If you’re thinking about jumping into influencer marketing, knowing the types of influencers available, the Instagram tools they use, and the type of content posted is the first step in acing your next campaign.

You will want to use an influencer marketing platform to find influencers easier and faster. Here you have some examples of influencer marketing platforms.

Top Influencer Marketing Platforms


  • Pros: Heepsy will help you to find influencers  that match your brand and represent your desired values. With a database of more than 11 million influencers, you can search by preferred category or location, and consider engagement rates, audience authenticity metrics, and many other features to help you gain value from Instagram influencers!
  • Cons: They don’t have a way to contact influencers through their platform, so you’ll have to take the negotiation outside of their platform. But there aren’t many platforms that allow negotiation within their platforms, so it’s not really a big disadvantage.


  • Pros: One of the biggest advantages of Hypeauditor, is that it’s an all-in-one solution, that means you’ll be able to find, analyze and run the campaign through the platform, but the negotiation is outside of the platform.
  • Cons: The main disadvantage is that the whole product is too expensive, so if you have a small budget you probably won’t be able to use all the solutions they offer. Another disadvantage is that they don’t always have reliable information, there are some reviews where their customers say they received false information or not as updated as they wanted.

Aspire IQ

  • Pros: Aspire, also known as Aspire IQ, is an all-in-one solution like Hypeauditor, its biggest advantage is that the automation process is super easy. Another advantage is that you can integrate shopify to your account.
  • Cons: The main disadvantage is that you have to onboard all the influencers that are not already in their marketplace, and the onboarding process takes too long. Also, the Aspireiq login is hard to find, so maybe that’s the reason why the onboarding takes so long.

Ninja Outreach

  • Pros: Ninja Outreach is a platform that allows you to contact influencers directly from their platform. Their templates are very nice and you can learn a lot about how to contact influencers.
  • Cons: As their outreach tool is super useful this does not happen with their discovery tool which is not as good as the other platforms. You miss out on some important data for analyzing influencer profiles.


  • Pros: Upfluence gives you the possibility to pay influencers within their platform, also, they have the possibility to send influencers your product for reviews, or as payment.
  • Cons: Their biggest disadvantage is that their search engine is often wrong, and even if you search for US influencers, there will be some Canadian influencers, or you add some other criteria, and the search engine will not give you results that match those criteria.

Now that you have a list of influencer marketing platforms you are almost ready to start your first campaign, but first, let’s take a look at some basics before finding Instagram influencers that will be suitable for your desired content.

Top 5 Instagram micro influencers, screenshot taken from Heepsy, an influencer marketing platform

Selecting the ideal type of influencer

From nano to micro influencers, it’s not just the size to take into account. Here are a few of the most popular types of influencers that can be found on Instagram:

Celebrities tend to be famous outside of Instagram, such as actors, singers, athletes, and reality stars to name a few. This type of influencer usually has a huge follower count, hence the high fees. However, their engagement is low and sometimes viewers will not value their content as being genuine.

Travellers are the adventurous type of influencer, many of whom use YouTube for vlogs, and Instagram for posting aesthetic photos and videos. These influencers likely inspire their followers with more than just a holiday snap.

Food and health bloggers have gained a lot of hype in recent years, due to the global drive towards a healthier way of living. With the addition of many new features, Instagram has attracted foodies to the platform, looking for recipes and tips in the kitchen. These influencers often give product recommendations and advice on where to shop.

Lifestyle influencers include those in the beauty, fitness, and fashion industry. Influencer marketing for fashion brands, skincare and beauty brands tend to include ‘how to’ posts, such as how to use a particular skincare product for best results. This type of account often features many partnerships with brands due to their niche audience with followers that trust their opinions.

How to gain value from influencers by searching through different categories on Heepsy.

Which Instagram format should be used?

So, you’re now wondering how influencers will go about posting content for your brand?

Over the years of Instagram updates, influencers have been taking advantage of the many different media formats now available.

Posts are the original feature on Instagram, appearing on your followers’ feed and added to your profile page. Updates to this feature include being able to add a location, product tags for shopping, and multi-story posts in a carousel style. This is the most expensive form of marketing when using influencers.

Stories are temporary posts which can be viewed for up to 24 hours. They can be edited and tags can be added, as well as being able to save to highlights, where it will appear on a profile indefinitely. Updates are constantly being added to this feature, such as boomerangs and the swipe up feature for business collaborations.

IGTV is one of the video sharing tools on Instagram, allowing 15 minute videos to be posted to this area of the app. These videos can show up on a profile highlights if chosen, but never appear on the home feed. This is used frequently by influencers and businesses requiring more than 60 seconds for complex videos.

Instagram live.

IG Live is a fairly new feature used to of course, post live on Instagram for viewers to watch and comment in real-time. Often, this feature is used by influencers to let their followers ask questions in a Q&A style, or to do live unboxings of products.

Reels is the most recent tool from Instagram. This video format has become one of the biggest trends of 2020, with users posting short videos of up to 15 seconds, which can be edited to add music and effects. Reels is Instagram’s attempt at competing with Tik Tok.

What type of content is best?

Every day we see various different types of Instagram posts promoting a product. You’ll need to investigate some Instagram post ideas to understand which is best for your brand collaborations.

Unboxing videos have become somewhat a trend in recent years. They are most commonly seen on IG Live. Brands will send new products to influencers to try and review, with Live often being used as a channel to show genuine first impressions to followers.

Giveaways provide value to a brand by assisting in a far greater reach than would be seen from a contest viewed only by the audience of the business page. Influencers will post a competition for the chance to win a product by their sponsored brand, normally requiring viewers to follow the brand page and tag a friend in the post, fully widening the audience.

Product placement has been around for a long time on television but is now being used on social media. However, if an influencer uses this method on Instagram, new guidelines require the post to disclose that it is a paid partnership. Although, with the introduction of Reels, influencers are now managing to incorporate product placement in a more natural way.

Polls is a popular addition to stories. Although used by influencers, quite often you will see small businesses and brands using polls to understand better the needs of their followers and find out what they are most interested in from new products.

Tutorials are used most often by lifestyle Instagram and YouTube influencers  such as to show a fitness technique, a recipe, or a make-up look. Due to the detail required, these videos are usually posted on IGTV. Sometimes, a short tutorial style post can be seen as a multi-story on your home feed, such as a make-up before and after look with steps to achieve this in the description.

An Instagram post from an influencer in the food and lifestyle category.

About Heepsy

There’s a fair amount to consider before beginning your next Instagram influencer campaign. Hopefully by understanding Instagram some more, you can now achieve the best results from your partnerships.

Finding the right influencers is critical to campaign success, and that’s where Heepsy comes in. The platform helps you find influencers according to the criteria you set for your campaign. Then, analyze their profiles on the spot with immediate analytics.