the best results.

You can easily find Instagram hashtags to fill your entire 30-tag limit with this tool, and then some – we recommend keeping a file of some of your favorites if you don’t have chance to use them all at once.

5. Hashtagify

Finally, Hashtagify is probably the best-known solution for the Instagram hashtag search on the market today. It’s a website tool designed to help you analyze and improve your hashtag strategy, whether you’re looking to trend on Instagram or Twitter. You can access real-time insights and data about popular hashtags on any channel, trends, and more.

With hashtag, you can discover trending ideas for your posts, monitor the content from your competitors, and even track down influencers that are relevant to you. There’s also the option to enhance your social strategy via hashtag marketing and use top trending hashtags to reach a broader audience too.

Although this is technically a premium tool, there’s a free trial that you can tap into to get yourself started. If you love what you find, then you can sign up for the long-term account.

Using your Instagram Hashtags Successfully

Remember, knowing how to find Instagram hashtags is just the first step.

Once you’ve discovered the tools that will help you to boost your hashtag search, you’ll need to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your tagged campaigns.

Here are three tips to follow to keep your brand and your campaigns on the right track.

1. Track your Hashtags with Insights

Your Instagram hashtag search will probably bring up thousands of potential tags that you can use for your brand. Some of them will be excellent for attracting new customers and visitors. Other tags might not be so impressive.

The easiest way to find out which terms and phrases your audience responds to best is to check your Instagram analytics. If you’ve signed up for an Instagram Business Profile, then you’ll already have access to Instagram Insights. This gives you the option to analyze how effective your hashtags are at generating impressions and views for your posts.

Simply open a post and click on the “View Insights” text below it. You’ll be able to swipe up to find information about the post, including the “From Hashtags” metric that’s listed under Impressions. This shows you how many people found your account through your hashtags.

2. Follow Hashtags on Instagram

If you want to make it even easier to search for Instagram hashtags that are relevant to your industry, you can take advantage of the ability to follow Instagram hashtags. In a recent update from 2018, Instagram added this feature so that communities could more easily track the content that they liked most.

Following a hashtag is an incredibly useful thing for a business to do. You can track a branded hashtag to find out how people are using your content elsewhere, and even find user-generated content. You can also monitor competitor tags to see what they’re doing and ensure that you’re always one step ahead of the game.

Additionally, if you invite your followers to follow your branded hashtag as well as your profile, you can boost your chances of appearing in their feed twice!

3. Always Use a Variety of Hashtags

Finally, when you’re on the search for Instagram hashtags, remember that you should be using a wide range of different tags in every post. This includes:

  • Branded hashtags: The hashtags that you create to be unique for your business. These might not make it easier for new customers to find you, but they will improve your presence on Instagram, and boost your chances of user-generated content.
  • Community hashtags: Similar to branded hashtags, these tags connect like-minded users around a specific topic. However, they’re not necessarily related to a business. Community tags can be something like #WellTravelled or #LaptopLife
  • Local hashtags: It’s becoming increasingly essential to include locations in your Instagram posts – and not just if you’re a local business. Content with a location included receives 79% more engagement!
  • Popular hashtags: Though they’re harder to rank for, popular hashtags like #TBT or #InstaGood can help you to build affinity with your target audience. They’re worth considering from time to time.

Find Instagram Hashtags that Work

Ultimately, the search for Instagram hashtags isn’t just about finding a way to fill out your Instagram captions. You’re looking for tags that will improve the longevity of your posts and make it easier for potential followers to find your brand.

If you want to track down the ultimate hashtags for your campaign, make sure you know how to use the best tools on the market right now to help you.

Also, remember that not every hashtag will be right for your brand. It’s essential to keep your campaigns as relevant and thoughtful as possible.

Taking the time to properly manage your hashtag strategy will improve your chances of reaching the right audiences at the best time.